August 22, 2017

Go cheer at Powder Puff game

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Anayareli Huerta

Chronicle reporter

The awaited Powder Puff game is now here. Come support the girls in their match this Friday.

Powder Puff unlike other football games has a unique twist. This time, instead of our ordinary guy football players, we will see girls attacking the field. Guys will take up the cheerleader’s places and take a break from the field.

In preparation for the game, both boys and girls have been practicing very hard after school. The guys received help from cheer to help with their movements and dances while the girls received help from the football guys and teachers.

In this game, seniors will go against juniors. One class against another. Come support the girls in their performance and also see the spirit squad perform. Tickets will only be 3$.

Come workout with the volleyball girls

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Looking to try out for volleyball next school year or just want to get that summer body? Come condition with the volleyball girls after school at 3:30.

Their work-outs consist of a series of squats, jumping, planks and running, and other drills that are significant for volleyball. Since tryouts are so soon and there is barely anytime when school starts to work out, conditioning now will be beneficial and can give you an upper hand, instead of getting tired so quickly during try-outs.

Conditioning usually ends no later than 5:00 and if you stay long enough, Coach Beverly Kilpatrick will begin to teach the girls the fundamentals of volleyball, like bumping. You don’t have to have past experience to practice after school, which is cool too because it is a good learning experience.

There will also be some practices in late July for people who want to get better before tryouts and for freshmen looking to try-out. Practicing during the summer will not give you a guaranteed spot in the team.

For more information, talk to Coach Beverly Kilpatrick in the gym after school at 3:30

Catch the boys volleyball team spiking for the gold

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter


For the first time in nearly 3 years, the Sheiks’ volleyball team has made it to playoffs and will have their second round game tomorrow, May 11th against the Northridge Pumas at home @7 p.m.

Finishing the league with an 8-2 record and an overall 15-4 record, the Sheiks are confident as they take on the Pumas this Thursday. If they win this game, they move on to the Semifinals (which will be May 16th) with the possibility of taking on either the Foshay Wolverines or the East Valley Falcons.

Standing proudly at 3rd in their Los Angeles City Section out of 30 high schools, the upcoming game should be an intense one, so be sure to come out and support our Sheiks’ Volleyball team Thursday, May 11 at 7p.m.

Students hike Sheik-A-Thon

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Ruben Salazar

Chronicle Reporter


Sheik-A-Thon was a great success yet again this year with over 70 students who attended.

The event was held on April 22 on Saturday. All students had to report to the Orange gate in order to be taken by a school bus in order to be taken to hike all the way up to the Hollywood sign.


“It was really fun although I’m very tired because I was out of shape” said Senior Pedro Perez.


Overall the hike is to get students to get up and active and they have been doing this for 5 years now so the Sheik-A-Thon is starting to become a trending thing here at Hollywood.


Support the LGBT Club

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Today will be the last day for the LGBT club to fundraise during lunch. They will be selling pins, ribbons, bracelets, and more items for only a dollar. Support the club and the LGBTQ community by purchasing their items and participating during the Day of Silence this Thursday.

Day of Silence is national event organized by students to bring awareness to the silencing effects of anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying, and harassment occurring in schools. Taking part by being silent will support and encourage LGBT students who are victims of bullying and harassment


Hollywood Idol is here

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Anayareli Huerta

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood is hosting it’s seventh annual Hollywood Idol show tomorrow.

The schedule for tomorrow will be accommodated to fit in Hollywood Idol for sixth period. Classes will be shortened to about 43 minutes each class and all students will be expected to go watch the show.

The show will include about six acts and the performances will consists of dances, singing, and much more. The show will start during sixth and end at regular dismissal time. Mr. Carmicle is the person in charge of this show.

There will be judges that decide the first, second, and third place winners.

Leadership Cancels Spring Dance

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Leadership first scheduled the 2017 Spring Dance to February 18, however due to unforeseen circumstances it was postponed to April 1.

Unfortunately, the dance has been canceled completely due to lack of ticket sales.

Leadership made many posters advertising the dance, however it seemds it was not enough to convey students to go to the dance.

For the students that actually bought the tickets, their Spring Dance ticket refunds would be available from the student store. Be sure to bring your student ID when asking for refund.

More Life Worth Your Life

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Justin Wright
Chronicle Reporter

Aubrey Graham known as Drake, had dropped his album More Life on Saturday evening. The album was in fact highly anticipated and by most critics come out to say that the album is not what everyone anticipated it to be. The R&B artist released the album holding a whopping number of 22 songs and throughout all of them many find 5 songs on the album the best.

Names of songs go as followed Free Smoke, Long Talk, PassionFruit, Jorjas Interlude, Get It Together, Madiba Riddim, Sacrifices, Portland, Blem, 4422, Gyalchester, Skepta Interlude, Nothing Into Something’s, Teenage Fever, KMT, Lose You, Glow, Can’t Have Everything, Since Way Back, Fake Love, Ice Melts, and Do Not Disturb. Now out of all the songs best ones would be Passionfruit, Sacrifices, Portland,Fake Love, and Since Way Back. The album was mostly Drake realizing he’s reached his peak and he is in a stage of his career where he wants to experiment with different sounds along with flow, that are more towards a reggae sound than his original downbeat feel where you would think about life. The 29 year old artist is still one of the best out right now but this album on a 5 star scale many have gave it a solid 3. Hopefully next year it can be better and Drake can stay in his roots.

Join the last few classes of Kick Buds

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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

Smoking is done by most in an everyday basis. Whether it’s vape, marijuana, hookah, or plain cigarettes. Children and teenagers are easily influenced to smoke and the one’s who begin don’t know anything about the substance. Such as, the chemicals put in or the fatal diseases that it can cause.

Fortunately, L.A.C.E.R. is hosting meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday for the whole month of March speaking about the causes of smoking and how one can stop.

The program also teaches one how to distress, help solve everyday situations, and much more.

Anyone is invited, smoker or nonsmoker, to the program which is highly recommended to learn more about smoking. Snacks are usually provided and classes are after school in room 506 for an hour.

Celebrate Pi Day

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Math aficionados and pizza lovers listen up, today marks the 29th annual celebration of National Pi day. Pi is an ancient mathematical constant of 3.14. To celebrate the national holiday, businesses are offering great deals just for today.

Today would be the day to get yourself some pizza from great offers. Both Pieology and Blaze Pizza are offering a deal where you can build your own pizza of any kind with only $3.14. Domino will give away one whole pizza when you order one at menu price.

The Pie Hole around Hollywood is also offering deals where they would be selling pie specials just for today. Marie Callender’s is also doing a promotion where they would be giving out free pie for the first 314 customers.

Many businesses are celebrating pi day this year. Stay aware and see what deals businesses are offering.