Six Hollywood High School members march their way to All-City

Six fortunate Hollywood High School drumline members have been selected from a wide range of students and now are rehearsing their way to march in the All-City Marching band.

Lidia Sanchez a PAM junior, Marvin Rodriguez a CCA junior, Kimberly Molina a TCA junior, Krist Martin Inocencio a PAM junior , Yoana Estrada a PAM junior, and Christopher Diaz a SAS senior have been selected to march in the 2012-2013 All-City marching band. They will march Bandfest, the Disneyland parade, the Martin Luther King parade and the Rose parade.

The way that these students get in is by their instructor recommending them to be in the All-City marching band. They are required to be brass players, read music, know the B flat scale, and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. When auditioning, they are given 5-6 pieces of music and are broken off into sections.  Once they are signed off, they have to go to rehearsal every Saturday until winter break from 8 AM to 4:10 PM. Once they are on winter break, they have to go to rehearsals everyday except Sundays. They receive 200 hours of community service, All-City jackets and special pins.

SAS Senior Christopher Diaz and is now marching All-City for the second time feels that All-City is,”an honor to make it…because it has pushed me into becoming a better person since last year. Becoming a better person in the band.”

TCA junior Kimberly Molina feels that,” All-City means a lot because from the district, I was one of the few kids from the district who made it.”

Marvin Rodriguez, a CCA junior,”would like to thank my instructor and the Hollywood High School band for being back. I would like to thank L.A.C.E.R for bringing back marching band.”

Drumline instructor, Diego Montiel has taught these musicians,”how to read music, march, character, and discipline because it’ll be difficult for them to go to a 12 hour long rehearsal.” Montiel said he is,”very excited for them to come back and bring back what they have learned. I am proud of everyone especially Chris  because he is learning and playing the tuba at All-City. The tuba is the most difficult thing to play and it is going to be a long parade.”

These players and their instructor are very excited and honored to be marching and representing Hollywood High School in the 2012-2013 All-City marching band.

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