The Photographer: Natalie Hernandez

Joanna Bautista
Chronicle Reporter

SAS senior Natalie Hernandez has been very successful with photography. She has been the president of the photography club for the past two years and runs her own photography business known as “Through the Lens Photography.”

She has had her business for three years now. She started off small with her business by working with her family first. “I have always been the photographer during family get togethers and parties and eventually I got my own camera. It became a hobby,” said Natalie.

For her business, she enjoys taking pictures of bands and anyone who would like portraits taken. She also likes taking scenery pictures and for practice she takes random photos. When Natalie has her camera on her, she uses every opportunity to take a photo of anything that looks interesting.

As the president of the photography club at school, she encourages everyone to take up photography and join the club. She wants to keep the photography club alive at school, because there was no photography club at school during her freshman year. When she wanted to start a photography club her sophomore year, someone beat her to it but she has now taken over.

“It is very hard to sustain a club but Natalie does a great job at it,” said Neil Fitzpatrick, the photography club sponsor.

Club members say they enjoy the way Natalie runs the club and enjoys what she does. “ Natalie is very organized and that quality helps the club function. She is very friendly and makes the club interesting.” said SAS senior, Ivania Fictoria.

Natalie also inspires other students and friends to take up photography and learn. “Natalie’s photography is really amazing. It really gives me a great opportunity to learn from her, “ said yearbook classmate Christopher Diaz.
Natalie wants to major in business and minor in photography in college. “Maybe I can combine the two one day,” she said.

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