Prepare Yourself for The Lucha

Gabriel Garduno
Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Cinco de Mayo is coming, Lucha VaVOOM continues to amaze strong and oddly well done mixture of violence, sex appeal and hilarity just how it should be celebrated. The biggest Mexican party of them all, aside from Día de los Muertos and the many of many quinceañeras that happen near you. Lucha VaVOOM’s Cinco de Mayan goes to honor this sacred day with the usual combo of wrestling, burlesque and comedy, to prove who is the most macho of them all, but who is more macho Rey Escorpion or Laredo Kid? Or perhaps the great Rey Horus? Other Mexican features will be an electro-punker Silverio,, authentic Aztec dancing and, naturally, plenty of the best alcohol, Tequila

Besides the Cinco de Mayan Lucha, there are Cinco de Mayan- Sexy festival and Cinco de Mayan- Spectacular

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