Hacking the menu

Vanessa Centeno

Chronicle Reporter

They kept it locked and hidden but we have cracked the code. Here are a few of the secret items from fast food restaurants that you might find yourself craving after reading.

Chipotle, although having a clear glass looking right through all of your food options, has a couple more ingredients hidden. The Burritodilla, is a burrito and quesadilla mashed into one delicious meal. Unfortunately this secret was so well kept that some of the workers don’t even know what it is. In case this sounds appetizing to you this is the way to order it. Order a burrito but instead of having them normally fold into a burrito have the tortilla folded into a half circle and then ask them to put it on the giant circular press. (tip: use about half ingredients so that the tortilla doesn’t rip and avoid messy guacamole and order it on the side.) Another awesome idea for the next time you decide to eat at chipotle is nachos! Thats right nachos are an existing thing at Chipotle. It’s very simple to order, all you must do is order a burrito bowl and instead of asking for rice you ask for tortilla chips and keep on asking for the toppings you would.

The next on our list is Starbucks. Its impossible to resist some of the drinks they can serve, all you’ll need to know for these drinks is that they come a bit pricey and you’ll need a willing barista to make these extravagant drinks. Some of the drinks are: Twix Frappuccino, Turtle Macchiato, Oreo frappuccino, Neapolitan Frappuccino, Purple Rain refresher, and Mojito refresher. There are a numerous amount of great drinks you can try at our beloved starbucks.

Chick- Fil- A has its own little share in secret items as well. They have a delicious Chicken Quesadilla that is described to be a nicely wrapped mexican pizza with large flour tortillas and char-broiled chicken. Chick-fil-A also has  a delicious blueberry cheesecake milkshake that everyone should definitely try.

Last on the list is our one and only, In n Out burger. I love it, you love it, and if you don’t love it you’re only lying to yourself. Being the record holder of schools nearest to In n Out, we must know every item, but we don’t. Animal Burgers, neopolitan shake, cheese fries, and grilled cheese. We can’t forget that you can order an 4×4 burger with four patties all smothered in between two buns. Ordering at In n Out just got a lot harder with these delicious new entrees. Try it out next time you got here or any other place mentioned.

If you’ve gone and tried any new items let us know which of these is your favorite and comment below!


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