It takes a movie to wake America up

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

 Get Out, a film by Jordan Peele, touches on the “sensitive” subject of racism in a satirical and metaphorical way, reaching new heights in box offices and even gaining $133 million world wide

Get Out is about a black man, Chris, who is going with his white girlfriend, Rose, out of town to meet her parents. While he is there, he notices strange instances that put him on edge. All of the black people he comes in contact with act strangely and “white” and all the white people he comes in contact with seem to only be interested in him for his physical attributes. Jordan Peele intended for the movie to be a façade for the actual issues occurring in twenty-first century America. Get Out shows the unintended racism and Caucasian prejudice against black people (i.e. quotes from the movie include, “I would have voted for Obama again if I could”, “Black is the new fashion” and “Is it true what they say…?”) and the obvious change of tone when it comes to race (i.e. This journalist’s way of describing the movie: “British actor Daniel Kaluuya is Chris, the black boyfriend of Rose, a beautiful young white woman played by Allison Williams (from Lena Dunham’s series Girls)”-The Guardian).

While the movie intended to educate as well as entertain, some critics were not amused (most of whom are Caucasian might I add) with the portrayal of white people as villains. This is outrageous, truly! It’s a terrible thing to single out one race to a bad attribute. It isn’t like black people are shown as bad guys most of the time on T.V. shows. “In Get Out, just as Obama did, Peele exploits racial discomfort, irresponsibly playing racial grief and racist relief off against each other, subjecting imagination and identification to political sway” Journalist for the National Review, Armond White(ironic.), explains his discomfort with the film. “Chris and his ghetto friend Rod, who works for the TSA, are attitudes and not complex beings. The other blacks Chris encounters as servants on Rose’s family estate are no better that Trayvon Martin-type effigies– zombie-like when not sorrowful and tearful.”

Get Out originally had a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, along with two other films that date back to the 50s and 20s, but due to this critics critique, it dropped to a 99% and people were outraged. With an overall 8.3 rating, Get Out continues to rise in charts and educate people on the modern issues that need to be addressed.



Immigrants stand in unanimity for #ADayWithoutImmigrants

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

A few days after his presidency, Donald Trump signed a document that gave the green light for the wall to be built. Two days later, a family searching for an opportunity was turned away at the U.S. border, only to be sent back to a war infected country. Blatantly defiling the whole idea of ‘… liberty and justice for all.’ , Trump’s discriminatory actions has led to the ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ protest.

In hopes to show the Donald Trump that America would be severely weakened without immigrants, a movement (spread through by social media sites and fliers) has been organized.  On Feb 16 2017, undocumented people and immigrants and their children will have the opportunity to voice their anger and distress by being completely absent from the United States’ market for one day.

In the short time that he has been president, there has already been many protests against him, most notably, the world wide Women’s March that happened on Jan 21. Although this protest wasn’t nearly as organized and as widely spread as the Women’s March, it will most definitely be noticed if thousands of immigrants nationwide are suddenly absent from work. This fact will especially be prominent in states like California and Florida, who have a large immigrant population.

  Maybe these protests will get through to the White House and they will finally realise we aren’t going to tuck our tails between our legs.

New ‘Dunkirk’ trailer including teen heart throb Harry Styles

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Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

New film named Dunkirk has officially announced it will be released Summer of 2017.  Directed by Christopher Nolan, the story takes place in World War 2 in the Dunkirk Evacuation.  The Dunkirk Evacuation was the evacuation of allied soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium, and France surrounded by the German army on the beaches of Dunkirk.

This film has been getting much attention for reasons not being related to the historical background but because of the familiar face in the new trailer that was released.  One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Having such a famous person on a film can have its pros and cons. Pro: the box office will sky rocket making tons of money because teenage girls who love a band member will want to see Harry Styles in a different environment and see one of his other many talents, besides singing.

Con: Many people will be watching the film only because of him, and the film may not get the recognition it deserves. The portrayal of events that actually took place in history will not be recognized so greatly as it should be because teenage girls will be focused on how ‘cute’ or how ‘hot’ Harry Styles will look in combat clothes.

This will be an environment that he’s never been seen in before. Hopefully he will convince viewers that he cannot only rock the stage and sing but can also act and entertain, making teenager fangirls forget he’s known for being in a boyband and actually intrigue them into the movie. Hopefully teens and people of all ages will be entertained as well as learn history from it.


The most starcatching show of the year

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

The anticipated show of the year, Pete & The Star Catcher. There were several of different characters on stage, and some whom had to change their roles every once in a while. There were Pirates, Mollusks, Mermaids, and other amazing characters on the show as well. The casts mainly performed all in large ensembles, making the show more dramatic, and some solos, making a very deep feeling about the character. All the characters had their own space, their levels and directions. They used their levels really good, enhancing the scene, giving it a better effect. It was really cool when they all had their levels all organized.

Unexpected, Josh Gomez, the musician of the show, came out underneath the second stage and started to play his song. This impacted the show, showing an important part of the show that has occurred, and that needed to know about. His melody brought everyone in, singing in harmony all together. The costumes in this show was simply outstanding. It came out really nice, giving it the special effects it needed to make the show better. Everyone had their own clothes, giving them the personality that they performed.

The lighting and special effects were simply on point. It helped the show, giving it the greater effect that made it simply unforgettable. It was one of the best I have ever seen on a show. Who knows how much the special effects can improve if they had better equipment, and if they did, then it would probably be the best shows around. The props was a huge importance on the show. It helped by giving extra fun and how much suspense it can give. Overall, the show was simply the best one yet. It was also a special one, bringing all the Peter Pan fans as a must watch show.


What it means now that Trump is President

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Vanessa Centeno


Congratulations America, you have chosen to elect Donald Trump rather than the first female president of the United States.

Great, no big deal, so what?

At the same time as Trump supporters celebrate the victory of their misogynist leader, millions of children are in their room putting together a backup plan with their parents. This backup plan consists of only one thing and that is what to do if one day these children come home to an empty house. What will these children do when one day “papi y mami” don’t come home? The idea that 12 year olds, 5 year olds, even younger, might have to prepare and worry about this is brutally sickening. Imagine your younger sibling, niece, nephew, having to go through this. But this is what America has elected.

Today husbands and wives look at each other and realize that this country has taken a step backwards. The LGBTQ community is wondering how it is possible to elect a candidate and a running mate that would rather take money from HIV funds and implement them into “conversion therapies.” Couples once again live in fear of being governed by a party that has done nothing but root for the bills, laws, and orders that would punish them for loving. But America elected to resurrect this hatred toward gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders.

Tonight the same people who chanted, “We hate Muslims, we hate blacks, we want our great country back,” at a rally in Manhattan, are the same people who will now believe that they are in the right. Muslim women now wear (if at all) their Hijab in fear of violence and oppression. The same man who called Mexicans racists, mocked the disabled, and plans to ban Muslims is now our president. This country has elected the man who fears the demographic shift in America

Our country will now be led by a man who has been accused of sexual assault, a man who called a woman a pig, a man who encourages other men to go ahead and “grab them by the pussy.” For the next four years the face of our country will be Donald Trump. At the same time as he claims to respect women more than anyone, he continues to demean women by calling them, nasty, “not his type,” and openly admitting an attraction to his own daughter.

The issue, however, is not all about Donald Trump. The problem is with those who chose to follow him, encourage, and support him. These people will make the “others” feel unworthy, dirty, and try to demean us as much as they can. The problem is that minorities will begin to believe they are ugly and unworthy.

If you are a woman, you are beautiful. If you are queer, you are loved. If you are Muslim, you are fearless. If you are Latino or Black, you are not alone. I am here, and we may no longer be with her, but we are with each other.


Memoir, a show to remember.

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

On the show recently this Friday, I was up for a big surprise. It was a huge day for all the performers on stage. When the curtains went up, I saw professional dancers who may become something big in the future. They all danced and dressed competent. They were all masters of dancing on stage and they proved it right there for the audience. They all performed in large ensembles, making it look as if it were magic by itself. When everyone was dressed the same, it was a scenery that had caught most of my attention. The best part was when they were all in rhythm together as one. There were some solos and duets, and when it happened, it was outstanding. It brought the show to a single scene that mesmerized the audience in awe.

The performers used their space wisely on stage, making enough space for everyone on stage to perform at their best. They timed their cue to go on without mistake, assuring their space available at the moment. They had to make their formations in order to leave and enter organized, or it would’ve been chaos, leaving the show annihilated. Their formations kept the necessary space for everyone to exit in and out with ease. Music is often the key concept of dance shows, in this case, classical, modern and some hip hop music were used during the show. Each type of music had its own contribution that the performers had to follow to keep the beat.

Followed by the music, the choreographers had a mix between modern and ballet dance. When put together, the show seemed it could’ve gone forever, as long as they had different type of performances to watch. Their outfits were good but it could’ve been a bit more colorful than it was. Overall, they made their best out of it, showing their hard work and effort they had put in the show. The background they had was a curtain with a colorful motion effect adding an extra touch to make it better.

Overall, the show was one of the best I had recently watched, showing that they can always make their performers better than before. Their cue’s in and out were timed, although they had some delays when they were changing. It was all outstanding.


Can’t use a calculator in English: Only in the PSATs

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Katherine Quezada

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

PSAT testing on Wednesday  was a long and stressful day for all students who weren’t seniors. A three and a half hour long exam, testing knowledge in math and English was distributed not only to students in LAUSD but to schools all over the country.

This exam was a supposed ‘practice’ for the upcoming SATs for underclassmen, yet we were also told this exam was a qualification for Merit Scholarships.

Personally, what I do not understand, if this is a way to qualify for scholarships why doesn’t school administration talk about it more to let students prepare on their own time?  Middle school students also take this exam so knowing about it is not new to freshman as well as for sophomores and juniors. One week prior to the test taking was when I found out students were being tested.

Social media is a big thing in today’s youth, and every year on the day of the PSATs after every student has completed the exam, students somehow get it to trend on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now, does this mean because millions of students are talking about the test itself through social media, will our scores get cancelled ? Will we get in trouble for talking about “how many days it takes to read 30,000 words ?” After all we all did sign a contract saying we would not discuss this exam under any circumstances. Oh the irony.

With the tweets and memes going around all over, one very popular one was making fun of the “No calculator during the English section” rule. I including many others were not aware a calculator was needed for English. I still do not understand why that rule was made.

Overall. this exam did make a good topic to make fun of but should be taken seriously as the real SATs are approaching for anyone under the twelfth grade.

Hopefully, this exam made you realize you do not remember how to do any math whatsoever.  It should also make you practice how to flip pages back and forth pretty fast for the English section. Yay.


Au Revoir French and Nǐ Hǎo Mandarin

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Lorena Robelo

Chronicle Reporter

    Starting next school year, French will no longer be offered as a class. Instead, Mandarin Chinese will be offered again, taking the place of French. Not much was said about the change besides students saying they will miss French teacher Alonso Rolland-Estrada. But it is time to say au revoir to French and nǐ hǎo to Mandarin.

    The foreign language department decided well when they decided to replace French with Mandarin. Learning Mandarin will benefit one more in the future than learning French.

    Mandarin is number one of the three main languages in the world spoken next to English and Spanish. French is usually spoken in France, Canada, some African countries colonized by the French making it number 18 in the ranking of most spoken languages in the world. 

    China is also one of the world leaders in the market. For example, if their stocks drop like it did earlier this year, then the whole market goes through a tumble. Point is that one can make more business and strive if they make connections in China and learning the language will certainly help with avoiding that awkward language barrier. It is likely to infer that one will feel more comfortable making business with someone that they can speak to directly than having to depend on a translator to speak for you.

    Of course, one is likely to visit France, but that is about it. France is more of a tourist attraction than a place to build a future in and invest in.

    French is also another “white language,” meaning that mostly caucasian Europeans speak it. Mandarin is a language that comes from a completely different ethnicity with a rich culture behind it that can really open the eyes of some of the students. I am sure most students know the basic history of France and that there is not much culture behind it, but Mandarin will open one’s eyes to a new world outside of the United States and completely different culture.

    Mandarin will offer an all-around education with culture, food, and the language itself. French offers a couple of pastries and the language. It looks like the students taking Mandarin will have an advantage in the future than those who took French.

Truth cannot be hidden

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Diana Ryabchikova

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Chronicle Reporter

Everyone of us is familiar with Snow White. We all read the stories about sweet girl. More recently, we have seen a movie about  her , which is called “Snow White and the Huntsman.” In this picture we found a very different Snow White (Kristen Stewart), it was a fighting  girl who, along with the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) fought against the forces of evil. The same Huntsman had to be the last who saw Snow White. He was not able to hurt this sweet and beautiful girl, and switched to the good side. When love leaves, the heart of beautiful maidens becomes ice. Even hundreds of kingdoms will not be able to keep the pace of its myriad armies. Only the hunter knows no fear. Through the woods he goes to meet his fate.

The new film, directed by Rupert Sanders, is another tale deconstruction of the Snow Queen, even darker and sharper than the original story. The action begins long before the events of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” The Evil Queen Ravenna(Charlize Theron), ruling another kingdom after her husband’s murder,  had the younger sister Freya (Emily Blunt), unlike Ravenna, she had no magic. Freya fell in love with young Duke( Colin Morgan) and gave birth to a daughter. Beloved suggested Freya to married secretly and leave with a child. Delighted Freya went to wait for him in the garden at night and then saw that the tower, where her apartment  and her daughter’s cradle are, caught fire. Breaking into the tower, Freya saw that there are embers  left  from the cradle, and her lover standing in the middle of the room with a torch in his hand.

Freya saw red with grief and horror, and then her magical and dormant power awakened. She turned her lover into the ice and then frozen all the kingdom of the North that she got after her sister went further south. Thinking after her beloved betrayal , that all love is a fraud and deceit, Snow Queen(Emily Blunt) has forbidden love and vowed that if she was not destined to be a mother, she will take the other children. From all the corners of the kingdom her soldiers were delivering the children to Freya, taking them from their parents and raised them as formidable fighters – Huntsmen.

Advancing Hunters led the royal army captured one land after another, bringing his queen crowns of former rulers. The best warriors were two – Eric(Chris Hemsworth) and Sarah(Jessica Chastain). On the trouble, boy and girl fall in love despite the stern royal ban, and decided to run …

Freya learned about their love and stepped between them, showing them her own truth. Seven years Eric thought that Sarah had died then, from the Snow Queen hands. In turn, Sarah thought Eric left her behind and ran. With Eric, Snow White(Kristen Stewart) overcome Evil Queen(Charlize Theron) and sent the enchanted mirror away from the kingdom.

And then came the day when Sarah and Eric met again. Their common business, finding the mirror, combined them. After going through many trials, they found the mirror. It turned out that Sarah was on the side of the Snow Queen, and she gave her the mirror, but Eric knew that Sarah loved him no matter what. He followed her into the realm of Freya. Freya accidentally freed her older sister from the mirror , and Ravenna(Charlize Theron) told her the truth about that night, when her daughter died.

It turned out that the Evil Queen cast a spell on Freya’s lover, and he burned their daughter to ashes. Furious Freya threw herself at her sister, and the battle began. The Huntsmen were not left behind. Together they defeated the Evil Queen, with the price of Freya’s life , and restore peace in the kingdom. But we all know that evil cannot ultimately win the good as well as the good cannot defeat evil. Part of the mirror survived and now it accumulates all its evil force to strike again.

The previous movie that earned very bad criticism,  has very little to do with “ The Huntsman: Winter’s War” – only fleeting mention of Snow White and cameo of Prince William, now King. The director and the writers of the movie are also changed – that went only on benefit. Costumes, makeup, special effects, plot and acting  are amazing and exciting. The movie team has done a great job. I advise everyone to go watch it.

Two in a row: second dance canceled

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Diana Ryabchikovaimage

Chronicle Reporter

The Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling dance has been canceled due to lack of ticket sales. It was supposed to held on April 16. This year’s theme was when a girl asks the boy to be her date.

It  was really unusual for everybody and maybe that was the reason why not a lot of students wanted to go to the dance. Girls are too shy to ask the boy about going to the dance together. It would definitely work with couples, but not with single and blushing from one boy’s side view girls.

Another reason was the previous years dance’s reviews. A lot of Hollywood High School students say they think that dances were boring and it was not worth the money. This year, event organizers promised  to change the food, decorations and DJ, but Sheiks did not even give a chance to the Spring Fling 2016.

Another issue is that the Prom day is not so far from this dance. So, students did not want to spend extra money if they already paid much more for the prom.

Anyway, the Sadie Hawkins theme was picked for fun and the Leadership team tried hard to do everything to make this event better than the previous ones. So far, it was a second canceled dance. If  the event cancelation  will go on, school will cease to be a place where students are not only able to learn and acquire knowledge, but also to have fun.