Students protest election by walking out

Aniello Angrisano
Crimson Reporter

About 48 hours after Trump wins presidency students walkout to show opposition to the recent results. Protests have broke out across the country, including Hollywood High School, to show their displeasure with the election result.

In LA, protesters set on fire a Donald Trump pinata head, blocked traffic on the freeway, and chanted “Not My President, Not Today”. Schools across Los Angeles have conducted walkouts right in the middle of 5th period, Thursday.  Students from both Bernstein and Marshall marched to Hollywood High to show their opposition. They wanted to encourage other Hollywood students to walkout with them but were stopped by school officials.

“I wanna do this to fight for what’s right” a Marshall student said.

“Really great students are able to express opinion, views, and discontent about it,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez. “As long as it’s a safe democratic way. I’m very proud of our students.”


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