Come to the Dance Show

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Anayareli Huerta

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Do you have plans this weekend? If not, why not go support your friends at the Dance Show this weekend? End your friday night with some fun. The show “From the soul” will take place on Friday Mar. 24 and Saturday Marc. 25 at 7 pm and Sunday March 26 at 2 pm.

Adults pay $7 but students pay $5. If you show your Hollywood ID, you pay $2. Tickets are available for all the performances at theater box office. Everyone is welcome to come.



Come Enjoy the Soul

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

This weekend parents and family can come enjoy a performance our PAM magnet is putting on. The plays that are performed by our magnet are always enjoyable and very well put together, so their dance shows should be nothing less than that. Students should come and support their fellow students and enjoy all the creative routines and the music that goes along with it.

This is a performance for parents, students and friends and family. It is for everyone to enjoy and be pleased and shocked by the amount of talent that our school holds. Parents are $7, seniors are $5 and students that have their ID will be charged $2. Everyone should come and support our magnet program and all the talented students that will be performing.

Join the last few classes of Kick Buds

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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

Smoking is done by most in an everyday basis. Whether it’s vape, marijuana, hookah, or plain cigarettes. Children and teenagers are easily influenced to smoke and the one’s who begin don’t know anything about the substance. Such as, the chemicals put in or the fatal diseases that it can cause.

Fortunately, L.A.C.E.R. is hosting meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday for the whole month of March speaking about the causes of smoking and how one can stop.

The program also teaches one how to distress, help solve everyday situations, and much more.

Anyone is invited, smoker or nonsmoker, to the program which is highly recommended to learn more about smoking. Snacks are usually provided and classes are after school in room 506 for an hour.

Celebrate Pi Day

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Math aficionados and pizza lovers listen up, today marks the 29th annual celebration of National Pi day. Pi is an ancient mathematical constant of 3.14. To celebrate the national holiday, businesses are offering great deals just for today.

Today would be the day to get yourself some pizza from great offers. Both Pieology and Blaze Pizza are offering a deal where you can build your own pizza of any kind with only $3.14. Domino will give away one whole pizza when you order one at menu price.

The Pie Hole around Hollywood is also offering deals where they would be selling pie specials just for today. Marie Callender’s is also doing a promotion where they would be giving out free pie for the first 314 customers.

Many businesses are celebrating pi day this year. Stay aware and see what deals businesses are offering.

March with Impulse this Summer

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Joshua Alejano Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Impulse Drum and Bugle Corp is inviting students from ages 13-21 to join their 2017 season. Impulse is a non-profit organization that offers students a change of a lifetime to compete in national marching band competition.

Students who get in, will tour the east coast over the summer for 2 weeks. The tour will be late June to early July. Practice has already started and music has been distributed. Practice is every Sunday from 8:30 a.m. To sign up, you can contact their executive director, Michael Lopez, or visit their web site. It is available to everyone, no matter what level of experience you have. Auditions have already ended, however you can contact the conductors for the color guard and brass section, for information to get in.

If you are new to marching band competition, they will give you classes on marching, reading music, and learning to play the instrument, you don’t already know how to play.

Sneaker Updates and Releases

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Justin Wright

Chronicle Reporter

Word around all of sneaker heads out in Hollywood and more are talking about the new popular releases around their local shoe stores. Such as Footlocker, Sheiks, Shoe Palace, and Flight Club. Everyone is really looking forward to see the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Silver Surfer” starting at $250 but will increase over time. The shoe exactly can be worn casual as well as being used as a shoe to play basketball in but sure is snazzy for a casual get together. The least anticipated release would be for the Nike FlyKnit Racer “Blue Glow” starting price at $150. She is generally looked to be used as a workout shoe such as running,hiking and etc. Not a true looker but it is given four stars upon its comfort. Also to keep an eye on more releases here are the names of the shoes along with the dates they are being released: Rihanna X Puma Bow “Rose” 3/09, Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 3/31, Nike Kyrie 3 “Duke” 3/08 beautiful basketball shoe by the way. For more listings and to follow-up on the Sneaker crazy world please visit

swimming with fish in theBlu

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Chronicle Reporter:

Ruben Salazar

If you want a good VR ( Virtual Reality) experience then come on down to the event called theBlu. This event will be scheduled from Mar 6 – Apr 28. Tickets can be bought online and will be sold for $10 but if you are a member then they will be $8. This event will be held at 900 Exposition Blvd. For the event you be able to swim next to fish such as Manta Rays, Angelfish, and a Blue whale in Virtual Reality. It is an experience you cannot see if you visit the ocean yourself. The Experience will include you being in a sunken ship and the sea-life will surround you from everywhere. This expedition will last at least 6 minutes long. This is a great chance to explore the great beyond of the ocean.

Ready Set Bang

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

The first track meet sparked a new season for all runners. Their first match against Hamilton High showed all the new incomers for our track and field team.

Our Sheiks proved dominance over the Huskies by winning against the boys by 59 – 51 points. While our lady Sheiks lost by 51 – 48 points. A close game is the hardest to win when all the runners are good.

However, this is just the beginning of a good track season and yet there are a lot of obstacles to go through until the end. Although it may not be easy, there is strong spirit in every runner to finish strong in every race. Round the corner, their second track meet will be this Thursday after school.

Dodge-ball at its best

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Chronicle Reporter

Ruben Salazar

The Dodge-ball tournament has officially started today and if you’re looking for some fun during lunch come and see the games in the large gyms. There will be a series of games happening during this whole week.

There will be six teams competing to win the dodge ball tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive a prize as a team. The games that happened today were really intense. The teams who faced each other were PBO against Gansitos and The Boys went against The leadership team.

PBO and the boys took the win and will continue to play until the winner is announced later this month. So if your looking for fun come during lunch!

Saying Bye To A Fellow Journalist

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Lizeth Carranza

Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporters


Lilyana Summerton arrived at Hollywood High School from Australia for her junior year and became a reporter for The Crimson Chronicle.

From the start she stood out from the rest of the journalism staff. She became good friends with everyone and had the impression of a hard worker and free-spirit. She picked up the curriculum and the flow pretty fast.

She shared many pieces in the newspaper such as 90’s Fashion, Man On The Street, and a Concert Calendar. Overall, Lilyana has made close friends and has become a valuable member of our journalism staff. We will all miss her and we hope for the best for her continuation of writing in Australia.