December 15, 2017

Sheiks start on the right foot for season

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Guadalupe Huerta

Jennifer Leon

Chronicle Reporter 

 The Sheiks stay undefeated after a victory against Mendez from both the Varsity and JV team. Varsity won with a score of 4-2 and JV with a score of 4-1.

    While others spent their Thanksgiving break with their family, the boys soccer team  practiced non-stop. They even had pre-season game to help them get ready for the season.

    The team has been working hard endlessly, pushing through vacations and late nights to improve their techniques and footwork.“I’ve trained everyday, tried my hardest, try to be a role model for the whole team,” claims Kevin Acevedo,TCA Junior JV Captain.

    The Sheiks have been preparing for official season with constant practices and drills as a means to lead the way to victory.  From running laps to working on footwork, the boys soccer team worked hard to score in their first games of the season.

    The varsity team kicked off the season on Nov. 17 with a tie of 0-0 against Panorama. JV also won, they beat Panorama 2-1. However, on Nov. 27 Varsity came back strong to take the win against Contreras with the final score of 2-0. JV also won with a score 2-0.

Despite their first half of practice without a coach, due to the coach’s busy schedule the Sheiks manage to keep a high head and have positive hopes for future games. “I look forward to winning the league, hopefully, and if we do good enough we could actually take CIF. I believe we have a good team,” said Hugo Garcia, SAS Junior, Varsity captain.

Due to the other teams forfeiting for several games, the Sheiks have not been able to play every game scheduled for this season.  “I am not happy about cancelled games, neither is the rest of the team but some things have to happen. Like the other team did not have enough players ready to play, but we just really want to play games,” said Hugo Garcia.

On Nov. 30, the Sheiks played rival school, Bernstein. Varsity ended with a winning score of 1-0 while JV lost with a score of 2-1.

So far the Sheiks have been undefeated, winning every game that they have played. If they keep it up they will make it to playoffs again.

“My expectations for this team are high. Depending on the players but for us its hopefully winning league and going as far as we can on playoffs.” said Franklin Ayala, Varsity coach.


Cheerleading is more than a sport, its an attitude!

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Leslie Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

When attending a football game have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the people dancing and cheering on the players? These are our magnificent cheerleaders and they have been working hard this semester. Rapping up football season and heading on to basketball, cheer is really a sport that does it all.

Image: hwood_cheer on Instagram

While there was a competitionon scheduled during December, it got canceled and this is what, “So what actually happened is we have a league that is going on. So we have a league that is starting up on February. So it’s actually becoming a sport and were trying to figure out how everything is going to play out and what we need,” said Coach Miguel. All in all, their schedules seem to be packed as according to the coach in January they will be focusing completely on basketball season. Leaving February for leagues where they will be competing against schools like Bernstein and Marshall.

On the Hollywood High School website cheer has this written there,” You can’t have Sheik Pride without a squad of spirited cheerleaders… “Explosive?” Doesn’t even begin to describe this group.” Cheer seems to be all about teamwork and it seems like it would be as generally the stunts they do require them to all be working together.

When asked about what a typical training regime for them was all about one cheerleader said, “We basically start off by running on the field. Coach tells us to run many laps, and then we start stretching. From then we either stunt or we go over like basic routines,” said Chelsea Cortez, SAS Senior. They work hard and deserve our support. Keep at it Cheer, and good luck at the competition in February.

Grammy Nominations and more

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Reporter – Jared Cabrera

The 2018 Grammy nominations have been announced and many people are pleased with the results and of course there were a couple of flops. Many mainstream artists and underrated artists had the spotlight to be nominated and noticed by a huge audience. New and upcoming artists like SZA, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, and Alessia Cera were nominated for best new artist. Nominations for best album went to Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Lorde, Bruno Mars, and of course Kendrick Lamar. Each artist had a stellar release and each were critically acclaimed albums and many were satisfied with these nominations. Best alternative album went to Gorillaz, Arcade Fire, Father John Misty, The National, and LCD Soundsystem after the band broke up in 2012 they have returned with an incredible album this year.

R&B performances went to Daniel Ceaser, Kehlani, Bruno Mars, SZA, and Ledsi. Best Rap performances went to Migos, Big Sean, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Cardi B. Best rap album went to Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Rapsody, and Tyler the Creator for his fantastic release Flower Boy which many consider his best work. Tyler has recently opened up his own store on Fairfax selling all of his designed clothes and recently his famous music festival in Exposition Park has just passed.

The Grammy nominations have been very impressive this year counting that many people consider every year the nominations are always surrounded by popular and famous artists. Each popular nomination was very diverse genre wise and artist wise. It’s very great to see that the Grammys are being more diverse in their nominations and not missing out on important releases of the year.


Don’t Kiss Summer Activities Goodbye Just Yet

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Jennifer Leon

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With the hot weather, and summer sun behind us, it can be difficult to find outdoor activites that provide the same enthusiam. However, Pacific Park responses well to these concerns by offering a outdoor movie screening every Friday for the remaining month of October. This Friday, the Santa Monica Pier will host  the outdoor movie fix with the beloved fairytale, “Beauty and the Beast.” The event will begin at 6:00pm with live music, followed by the movie screening at 7:00pm.


This “Front Porch Cinema” creates a family and dog-friendly environment with appropriate films for any age and welcoming to everyone who wished to join. Enjoy the ocean breeze with listening to music, and your favorite recently released flicks. All that is required from participants si their own lawn chair and a good spirit. The best part of this whole experience is that it is absolutely free! If you wish to arrive early for the “Cinema Lounge” you can take your experience to a whole other level. This lounge not only allows you to relax while the movie commences but it pairs movie-themed drinks and food vendors with each film!


In order to join this event, one must RSVP on Facebook as a means to be ensured for a spot. If you feel that  “Beauty and the Beast” is not a film that interest you, do not worry the next and final screening will be held October 27 ending with “Rogue Elements” by Techno Gravity. This film about extreme sports and the obstacles encountered when faced with bizarre climates, will have a duration from 6pm to 10pm. In addition to viewing a bonus film, this activity will have tons of prizes such as trips to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Crested Butte, Colorado and Ski City (Salt Lake City, UT). Each prize includes a $500 REI gift card to gear up for the winter season. Take some time off of work to enjoy a little motion pictures and family time with this limited opportunity!


RSVP for “Beauty and the Beast” :

RSVP for “Rogue Elements” :


How to make the rest of October memorable

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Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

We are just about a week in of October but that does not mean you can just let it go to waste. October could be considered one of the most fun months of the year and it can bring the happiness out of most of us. Especially the children who are eager for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, Halloween. Halloween is a very fun holiday for most people and one of the best ways to embrace it is by dressing up in a fun costume and just having a great night alongside friends while trick-or-treating.

Of course, there are many other ways of enjoying the rest of the month. Such as just having fun with friends and family while watching horror movies. Which is a perfect fit for the current month we are in. Many different activities can contribute to the happiness and memories of a single month. Although many people aren’t fans of Halloween, it can still prove to be a great way of just having fun with people. Finding a pumpkin path or looking for festive treats would be a great way to celebrate October. Go out with the family and feel the weather and how it changes.

In the end, there are many ways that can contribute to the happiness and memories to a great October, so doing things like this will most likely lead to a memorable month.

Hispanic Impact in Society

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For years, Latinos have made many contributions to our daily lives as well with ideals. From technological advances to artistic styles, centuries of Hispanic culture have been engraved in history just like other unique societies. From September 15 to October 15, we celebrate the Latinos who inspire us to be proud of where we come from and appreciate our roots.

Artists who were pioneers in the early stages of rock and roll among the Hispanic Americans were Ritchie Valens, who recorded many hits, most notably “La Bamba” and the iconic rock and roll song “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” written by Herman Santiago. Holiday/Christmas songs that are heard throughout the season are “¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?” is a Christmas song with 12-year-old Augie Ríos, was a hit in 1959 which featured the Mark Jeffrey Orchestra alongside “Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano. Another notable figure is Miguel del Aguila, in over the span of his career wrote 116 works and has three Latin Grammy nominations.

American literature has also been impacted heavily with Hispanic influence, “Tales of Alhambra” by Washington Irving and the works of O. Henry have captivated readers with the stories of the Cisco Kid and Zorro. Dominican American, Julia Alvarez is known for including her own childhood memories in the Dominican Republic in her writings, the novels being How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents (1991), In the Time of the Butterflies (1994) and Before We Were Free (2003). Amongst these writers is the acclaimed Gary Soto who uses fiction and narrative poems in his literary works, such as Baseball in April and Other Stories (1990) and the novel Taking Sides (1991).

With much vigor and determination, most of these notable figures, men and women, both have proved to society that one of the traits of being Hispanics is their willingness to mix with others and,creating new relationships. Because of this experience, they can help find solutions to the barriers, prejudices and stereotypes that have divided us as a nation along racial and ethnic lines.

Come workout with the volleyball girls

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Stephanie Starks

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Looking to try out for volleyball next school year or just want to get that summer body? Come condition with the volleyball girls after school at 3:30.

Their work-outs consist of a series of squats, jumping, planks and running, and other drills that are significant for volleyball. Since tryouts are so soon and there is barely anytime when school starts to work out, conditioning now will be beneficial and can give you an upper hand, instead of getting tired so quickly during try-outs.

Conditioning usually ends no later than 5:00 and if you stay long enough, Coach Beverly Kilpatrick will begin to teach the girls the fundamentals of volleyball, like bumping. You don’t have to have past experience to practice after school, which is cool too because it is a good learning experience.

There will also be some practices in late July for people who want to get better before tryouts and for freshmen looking to try-out. Practicing during the summer will not give you a guaranteed spot in the team.

For more information, talk to Coach Beverly Kilpatrick in the gym after school at 3:30

Catch the boys volleyball team spiking for the gold

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter


For the first time in nearly 3 years, the Sheiks’ volleyball team has made it to playoffs and will have their second round game tomorrow, May 11th against the Northridge Pumas at home @7 p.m.

Finishing the league with an 8-2 record and an overall 15-4 record, the Sheiks are confident as they take on the Pumas this Thursday. If they win this game, they move on to the Semifinals (which will be May 16th) with the possibility of taking on either the Foshay Wolverines or the East Valley Falcons.

Standing proudly at 3rd in their Los Angeles City Section out of 30 high schools, the upcoming game should be an intense one, so be sure to come out and support our Sheiks’ Volleyball team Thursday, May 11 at 7p.m.

Support the LGBT Club

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Today will be the last day for the LGBT club to fundraise during lunch. They will be selling pins, ribbons, bracelets, and more items for only a dollar. Support the club and the LGBTQ community by purchasing their items and participating during the Day of Silence this Thursday.

Day of Silence is national event organized by students to bring awareness to the silencing effects of anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying, and harassment occurring in schools. Taking part by being silent will support and encourage LGBT students who are victims of bullying and harassment


Leadership Cancels Spring Dance

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Leadership first scheduled the 2017 Spring Dance to February 18, however due to unforeseen circumstances it was postponed to April 1.

Unfortunately, the dance has been canceled completely due to lack of ticket sales.

Leadership made many posters advertising the dance, however it seemds it was not enough to convey students to go to the dance.

For the students that actually bought the tickets, their Spring Dance ticket refunds would be available from the student store. Be sure to bring your student ID when asking for refund.