No spirit in Spirit Week

Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

So far, in my perspective many students have not been excited for spirit week.  The students are not participating in spirit week as much as they could. Less than half of the students just do not care about school spirit. Students like me think that spirit week is unnecessary because it really does not bring out school spirit.

Monday was pajamas day and not that many students were wearing pajamas because it is possible that they feel embarrassed to wear their pajamas to school. It is also possible that they did not want to wear it because it was too hot on Monday. Some of the students that actually wore their pajamas were probably not afraid to wear it or they were probably in leadership, where they are to wear it for a grade. I did not want to participate because it was too hot to wear my pajamas to school.

On Tuesday there is sports day where you had to wear a jersey of a team. Many people did participate probably because it meant showing their favorite team on them. The other students probably did not wear it because they either did not have a jersey or they just did not care. I did not participate because I do not own a jersey and it really did not seem interesting.

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