The Son of Sparda Slays for a New Series

The iconic Capcom protagonist Dante returns in this action-packed, hack and slash, demon slaying game. Dante, however, is not the same white-haired, red trenchcoat clad guy that most people might know him as.

DmC: Devil May Cry is actually a revamped addition to the Devil May Cry Series. This game still preserves many aspects from the previous installments ranging from weapons, certain characters, and the game play.

The very beginning of DmC: Devil May Cry starts off with a promiscuous Dante being thrown into Limbo by a Hunter Demon. The Limbo world is a distorted travesty of reality.

In this new game, Limbo is controlled by demons who constantly ambush Dante in an effort to trap him in the parallel world.

Since Dante makes constant trips back and forth from reality to Limbo, he is always prompted to slay several demons who stand in his path. He is assisted by an associated of The Order named Kat, a psychic who has the ability to interact with Limbo, making her very useful to Dante.

The leader of the Order is none other than Dante’s long lost brother, Vergil. The purpose of The Order is to free humanity from demonic rule under Mundus—the primary antagonist of the game. Though Vergil is seen as protagonist at first glance in this revamped series starter, it later turns out that that is not the case.

Despite the changes to the notorious Dante and the introduction to a new perspective of the Devil May Cry franchise, this game is highly recommended to those die-hard fans of the series, newcomers, and hack-and-slash game lovers in general.

Regardless of what type of gamer you are, DmC: Devil May cry is a must for your game collection. You should also stock up on pizza, as it makes a hilarious cameo early in the game.

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