February 16, 2019

Talent doesn’t win an Award, money does

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Leslie Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

The Oscars are near us! The high time of glitter and gold and festivities celebrating our best actors, filmmakers and the lot. The very pinnacle of quality movies. We’d like to believe that Award Ceremonies such as the Oscars are how tastemakers honor important cinematic arts. That these awards are determined by objective voters that weigh the artistic merits of each individual work. The unfortunate truth, however, stands to be that our favorite filmmakers and actors are not the actual nominees of the shows, rather money seems to be seated in their place. While it is is most undoubtedly true that Money cannot act, it can make voters act differently. What happens is that studios and networks give heaps of money and incentives into what the industry calls, “For Your Consideration Campaigns” I’m sure we have all seen them around on billboards and the like, but do we really know what they are truly for? For Your Consideration Campaigns are hyper-specific marketing methods that are aimed solely at award voters. It’s not really bribery, but they are close enough to it that it may as well be bribery. These come in the forms of paying for the Voters to go and watch the movies for free and throwing them lavish parties for them to meet celebrities. The ads as mentioned before are also painted and plastered all over the streets of L.A.

  And while this is such a common open secret, the Golden Globes are by far the worst offenders. The only people who actually get to vote in the Golden Globes are the 87 members of Hollywood Foreign Press. The only problem is that this list of people are so well known, virtually all of Hollywood knows who are the voters and thus campaign to them personally. In a particularly interesting source Slate, Jan.13,2012, they state, “They nominated Sharon Stone in The Muse after her representative plied them with 84 gold watches.” Well obviously then, Sharon Stone got the nomination! This is such an open secret that even Denzel Washington openly jokes about it in his acceptance speech in 2016 Golden Globes.” Freddy Fields. Some of you may know Freddy Fields, he invited me to the first Hollywood Foreign Press luncheon,” Washington told the crowd. “He said, ‘They’re gonna watch the movie, we’re gonna feed them, they’re gonna come over, you’re gonna take pictures with everybody, you’re gonna hold the magazines, take the pictures, and you’re gonna win the award.’ I won that year.”

To win an Oscar studio may have to spend around $10 million dollars. The bottom line is that to make money one has to spend money. An Oscar nomination can increase your box revenue, and getting an award can make even more. Quality does have something to do with awards ceremonies, as the ones nominated are usually good but to win an award one have to be able to part with a couple of Franklins.

Do you want to get paid to play in College?

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Ryan Toovi

Chronicle Reporter

These NCAA scandals are really getting out of hand.

Most colleges are supposedly paying student athletes to come to their school. Recently a 5-Star recruit named Shareef O Neal decommited from Arizona University because of these allegations.

On Friday night, ESPN.com reported that Sean Miller – in his ninth season as head coach at Arizona – was caught on FBI wiretap discussing a $100,000 payment to star freshman Deandre Ayton. It’s not known if Ayton received the payment. His family issued a statement saying it was “outraged and disgusted” by the allegation. What are your thoughts about it?

Hopefully they find if this is true or not because this is affecting student athletes of playing in college and it isn’t right.

WE Need Gun Control

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Students file out of the building to safety, as led by the armed FBI.

Celine E. Gimpirea

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

An angsty teenager trudges into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, Feb. 14,  after an Uber drops him off just outside. His bag weighs him down more than usual this particular day; however, and it’s not the extra homework.Within just over an hour inside the building, he loads his AR-15 rifle and fires over 100 shots, killing 17 (and injuring 14). Nikolas Cruz, 19, the suspect, was taken into custody soon thereafter.

This is real. This is Columbine, this is Sandy Hook, this is Belsan, this is a cycle. And this could just as well happen to us. It only takes one to kill a hundred.

We lost 17 lives this Valentine’s Day at the hands of a boy with no restrain and at the hands of a government with no reins. One of the victims was a 17-year-old star swimmer who had just been awarded a scholarship for the fall to begin his career, his life. Another was a 14-year-old freshman in JROTC who volunteered at a natural disasters reform organization on the weekends.

Who gave Cruz the right to put his life above everybody else’s? Nobody. Who gave him the idea that it was possible? We all did. We did not heed the dozens of warnings preceding this.

We need to address the issue that is of such prominence today. We need gun control. Though what holds us back is the issue of infringing the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms, we need to filter the individuals deserving that right.

According to NBC and CNN, many students who had come into contact with Cruz had reported obvious indicators of his reckless behavior. One of his former classmates says, “He went ahead and showed me all his layout of guns, said that how he would just shoot them around for fun.” This had been almost a year ago. Cruz had been 18.

Many other students kept away from him, some saying “something was off” or that “he was always a reckless kid,” according to CNN. Senior Criminal Analyst Clint Van Zandt tells NBC, “Anytime we see a shooter like this, there are always pre-incident indicators. They either tell someone, they write about it on the internet or some social network page… We never see an individual just totally act out of the dark.” Not only must we pay attention to the words and actions of those around us and act on them sooner, but we must take off the bureaucratic gloves and handle the recurring horrors with the necessary preventive measures. Zandt goes on, “The problem is, we never connect the pieces; we never put two and two together until the terrible shooting takes place.”

What would save us are more thorough background checks and investigations of those we permit to own guns and more out-of-the-box acknowledgements of possible consequences. For example, the NRA-ILA, the entity responsible for the permissions to own guns, states as three of its 11 total points of disqualification, “The following classes of people are ineligible to possess, receive, ship, or transport firearms or ammunition:

  • Those adjudicated as mental defectives or incompetents or those committed to any mental institution.
  • Persons less than 18 years of age for the purchase of a shotgun or rifle.
  • Persons less than 21 years of age for the purchase of a firearm that is other than a shotgun or rifle.”

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Nikolas Cruz, prior to Wednesday’s shooting, had been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. He had shown signs of mental illness both verbally and physically, he was outcast socially, and he had been academically challenged thus. Nonetheless, he had access to a gun.

There will always be malice in the world; we are all too different to avoid it. The root of the problem, the social or mental hardships teenagers face, because of these differences, cannot be stabilized uniformly. Thus, we must prevent the destruction these hardships can lead to, and that is gun control. Guns were made, domestically, as defense and only that. THAT should be the defining guideline as much as it should be the focal point of education preceeding the permit to own a gun. We must assure our safety by defining our standards and not allowing just anybody to have access to a murder weapon.

It is scary to think that a shooting like Parkland could happen to any of us in any moment. Hollywood NMA Senior Aldo Jimenez says, “Anything can go wrong at any time, but we can’t just live our lives in fear. We have to learn from our mistakes.”

That means a stronger defense system on the part of the NRA-IRL towards a country that should not fear the destruction of its most innocent institutions: its schools. Our children, our parents, our staff, and our communities should not fear murder when measures could be taken to prevent it. We must stand up for us. The alternative is self-destruction.

Get ready for a possible Block Schedule

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Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter

As the second semester continues, we learn about the future plans our new principal, Edward Colacion, has in mind for Hollywood High School.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was his statement about changing the regular school schedule into a block schedule. Even though the block schedule may sound very unfamiliar, it could very well bring many benefits to both students and teachers. 

Teachers would be able to use different or more creative techniques to better teach the class when the class periods are longer. More content could be covered with fewer interruptions and because of this, students can receive more support from teachers on a one-on-one conversation. Having to see many students every day may be difficult for teachers and cause them to spend less time and give less attention towards each and every one of the students throughout the day. Teachers would also be able to give students more in-depth assignments that would not be able to be completed in the 50 minutes we normally have. Due to each period being so limited on a regular schedule, the relationship between a student and a teacher may not be as strong, and students who really need the help may not get the attention and support they need in order to pass the class and students are not willing to ask for help because they do not feel comfortable or confident enough to ask for help.

Teachers need to prepare for 6 periods each day with each class full of students. They also may be forced to rush with the grading of assignments, which causes them to provide less advice or feedback to each student’s work, or rush and not think thoroughly when planning and organizing lessons. Students also need to study for more classes, which can be very overwhelming. Taking in large amounts of information for 6 classes every day may be very stressful and impact the learning of students.



Latinos gone missing in Hollywood

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Latinos gone missing in Hollywood

Milagros Robelo

Chronicle Reporter

There are 326,766,748 people in the United States and 52 million people are Latinos, the second largest ethnic group in the United States. Latinos make up 16.7 percent of the population in the United States. But why are they not represented on the big screen?

When Latinos are on the big screen, they are secondary characters with stereotypes such as gangsters, loud latina women, labor workers, and Latin lovers. Latinos are never the star nor the lead. When roles are made for Latinos, people tend to cast the whiter version of it. Catherine Zeta-Jones played Elena Montero in the film Zorro when Shakira and Salma Hayek, both latina women, were considered for the role. Then just recently Zeta-Jones played the famous Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco for the lifetime movie The Godmother. Scarface follows the rise of a Cuban drug lord but they cast Al Pacino an Italian-American actor. They could have had Benicio Del Toro or Javier Bardem. Natalie  Wood, an American actress, played Maria, Puerto Rican girl in the famous musical West Side Story. They could have had Rita Moreno as Maria instead of Anitta.

In the Academy Awards for 2018, I found out that only two Latinos were nominated and two latino films. Guillermo Del Toro was nominated for his work of The Shape of Water.The Shape of Water has the most nominations for this years Academy Awards with 13 nominations.  Carlos Saldanha is nominated for Ferdinand. A Fantastic Woman is Chilean film nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. Coco is nominated for Best Animated Film. I tried to figure out if any Latinos could play the leads in the nominees for best picture, they could not. That is when I figured out that people are not even writing roles for Latinos.

Jaime Camil, a Mexican-born actor and the father from Jane the Virgin, spoke to Slate Magazine and said “ “It’s ridiculous right now … Gina Rodriguez and everybody at the show, we were outraged about the fact that SAG-AFTRA and other award shows didn’t nominate one single Latino in their shows. It is not that we want to get an award for free, like, ‘Oh, the poor Latinos, throw them a little bone. Throw them a little award just for them not to feel ignored.’ No, no, no. F**k you. It’s not about that.” He then went on to call out the Academy Awards for not nominating people of color or recognizing them.

In the 90 year history of the Academy Awards, Latinos have been nominated 16 times and six have won. Till this day it has been six years since a Latino actor has been nominated for an Academy Award. Latino actors and actresses can play any role one gives but they are not given the chance. The stories of Latino writers are silenced by the same old biopic from a white writer. The rich stories of Latino history are being whitewashed.  

Why do girls sports not get as much recognition as boys’ sports?

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Why do girls sports not get as much recognition as boys' sports?

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Early in the morning, congratulations of the boys teams for achieving the bare minimum can be heard, while whispers of the girls’ success are only passed around.

Why is this?

This is the third year in a row that girls soccer has made it to playoffs, yet you’ll find more posts about the boys being league champs for the first time in 10 years. This is the first time in a while that girls volleyball has made it to playoffs (they made it far; semifinals), but around that time, the Hollywood High School Instagram kept posting about football, 2 weeks after they lost in the first round and their season was ended. Boys basketball is successful, yes, but why are the seats empty when the girls have home games.

The underlying sexism in public schools is obvious, ranging from rules to dress codes. It is wildly apparent in the vast difference in how girls teams are treated compared to boys teams. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed because it only encourages the athletic success of men, but not women, which further contributes to the wage gap in mens and womens sports.

The showing for girls basketball is sad. If you walk in the Hollywood High School gym when there is a home game the stands are nearly empty. Girls basketball gets even less advertisement than girls soccer. They are forgotten in the morning announcements and are rarely heard of when they win. This is sad.

Girls and Boys sports should be celebrated and shown off equally. Although league champs for 3 years in a row, Girls soccer has never gotten a banner while I have been in high school. During my freshman year, we were told that there was not enough money for it. A banner. Yet football got a banner for their 2017-18 season for no apparent reason.

It is 2018. People are still searching for a reason why women are getting treated the way they are as adults, and I think to eliminate the subtle sexism early on, like in grade schools, would be a good start to demolish the inequality between the sexes.

A helpful reminder that science is scary

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Leslie Figueroa,

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The world in today’s day in age has become an extraordinary scary place. With things such as our president’s daily outrages and movie directors getting exposed, it’s hard not to get caught up in the news of politics and entertainment. Nevertheless, it is important to also delve into the world of technology and medical innovation from time to time to check up on how the world is progressing while one sleeps. This here is your daily dose of technology catch up.

Something in particular that has been shaking the world by storm is the recently unveiled first-ever quantum computer. While classic computers have enabled many amazing things such as the internet it still can go a long way. They use “bits” or in other words 0 and 1s used for data and processing. For example say if I had 4 bits, you could arrange them in the manner of 0000, 0001, 0010..ect. However, when we take a look at Quantum Bits, they are still expressed as 0 and 1s individually but can also be expressed as 0 and 1 combined at the same time. It is a bit confusing but the results and things we could be able to do with this is astonishing. For instance, taking the 4 bits example again, if the bits are expressed as 0 and 1, there are a total of 16 possibilities they can make. Now let’s say these were numbers to a password you wanted to crack. A normal computer would take each and every one of them and try them out. Eventually, it would get the right answer but simply put a Quantum computer would do so much better. Since the 0 and 1s exist at the same time it would input all of the possibilities at the same time as well and thus get it right at the first time.

This in itself does not seem to make much of a difference, but it really does. If one thinks about very high-end security there are an infinite amount of possibilities for a password which would take a regular computer millions of years to be able to crack those codes, but with a quantum computer, it would only take seconds. If we were to dive deeper and touch on the subject of artificial intelligence, we could understand that quantum computers could affect that as well. What if we gave a computer the ability to reprogram itself? A normal computer would not be able to do such a thing because it wouldn’t know the best way to do it; having to run an infinite amount of possibilities in order to find one. A quantum computer could run all of them simultaneously and find it in seconds.

Not going to lie, it is a very scary thing. Seeing as with such an innovation in science we are well on our way to robots taking over the world. We already have a robot by the name of Sophia who has official citizenship in Saudi Arabia, it isn’t too long until they will be able to function completely independent from their creators and be able to reprogram themselves with the help of a quantum computer. Just a little thing to think about to keep your mind off of everything else going on in the world!

Prepare to say farewell to the Principal

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Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

As the first semester comes to a close, not only will we be stressing out over finals and leaving this semester behind, but we will also be saying good-bye to our principal, Mrs. Sanchez. She had the privilege of working here for several years but now she must move on. She has been promoted to become the new Staff Relations Field Director for Local District West. She announced her departure from Hollywood High on Aug. 18.

Knowing she had only about four months left as principal, she did her best to make it memorable for the students and teachers. Although there can be various opinions towards her and her decisions, she still tried to make our school stand out from others by making decisions that she thought were good for us.

Her presence around the school was extremely active because at any given moment during school hours someone could easily bump into her because she was always walking around observing what students were doing.

Her final day as principal will be on Dec. 15 and any kind of farewell could mean a lot to her. So be sure to do that as a sign of respect for what she has done for the school.

Santa’s Frosty Follies come to town

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

A marvelous choir show premiered on Thursday night, full of joy and Christmas spirit. Tis’ the season to be jolly and what a great way to start the season, with a holiday show. With solos in the show and Santa and his little helpers in the action, Christmas seems ever so close to arrive.

” I liked how Dr. Keislar was dressed up as Santa and the High Notes because it was very entertaining,” said Nicole Vasquez. ” I believe the show put everyone in the Christmas spirit.”

With Dr.  Robert Keislar as  Santa, the show made a spectacular hit in the Hollywood School. Not only did the singers sing, but they also performed on stage with their own little act. Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the red nose reindeer joined the action, with their own little skit.

“I thought it was a success in general,” said Jonathon Har, a High Note. ” Everything was amazing. I liked the way I was able to interact with students from other periods rather than just my own class.”

It was a splendid show with some humor on the side. It was all balanced out to make the show interesting but not long enough to bore anyone down. Lisa Hertzner, the choir teacher, put on a great first Christmas show at Hollywood. She has also performed this show at her school that she founded in Arizona.

Prepare for finals week

Posted on December 5, 2017 by in Op-Ed


Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

With finals week coming up, teachers push their students to wrap up the semester by turning in work and preparing for their final. Students that are behind in the class could considerably have a very stressful week. Most of the week will be spent with doing all the assignments that they did not turn in when they were due.

From my perspective, I feel very stressed, even as I’ve turned in all my assignments. This means that even if all my work is turned in, teachers will give students the week before finals as a study week to prepare. While other teachers are still giving tests and assignments, expecting the students to study for the finals as well. With teachers giving assignments, students do not have a chance to study for the final at home and are stressing out as teachers begin to explain what will be on the final.

I believe that the finals are an excuse for teachers to lower down your grade. The teachers say that the final is going to be a big part of your grade and becomes worth more than half the semester work. From my past experiences of taking finals, the test is way different from what the teacher tells you to study for.

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