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 Allison Oliva

Chronicle Reporter

As the end of the semester approaches, spring sports have begun to condition for their upcoming seasons. However, one team that is unable to condition, is the swim team. Every year, the same issue is brought to the attention of the school staff and every year it takes ages for them to solve the problem. Like many of the issues at Hollywood High, this was brushed aside because of insufficient funding.
This is not the first time that the swim team has been unable to condition for their upcoming season. Last year the same issue occurred, and the swim team was only able to condition at Bernstein High School for a week. Team members have stated that they are particularly nervous when it comes to competitions because other schools have had the chance to condition as where Hollywood’s swim team hasn’t.
Currently the main issue with the pool is that there is a leak. However, it seems like there are constant issues every single year. There is never a single issue. The swim team has come to accept the fact that the pool is always broken. Jason Kim, a member of the swim team said, “I am annoyed that the pool is always broken. Issues occur every year and they always wait till the last minute to fix it.”
This is a frustrating issue for the team because they are the only sport on campus that is unable to condition. Every other team is able to find the time and place to practice for their upcoming seasons, but the swim team is always the one that has to stress over trying to figure out how they will prepare for competitions. While other teams are pushing themselves to make sure they are at their best performance, the swim team is forced to scramble around for a place where they can practice.

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