October 22, 2017

No spirit in Spirit Week

Posted on October 17, 2017 by in Op-Ed

Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

So far, in my perspective many students have not been excited for spirit week.  The students are not participating in spirit week as much as they could. Less than half of the students just do not care about school spirit. Students like me think that spirit week is unnecessary because it really does not bring out school spirit.

Monday was pajamas day and not that many students were wearing pajamas because it is possible that they feel embarrassed to wear their pajamas to school. It is also possible that they did not want to wear it because it was too hot on Monday. Some of the students that actually wore their pajamas were probably not afraid to wear it or they were probably in leadership, where they are to wear it for a grade. I did not want to participate because it was too hot to wear my pajamas to school.

On Tuesday there is sports day where you had to wear a jersey of a team. Many people did participate probably because it meant showing their favorite team on them. The other students probably did not wear it because they either did not have a jersey or they just did not care. I did not participate because I do not own a jersey and it really did not seem interesting.

Cutting back school start times improves student attendance

Posted on October 11, 2017 by in Op-Ed

Chronicle Reporter
America Flores-Hernandez

School start times should be adjusted so students can get more sleep and if they live far from school so they can get to class on time. Considering the facts most students, especially high schoolers, tend to stay up the night before finishing up assignments. By far, 90% of high schools and 80% of middle schools start before 8:30 a.m.

Most teenagers have the desire to sleep later, come to think of it, it really isn’t the after-school activities that stop us from getting the right amount of rest we need – rather than it might be the time school starts which requires us to wake up so early. However, some may argue that pushing back start times can cause teenagers to stay up late, yet current studies can’t really support that idea.

A recent study by Yale University how tardiness affects students’ sleep and other personal issues. According to researchers, “six studies, two that were controlled trials, showed that changing school starters from 25 to 65 minutes increased sleep time of 25 to 77 minutes per week night.

Overall, students had the chance to sleep later in the morning and managed to head to bed at an adequate time, getting that extra hour of sleep.

Why we all know Gun Control is needed but why it won’t happen

Posted on October 5, 2017 by in Op-Ed

Leslie Figueroa

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

On October 1st, A mass shooting took place in Las Vegas killing 59 people and injuring 500.  Many have taken this news to hearts and as journalists have written about Gun control and the need to tighten its regulation is distribution. Does it sound familiar? That’s because where catastrophes like this happen the keyboard start typing and the paper starts printing. Something similar has always happened after every gun violence incident, always hoping to cause change. Nevertheless we have to take into consideration that perhaps this isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. The NRA, and the Gerrymandering, are just two obstacles to overcome.

  To start off the NRA is a huge an influential group deeply rooted in the U.S governme. So much so that it has widely gained the reputation of being able to make it break any politician. Guess what their stance is on gun control? They heavily object to any proposal that would even remotely regulate gun violence. It’s so bad in fact the former congressman once told the New York Times, “That was the one group where I said, ‘As long as I’m in office, I’m not bucking the NRA.'” This obviously has deep implications that whatever NRA wants, NRA gets. And they so happen to not want gun regulations.

  Then there is the problem of gerrymandering. In definition the word means to “manipulate the boundaries of an electoral constituencies as to favor one party or class.” In short any attempts to pass firearm regulation laws have been shot down before they even began. This obviously has serious implications especially when you consider that if it suits someone’s needs then this form of manipulation can have some serious consequences.

  In short while gun control is something we desperately need In this country which is made evident by the time and time again violence it isn’t something that’s going to happen. A bit pessimistic maybe, but certainly realistic. While scary in their own right keep in mind that the NRA and gerrymandering is only two conditions that are preventing gun control. It’s a much deeper hole of contradictions then it seems.

Don’t Stress Out

Posted on June 6, 2017 by in Op-Ed

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

Its the last week of the semester and it would be shame to waste it by procrastinating all week. Spend Your time wisely though, don’t lack off because these finals are the last tests to affect your grade. However you should spend it with joy because you have just finished another year of high school. The sophomores will face their most important year during their junior years. They will deal with the SBAC testing and their SAT’s coming up soon.

Congrats to all juniors on finishing their most important year of High School and hoped that no one winged the year. Now, all juniors will have to start their senior project sooner or later, depending on what English class they’re taking. However, this doesn’t mean that they can lack off fully. They have college applications and scholarships to fill out by November.

Congrats to all freshies who are finishing up their first year as a High School student. Not to much to worry about but it is still early enough to change your study habits to be the type of scholar you should be. You can still enjoy the best of the High School experience.

Overall, congrats to everyone, especially our seniors who have finished all four years as student. Hope for a great summer and a great start in college.

Sister Act Brings Down The House

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

This past weekend showcased a “Divine musical comedy.” Full of joy and happiness, it was the best musical I have seen on the Hollywood stage. The main actress was Kaelyn Norwood playing as Deloris. She had a struggling life as a singer trying to make the music industry with her crazy boyfriend Curtis , Winston Oughourli. It all goes down when he rejects her and the show goes on with Deloris’s life when she has to hide as a convict.

The musical brought unexpected comedy that made everyone laugh even though it had barely begun. The musical was successful from the very start all the way till  the end. A little bit more comedy to the show could have been a bit better but overall the musical had its own comedy. It had excellent scenery that went with all the acts, the lights were on point. They really did themselves a really great show that it has gained popularity over the weekend with lots of improvement done and more attractions to Hollywood.


Hollywood will premier their show once again this weekend coming for those whom would like to see it again.



“From the Soul” to Soul

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

This past weekend was a memorable night with lots of action and drama in the dance show. If many of you did remember for those who went to the Performing Arts Magnet &New Media Magnet assembly, the dancers performed a preview for us.

On the stage were new and professional dancers performing an outstanding show. Every performer had different characters that were unique and similar in order to make the show eye-grabbing.  There were very few solos that only lasted for a couple of minutes. There were a couple duets and was mainly large assembles on stage that made the show look even more beautiful. Although the performance was beautiful, the dancers could’ve used a bit more training when doing duets and large assembles but overall, the duets was best performed compared to other performances.

There was a lot of fast movements that made the dancers prove how determined they were

to perform what could be their best show of  the year. All the performers used their space wisely and was done without exceptions. Their directions were all timed because every one had space to move around and do their moves all according to as planned. There was a lot of strong and powerful music that was very motivational and the performers danced to the rhythm. There were some pop music that was performed which was beautifully danced.

There was various of different type of dances that was seen during the show. A lot of them were modern ballet, some hip hop and some of ethnic dances as well. The ethnic performances was well enjoyed that was outstanding and something new on the stage. The costumes were well done according to the music and type of dance done. Everything fit were it was suppose to be.  The lighting was well done that made the show look even better when it was right to change them.  Overall, the performance was an outstanding piece of artwork done by Ms. Goldshein once again.


It takes a movie to wake America up

Posted on March 22, 2017 by in Entertainment, Op-Ed

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

 Get Out, a film by Jordan Peele, touches on the “sensitive” subject of racism in a satirical and metaphorical way, reaching new heights in box offices and even gaining $133 million world wide

Get Out is about a black man, Chris, who is going with his white girlfriend, Rose, out of town to meet her parents. While he is there, he notices strange instances that put him on edge. All of the black people he comes in contact with act strangely and “white” and all the white people he comes in contact with seem to only be interested in him for his physical attributes. Jordan Peele intended for the movie to be a façade for the actual issues occurring in twenty-first century America. Get Out shows the unintended racism and Caucasian prejudice against black people (i.e. quotes from the movie include, “I would have voted for Obama again if I could”, “Black is the new fashion” and “Is it true what they say…?”) and the obvious change of tone when it comes to race (i.e. This journalist’s way of describing the movie: “British actor Daniel Kaluuya is Chris, the black boyfriend of Rose, a beautiful young white woman played by Allison Williams (from Lena Dunham’s series Girls)”-The Guardian).

While the movie intended to educate as well as entertain, some critics were not amused (most of whom are Caucasian might I add) with the portrayal of white people as villains. This is outrageous, truly! It’s a terrible thing to single out one race to a bad attribute. It isn’t like black people are shown as bad guys most of the time on T.V. shows. “In Get Out, just as Obama did, Peele exploits racial discomfort, irresponsibly playing racial grief and racist relief off against each other, subjecting imagination and identification to political sway” Journalist for the National Review, Armond White(ironic.), explains his discomfort with the film. “Chris and his ghetto friend Rod, who works for the TSA, are attitudes and not complex beings. The other blacks Chris encounters as servants on Rose’s family estate are no better that Trayvon Martin-type effigies– zombie-like when not sorrowful and tearful.”

Get Out originally had a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, along with two other films that date back to the 50s and 20s, but due to this critics critique, it dropped to a 99% and people were outraged. With an overall 8.3 rating, Get Out continues to rise in charts and educate people on the modern issues that need to be addressed.



Immigrants stand in unanimity for #ADayWithoutImmigrants

Posted on February 15, 2017 by in Op-Ed

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

A few days after his presidency, Donald Trump signed a document that gave the green light for the wall to be built. Two days later, a family searching for an opportunity was turned away at the U.S. border, only to be sent back to a war infected country. Blatantly defiling the whole idea of ‘… liberty and justice for all.’ , Trump’s discriminatory actions has led to the ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ protest.

In hopes to show the Donald Trump that America would be severely weakened without immigrants, a movement (spread through by social media sites and fliers) has been organized.  On Feb 16 2017, undocumented people and immigrants and their children will have the opportunity to voice their anger and distress by being completely absent from the United States’ market for one day.

In the short time that he has been president, there has already been many protests against him, most notably, the world wide Women’s March that happened on Jan 21. Although this protest wasn’t nearly as organized and as widely spread as the Women’s March, it will most definitely be noticed if thousands of immigrants nationwide are suddenly absent from work. This fact will especially be prominent in states like California and Florida, who have a large immigrant population.

  Maybe these protests will get through to the White House and they will finally realise we aren’t going to tuck our tails between our legs.

New ‘Dunkirk’ trailer including teen heart throb Harry Styles

Posted on December 14, 2016 by in Entertainment, Op-Ed

Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

New film named Dunkirk has officially announced it will be released Summer of 2017.  Directed by Christopher Nolan, the story takes place in World War 2 in the Dunkirk Evacuation.  The Dunkirk Evacuation was the evacuation of allied soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium, and France surrounded by the German army on the beaches of Dunkirk.

This film has been getting much attention for reasons not being related to the historical background but because of the familiar face in the new trailer that was released.  One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Having such a famous person on a film can have its pros and cons. Pro: the box office will sky rocket making tons of money because teenage girls who love a band member will want to see Harry Styles in a different environment and see one of his other many talents, besides singing.

Con: Many people will be watching the film only because of him, and the film may not get the recognition it deserves. The portrayal of events that actually took place in history will not be recognized so greatly as it should be because teenage girls will be focused on how ‘cute’ or how ‘hot’ Harry Styles will look in combat clothes.

This will be an environment that he’s never been seen in before. Hopefully he will convince viewers that he cannot only rock the stage and sing but can also act and entertain, making teenager fangirls forget he’s known for being in a boyband and actually intrigue them into the movie. Hopefully teens and people of all ages will be entertained as well as learn history from it.


The most starcatching show of the year

Posted on December 5, 2016 by in Op-Ed

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

The anticipated show of the year, Pete & The Star Catcher. There were several of different characters on stage, and some whom had to change their roles every once in a while. There were Pirates, Mollusks, Mermaids, and other amazing characters on the show as well. The casts mainly performed all in large ensembles, making the show more dramatic, and some solos, making a very deep feeling about the character. All the characters had their own space, their levels and directions. They used their levels really good, enhancing the scene, giving it a better effect. It was really cool when they all had their levels all organized.

Unexpected, Josh Gomez, the musician of the show, came out underneath the second stage and started to play his song. This impacted the show, showing an important part of the show that has occurred, and that needed to know about. His melody brought everyone in, singing in harmony all together. The costumes in this show was simply outstanding. It came out really nice, giving it the special effects it needed to make the show better. Everyone had their own clothes, giving them the personality that they performed.

The lighting and special effects were simply on point. It helped the show, giving it the greater effect that made it simply unforgettable. It was one of the best I have ever seen on a show. Who knows how much the special effects can improve if they had better equipment, and if they did, then it would probably be the best shows around. The props was a huge importance on the show. It helped by giving extra fun and how much suspense it can give. Overall, the show was simply the best one yet. It was also a special one, bringing all the Peter Pan fans as a must watch show.