February 16, 2019

My experience in Cuba

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My experience in Cuba

Frida Larios
Chronicle reporter

During winter break, my parents and I visited Cuba to see the country for what it really is before it possibly changes.

Throughout our one week trip, we went to six different cities in Cuba, the first being Havana. Right when you land you realize how different this country is. You’ll rarely see any advertisements on build boards or posters, and you definetley will not see any offers for free wifi or wifi at all, which is really scary at first, but turns out to be a super refreshing detox.

Right when you step out of the airport you’ll see colorful, vintage cars waiting for you to get a ride.

Once you drive into the capital (Havana), you see that every building is very old, some more preserved than others. There are lots of Spanish style buildings that will make you think for a second that you are in Europe instead of Cuba.

The local people in Cuba are some of the kindest people I have ever met. With wifi and internet being very hard to get in all of Cuba, people don’t really focus on what they don’t have but instead they enjoy everything they do have. They welcome you with warm smiles and after a few minutes of talking, they will treat you as if they have known you their whole lives.

During my short visit, I learned so much about Cuba’s history and culture and do hope I can go back in the near future. Going to this country should be on every travelers bucket list.

Visiting Abandon Mall

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Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

During my sophomore year my friends and I decided to visit an abandon mall. A mall only an hour and a half away from Downtown LA. We did not know what expect. We were also expecting not to get in. When we finally arrived we walked around the mall till we noticed that a fence blocking the entrance to the parking lot was wide open. After a long debate on whether we should try to get into the mall or not. We decided to go in and not take this very big opportunity. We eventually found a hole on the wall and one by one we all entered.

It was very cold and very quiet. The cold air coming from the hole on wall and the sunshine coming in through the open roof was very soothing. You can hear drops of water dripping from the roof. It was very relaxing, we all sat in the middle of the floor taking it all in.   We then continued to look around till the sunset.

The day I met Mayor Eric Garcetti

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Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

It was freshmen year only a few months before my first year of high school ended. I had been taking pictures with my camera for only 9 months and didn’t really have a clue as to what I wanted to do. I would always take the Gold Line and ended up in Sierra Madre the last station. I found out that the Gold Line is getting an extension and will open up in just few weeks. I was very excited and couldn’t wait for that day to come. Riding the Gold Line various times during my freshman year that just the thought of new stations opening made me very happy because it meant I’d get to visit places I’ve never been before.

The day finally came and I got up right on time. Got my camera and headed out. It takes about 40 minutes from Union Station to Sierra Madre. I thought that the train would continue to the new stops but when I got to Sierra Madre they made all the passengers get off and form a line to get onto a train that runs to the new stations. While waiting to get onto a train everybody suddenly started looking towards the back of the line. I turned around out of curiosity and saw the Mayor. He was shaking hands with those waiting in line. Eventually he was shaking hands with the person behind me and I genuinely didn’t know what to say or how to act.

He then came to me and I smiled, shook his hand and had a good three minute conversation with him about what I wanted to pursue after high school. I then eventually got on the train and visited all the new stops.

Sat with Raf

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Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

It was early in the morning, on my way to Hollywood High. I got on the 207 bus and noticed that nobody was sitting next to this African American homeless man. I’ve been riding the bus my whole life and learned to not care who was in the bus. If I saw an empty seat I’ll sit. I smiled at the man and he smiled back. I sat down and put my camera in my backpack, the man saw that I put my camera away and immediately told me that my camera reminded him of his youth and when he worked at universal studios. I introduced myself and he introduced himself. Ironically his name was Raf which immediately lighten up my morning. He talked about how he would work there every summer and the fun experience he had working with friends. He talked about how he saw all the backstage things and how everything worked.

Sometimes people we ignore have the best stories and experience in life.


Seniors it is time to wrap it up

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

As Nov. 30th approaches, seniors must finalize their UC applications. Following the CSU deadline has been postponed to Dec. 15th. The window has been open for a month now and the time has come to hit that submit button. The nerve wracking apprehension leaves seniors in the thought that the end of their high school career is near. No matter how “done” seniors say they are, the idea of moving on is truly frightening. As a senior myself, the application process has made me realize that my life has yet to begin and high school was a stepping stone towards the rest of my life.

Many of us seniors have been dealing with the overwhelming amount of work, whether it be because of college applications or school work. The stress that has come our way throughout the application process is one that will pay off at the end. Writing personal insight questions and filling out the application has made seniors realize how proud they should truly be of how far they have come.

Yes, senior year might be stressful and a handful, but it is a milestone for our future. Hit that submits button and be proud of how far you have come. The time is here.\




Book review: We All Looked Up

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Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

‘We All Looked Up’ by Tommy Wallach is a book of four teenagers perspective on their last month of humanity before an asteroid strikes. The four teenagers, Eliza, Peter, Andy, and Anita put their hearts together to throw a party on the day the asteroid “Ador” is supposed to hit. Together they go through many adventures putting a plan for the party.

I personally enjoyed reading the book because it put me through different emotions and getting to know the characters was really amazing. The best thing about the book is how all four teenagers are very connected and come together to throw the biggest party for everyone to enjoy rather than feeling hopeless. Although the book is 416 pages long it the story is worth reading.  


Art therapy can help reduce stress

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Rafael Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

The form of art therapy that helps me reduce my stress is photography. The way that photography helps to reduce my stress is that it distracts me from the loads of school work I have waiting for me back home. It also makes me bring out the creative side of myself and adding to that it lets me express want I am feeling into a picture. Photography is most fun when you have your friends with you exploring the different kinds of neighborhoods around the city. I personally like taking pictures at night when there aren’t much people in the streets and you are able to do whatever you want. Seeing the city during the night from afar is very beautiful and soothing.

Art therapy can be any form of art like painting, collaging, digital art, photography and textile. I recommend to find the form of art that helps you reduce your stress cause forgetting about something is way better than sticking with the feeling of stress. Buy a coloring book or play around with photoshop, anything that makes you use your creative side will most definitely help you reduce your stress.

Overpopulated Classrooms

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Julio Mazariegos

Chronicle Reporter

High school class sizes have increased in the past few years and it seems to be taking a toll. During the first week of school, I was in many classes faced with seating issues. As some classes did not have enough seats for the number of students enrolled in the class.

Class sizes should be reduced for a number of reasons. One reason is the student to faculty ratio should be smaller so students can get more individualized attention. Students will have a better relationship with their teacher and not many students will be left behind.

   Also, larger class sizes tend to be more hectic. Teachers will be able to manage their classes easier and more efficiently. The more students that are enrolled, the more money the school receives from the government. That means they get to hire more teachers but, assistant principal Mr. Furioso says they try to maintain a balance.

     Students tend to have more of an academic achievement when they know the students in his or her class. It can create competition amongst the students making them want to do better than their peers. When a class is too big it minimizes the chances for students having competition and some students can fall and be left behind.

   Small class sizes would also mean calmer, less hectic classes. Also, you would receive more help and it’ll be easier to find out issues within the class. There has been a tremendous amount of research on how class size affects students. Many have said that it is more beneficial for students.


The importance of a third place

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A nice place to hangout in afterschool

Chronicle Reporter

Leslie Figueroa

A nice place to hangout in after school

        It has been said that a person lives in three places throughout their lifetime. Now I’m not necessarily talking about three different houses or states that one would live in, but rather a whole different location altogether. See, people will live in three different social places; their home, work/school, and a third place. This is usually a location where you can sit down and socialize. A place to go to after work but before retiring to your bed.  These “third places” are critical for relationships. At their best third places are building blocks for a community.  Think about places like libraries, malls, and cafes.

   The psychology behind it is that different places require different aspects of yourself. For instance, home is where you rest. It is where you lay down your head for the night and sleep. You eat breakfast here, often times dinner as well and in short it is where you are supposed to lie down and rest. The second space is work or school whichever one you currently do. Sometimes people do both and it’s often times also what cuts into their other places. But in general, it is where you work productively and get your job done. Finally, there is the third place. Away from home and away from work, it is a much-needed place of socializing. Typically it is a free place, or at the very least inexpensive,  such as a coffee shop, the park, or mall. But why is it so important to us as high schoolers? It is because in a face past life where we have to go to school, spend hours on homework, and sometimes even have extracurricular activities or jobs to work we owe it to ourselves to invest in a place where we can socialize and relax away from our home and work.


But where in Hollywood would such a place be? Somewhere near enough to school to hang out but still far enough that it doesn’t feel like school. Places could be the establishments such as; Starbucks, Waba grill, De Longpre Park. It used to be the shopping mall believe it or not where people would go in and simply hang out with friends. Unfortunately due to the rise of social media and online shopping, the mall as a third place is dying down.Overall the point of the matter is that a third place is crucial for a person. We need a place outside of stressful school life but outside of just rest as well where we can socialize and indulge in the need to simply talk to one another.

School safety crowd goes off

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IMG_5969 (2)

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School hosted a school safety meeting on Sunday, April 8 which had many representatives from LAUSD and the City of Los Angeles come together in hopes of finding a possible solution for students when it comes to school safety. Numerous panelists gave their opinion towards recent school shootings. All these panelists had great things to say, but in the whole point was to hear out the crowd which consisted of students, parents and teachers.

For the most part when it was the audience time to speak, they only had one minute which I thought was unfair because it is a meeting for us and we probably deserved more time to voice our opinion towards the school board. Although much of  what the crowd said was a bit harsh,  but at this point everyone’s opinion matters.

In honesty, it was not as successful as I thought it would be, but it was still important to hear how others feel towards this subject. I hope for future meetings they can lead towards the path of having more students and teachers opinions. It is important to have student opinions and it is critical for finding a possible solution for a path to better safety in schools.

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