Dance Kaleidoscope Part 2

Last year, dance instructors Lisa Goldschein and Freddie Thompson produced a dance concert called “Dance Kaleidoscope.”

This year, they will be continuing with a “Dance Kaleidoscope 2.” The question now is will part two get a better reaction than the first one?

Goldschein’s  dance classes  from last  year  involved advanced classes which did seven pieces. Now, this year’s turn is  beginners  ballet  as  well  as  two  advanced  physical education  classes.

Two advanced PE classes will be in the show. Be sure to look out  for original pieces such as “The Fire and Light” and many more.

Together, Ms. Freddie Thompson and Ms. Goldschein each have 10 pieces.

“I started dancing probably around ten, when I first saw How The Grinch Stole Christmas and saw a girl my age dancing and I wanted to be just like her,” said Bianca Neal, a PAM junior. “I love dancing so when there is any dance show that I can get into then I’ll do it. It is just fun. When I’m stressed I  go to the dance room and just dance or make up a dance with my brother, it’s cool. I think the dances are all good, because it’s Ms. Goldshein.”

              Gigi Vega, a PAM senior, said she has been dancing since the age of three. “When I was a baby, my mom took me to see The Nutcracker and I fell in love. From then on, my mom signed me up for dance classes. Dancing is my first love. It’s who I am as a person. I’m excited and sad because this is my last dance show.”

This event will take place in the auditorium on April 5-7. Friday and Saturday night’s shows begin at 7 pm, and Sunday’s matinee is at 2 pm. Tickets are $8.00 for seniors (55 and over) adults $5.00 and children 12 yrs and younger get in for free.

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