Who are the Peer Advocates?

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Alessandro Morales

Crimson Chronicle

Some students at Hollywood High may remember them as the goofballs who hang posters around the school, or the Wellness center kids, and much of them may not even have a clue of who they are. If one recalls back to the last pep rally held at Hollywood, videos were shown to represent school spirit such as sports teams, cheer, dance guard, marching band, and the leadership team. However one may have stood out to faculty and students, a silly, catchy, yet informational video introducing the Peer Advocates.

Still the question remains unanswered. From 2015-2016 will be the first year that Planned Parenthood will bring a program that recruits students to help inform those who have questions about sexual health as well to serve as a resource for health services at school. They can direct students to the Wellness Center here on campus and to the Planned Parenthood services all over Los Angeles.

Recently they have held an event Friday, part of spirit Friday’s, many came to play jeopardy to test their knowledge on sexual health and healthy relationships. More events will come in the future so stay informed.

How can you get informed? Social media of course! Go on Instagram and follow:


Dont be shy, feel free to ask us anything relating to health and other services you may be interested in. Direct Message us, or ask one of the Ambassadors!

Alessandro Morales (Junior, SAS)

Giovany Morales (Freshman, SAS)

Leydy Sosa (Senior, SAS)

Sara Del Toro (Senior, NMA)

Clemencia Solis (Senior, SAS)

Elby Chali (Senior, PAM)

Interested in joining? Come ask us for an application either hard copy or the online application!

Arrive early for the world AIDS day event!

Posted on November 30, 2015 by in Announcements, Entertainment

Alessandro Morales

Chronicle ReporterPPLA

Today after school the Peer Advocates will be hosting a “World AIDS day event”, right on campus at the Wellness Center. We will be hosting small activities such as a tour of the Wellness Center, jeopardy, button making, condom demonstrations, and especially there will be pizza! Stop on by and inform yourself of what world AIDS day is all about with fun games with friends and fellow students from Hollywood. The event will take place from 3:05-4:00 pm so be sure to arrive there on time!

Don’t forget “Care, No Matter What.”