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Hollywood Defeats Belmont 45-12

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Hollywood Defeats Belmont 45-12

Hollywood High added another win to their record when they beat Belmont 45-12 Friday night. They defeated  Roybal High School on the night of their Homecoming game but lost to Miguel Contreras 23-21 on Oct. 12. Sheiks are now 5-3.

Hollywood High’s football team show the new kids on the block that the big boys play no games, on their victory versus Angelou High School 55-6 on Sept. 21,2012.

The first touchdown was made by Aron Kaplan. leading the Sheiks with a good start. When the crowd viewed the score board, they were not surprised to see that the Sheiks were on a run and not looking back with a 36-0 lead by the end of the second quarter.

“A tackle by number 40 and 60, Cortez and Kaplan. We also have a shout out for the cheerleaders from Mike Hawk. Shout out to the cheerleaders from Mike Hawk,” announced PE teacher, Mary Langer.

The score looked good throughout the game, and looked better than ever when lineman, Luis Rivera “Yetti” contributed by making a touchdown of his own with a hand-off by player Andy Martinez. Touchdowns were also made by Sam Morales, quarterback Andy Martinez, and Ronald Clayton.

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Owl City provides a “Good Time” at Fonda Theatre

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Owl City provides a "Good Time" at Fonda Theatre

Owl City played a great show last Monday night at the Fonda Theatre before a youthful and energized group. Adam Young, the lead singer of the one-man band is touring to promote his third album titled “The Midsummer Station.”

Many people have heard Owl City’s summer anthem “Good Time” and catch themselves dancing to the beat, but experiencing it live was a completely different feeling. The atmosphere was incredible and I was humming to the tunes all night long. Although I’m not the biggest fan of pop, especially bubblegum pop,  I couldn’t help but feel excited for what song would be played next.

It was a school night, so I had to keep in mind that it might be a bit empty since Owl City’s demographic consists mostly of teenagers, but upon arriving it was a full house!  All the teens were right in the front and older fans in their 20’s were in the middle sipping their lime cocktails while the grown ups taking care of their adolescent children were in the back observing the behaviors of a modern teen while occasionally busting out a move.

They played many of their new songs including ‘I’m coming after you” which had everyone singing along and mimicking Young’s hand gestures while he jumped around from left to right.  Young’s presence on stage was incredibly energetic and captured the moment perfectly. He smiled and pointed to specific people in the crowd making you feel like you were the only one he was singing to. His voice is uncanny and has a smooth, youthful tone to it. He is as good a performer as he is a recording artist. I couldn’t believe how well he sounded live and how much he enjoyed the crowd’s exuberance.

The technical aspect of the show was flawless. During one of his new songs, “ Speed of Love” there was a laser light show. The crowd’s faces were being beamed with strokes of wonderfully blended colors and I couldn’t help but do a 360 around the whole room. You could feel the bass resonate throughout the theatre, and it was powerful enough to make my feet rumble. Young sang the old time favorite “fireflies” and was completely aware of the power that song has on his audience. Couples joined hand in hand and some put up their Ipad’s which displayed red glowing hearts to show their admiration towards Adam. Everyone sang along and waved their hands back and forth including the reluctant adults.

Although I was once skeptical of Owl City’s performance, I now have a deeper appreciation for Young’s work and how much he enjoys seeing his fans have a “good time,” pun not intended.

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Off To A Good Pace

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Off To A Good Pace

Hollywood High School’s Cross Country team won their first meet of the season against Esteban Torres High School on Sept. 27, 2012. The meet was held at Elysian Park and the course was three miles long.

Some runners achieved first place for every division which included FroshSoph, JV, and Varsity for boys and girls.

Tenth grade SAS student Sergio Espejo ran the course in 19:50 which got him first place in the FroshSoph Boys Division.

This is not the first time the XC team has won this season. On Sept. 22, five members of the team won medals at the Belll-Jeff Invitational.

Tenth grade SAS student Eduardo Salvador ranked in 10th place out of 100 runners. Coach Carcano said that this was a “good start to the season” and said he hopes to make it to All-City finals.

Trojans Got “Served” Girl’s Volleyball Beat USC Mast Last Friday

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Trojans Got "Served" Girl's Volleyball Beat USC Mast Last Friday

The Lady Sheiks of Hollywood High School are in the middle of their season with solid numbers. The record for varsity is 4-2 and 3-3 for junior varsity.

Eric Burns, who has been teaching volleyball for over ten years, will be coaching the varsity volleyball team. Along wither Scott LeWinter coaching junior varsity.

“This year’s volleyball program did an extensive summer workout… (focusing) on learning the game of volleyball… with a lot of new girls starting at the beginner level,” said varsity Coach Eric Burns. By watching a game now, you could hardly tell they were beginners a couple of months ago. As a result varsity and junior varsity were able to beat USC Master on Sept. 27th.

“The players have been phenomenal and are getting better and better every week… We will have a very good volleyball program for years to come,” said junior varsity Coach LeWinter. “We’re trying to make life long volleyball player,” said varsity Coach Burns.

The coaches are supportive and are not just teaching the girls to play volleyball, but show them how to play as a team.

“Both teams are competing for the league championship and varsity also has a chance to make the LA City playoffs again this season,” said junior varsity coach LeWinter.

With eight more games still in the season anything is possible for Hollywood High School’s girl volleyball team. Home games are located in the big gym and admission is free.

He’s Bringing 1932 Back and He Knows It

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He's Bringing 1932 Back and He Knows It

When Hollywood High School Alumni Day honors graduates on Friday, they will recognize the oldest known living Sheik,  Carl Johnson, Class of 1932.

At the age of 97, Johnson will not only be attending the Alumni Day celebration but will also attend the Homecoming game. In a recent phone interview, he said he is looking forward in visiting Hollywood High for the second time.

He said he had many fond memories that he will never forget. “The music program was very strong when I was there, I played the trumpet for three years in the orchestra…The athletic department was good too,there was a pole vaulter and a baseball player who became famous after high school,”said Johnson.

Like many students today, Johnson walked to school. “I remember having to walk a mile everyday back and forth in order to get to school, back then my parents didn’t have a car so I had to walk,” he said.

On the day of his graduation, he was informed that he was accepted into the prestigious California Institute of Technology.  Unfortunately, he could not attend the school known for its rocket science. His parents could not afford to send him, but that did not stop him. He worked for a year as an engineer at a salary of 44 cents an hour, and was finally able to attend the school he wanted. He received his degree in two years and after graduating he created his own engineering companies; those companies are still alive today in Riverside and Orange County.

So look out Sheiks for we will be in the presence of a man that went through so much but never gave up.  A man who will be honored at the Alumni Day Sheik Fiesta.

Celebrity Pancake Breakfast

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Celebrity Pancake Breakfast

Ready…Steady…Pancakes! Yes, that’s correct. On Sat. Oct 20, 2012 from 8:30 to 12p.m Hollywood High will be having an all-you-can-eat-pancakes event organized by Mr. Stormy Sacks.

What do celebrities have to do with pancakes? Celebrities like Sean Kana from CBS series ” The Bold And The Beautiful” will be preparing and serving delicious pancakes. Entertainment will also be provided by H2O and Vocal Pros.

Tickets will be $5 at the door They may also be purchased online at

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Staff Changes Bring New Faces

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Principal Sanchez said one of her goals for Hollywood High is to present the school to parents as a safe learning environment, as well as a school that offers rigorous classes for those who want to challenge themselves.

She also said she wants to see Hollywood High to become more competitive school when it came to grades and testing. She wants to improve the problem areas of all students, namely mathematics.“I feel very privileged,” said Sanchez. She has strong feelings for students as they are pleased to see her as the new school principal, greeting her in hallways or in the quad area. “I appreciate them so much, they are so full of energy.”

Cassandra Morris is one of this year’s new assistant principals. Morris was originally from Los Angeles High School. With Sanchez moving up to school principal, a position was open for assistant principal. LAUSD reassigned Morris to fit the open position. She is in charge of the Teaching Career Academy and the 11th grade class.“I’ll have a good experience with students,” said Morris. “I always have a good experience with kids.” Her message to all students is “make today a good day, the choice is yours. You can make your day a positive day.”

Josie Scibetta was principal of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Academy at the Bernstein High School complex.An opening for assistant principal led to her reassignment on Aug. 15 to Hollywood High School. Scibetta said she was pleased in her reassignment. “I’ve always wanted to work in Hollywood,” she said.In the past, Scibetta worked as an assistant principal in Bancroft Middle School, where she got to meet students that are now attending Hollywood High.Her current duties include SAS, special ed, athletics, discipline, testing and school safety departments.

Rosa Cruz, formerly a school safety coordinator, is now teaching Spanish classes during the day. Cruz sought an opportunity to teach Spanish when Jess Dominguez, the former Spanish teacher retired last year. With her credentials in teaching, she was admitted as one of Hollywood’s Spanish teachers.“My goal is to be able to teach Spanish 1, 2, and 3 to the best of my ability,” Cruz said. She said she happily enjoys teaching as much as her previous occupation as a safety coordinator.

Fred Auriemmo returned to Hollywood High after teaching English at Bernstein High School. He previously worked here from 2002 to 2008. He is replacing performing arts magnet teacher Paul Itkin, who retired.

Dean Levengood came from Webster Middle School and is teaching ninth and tenth grade English in the New Media Academy.His previous principal informed him of the New Media Academy that Hollywood High School was offering and became quickly interested.His interest in the New Media Academy stems from his different style in teaching which involves video game courses in text. He is also interested in the academy’s students that are doing podcasts and such.“I’m happy to be here,” Levengood said.His goal for his students is to challenge them to using critical thinking and using creativity. “I want them to believe they are creative,” Levengood said, “I want them to leave with 21st century skills and to make it through college and have great memories that are exciting to them”.

Randall Fenderson is a health teacher from TCA who started teaching during the second week of school.Fenderson previously worked in a high school at Bogota, Colombia for two years until he returned to Hollywood. He previously taught at Fairfax High School.Fenderson was previously a coach for a swim team. Fenderson had a passion for the health of students and in teaching. He decided to combine both passions and become a health teacher.Hollywood High is his fourth different school, and in terms of students, he said he believes Hollywood has the best population. “I’m excited to be back in L.A. again,” said Fenderson. “These kids are more real, kind, good, much more genuine.”

Theme Parks Compete for your Screams

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Theme Parks Compete for your Screams

After 40 years, Knott’s Scary Farm is still going strong. Halloween Haunt celebrated 40 years on Sept. 21. 2012 as all the monsters, ghouls and witches came out to give Haunt fans a good scare.

This year, Halloween Haunt has 12 different mazes and one VIP maze. The 12 mazes they have are new and a few have been brought back by popular demand. The mazes are Trick or Treat, Dia De Los Muertos 3D, Uncle Bobo’s Big Bizarre 3D, Virus Z feat. Carrie, Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse, Endgames, Evil Dead, Pinocchio Unstrung, Terror of London, Dominion of the Dead, Delirium, Fallout Shelter. TRAPPED was the VIP maze.

Dominion of the Dead is a returning maze that was taken off years ago. As Halloween Haunt celebrates 40 years, this maze continues to scare people with its sweet and beautiful yet terrifying story and characters. TRAPPED however, is quite new to Haunt. It is a VIP maze and requires a separate fee from Halloween Haunt tickets. Haunt fans and their party will be “trapped” in the maze and face their biggest fears in order to get out of the maze.

30 year old Jessica Jimenez from Moreno Valley California has been going to Halloween Haunt ever since she was 15 years old. She got the chance to experience TRAPPED and said “TRAPPED is seriously one of those terrifying mazes I have been in. I never thought I would be able to conquer my fears of…, well I won’t say because I don’t want to give spoilers away. If you come to Haunt, I recommend this maze!”

Knott’s Scary farm fan Mark Herrera, has only missed one year of Halloween Haunt. “I have been coming to Halloween Haunt ever since it started. The only time I missed was because there was a fire so I couldn’t exit the freeway.” said Mark. He explained why he came back to Haunt’s 40th year; “Why wouldn’t I come back? I grew up here. I love Halloween Haunt and it never gets old and as long as I can walk, I will be here every year.”

If you like to get scared and have fun at the same time, going to Knott’s Scary Farm 40th Halloween Haunt is highly recommended. It is not expensive and it obviously has people coming back each year so go experience it yourself. Just like they say at Halloween Haunt, see you in the fog.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, however, is a different experience. If you are looking for a good, scary time this Halloween, then why not try Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios? There are many reasons you should, including the horrifying mazes and attractions. There are gory scenes of the macabre everywhere you look. No matter where you go, you will shake in the wake of pure, unadulterated terror.

Universal added the Silent Hill franchise this year in addition to the increasingly popular Walking Dead. If you want to see for yourself, be wary: this event is not for the faint of heart. The tell-tale warning at the front does not lie; it is indeed a spectacle of terror and carnage, not exactly recommended for those under 17 years of age.

However, for the brave and bold, think nothing of it.  Pick your poison. Are you scared of clowns? Psychotic, undead nurses? Zombies? If you picked any or all of the following, then maybe it’s time for you to pay a visit to Horror Nights with your family and friends. Go ahead and risk a scream-induced sore throat. Get ready for the thrill of your life, because “Once you go in, you won’t be able to come out”. It’s a Halloween event to DIE for.

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Superintendent Deasy on Props. 30, 38: if neither pass it’ll “be a very, very, very bad situation”

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Superintendent Deasy on Props. 30, 38: if neither pass it'll "be a very, very, very bad situation"

Superintendent John Deasy spoke at a press conference for student journalists regarding life, Propositions 30, 38, and his hopes for the future of the District.

On Thursday, Sept. 13, members of the Crimson Chronicle staff sat down with journalist students from other schools in the Robert F. Kennedy School’s library to discuss issues concerning the future security and funding of LAUSD schools.

Dr. Deasy began by telling a little bit about himself. A Boston native, he and his family struggled financially. Once he was done with high school, he began working in a juvenile prison.

“One thing I would notice was who was in jail, who didn’t leave, and who kept constantly coming back,” Deasy said.

Dr. Deasy then proceeded to speak to the journalists about Propositions 30 and 38.

Proposition 30 will raise taxes on sales and the top 2% income earners in order to pay off part of California’s financial debt. This will aid in the effort to keep schools and colleges open, and would last for seven years on the top 2%, while sales taxes would be increased .25% for four years.

Proposition 38 would mean that all of the money would go to K-12 schools but not colleges.

However, the taxes would be heavily and permanently raised on lower and middle income Californians.

Only one of these initiatives can pass, and if neither pass, “that’s going to be a very, very, very bad situation,” said Deasy.

Despite these grim realities, Deasy ended with an important message: “Vote, vote, VOTE. You need to vote and exercise your voice. Every kid has the right to graduate…LAUSD is the most genuinely thankful and respectful community, and I believe in you all.”

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Man On the Street: How Would You Ask Your Crush to Homecoming?

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