December 19, 2018

Falling into Pep Rally with Spirit Week

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Mayeli Acuna

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As pep rally approaches this Friday, that means spirit week is here. Be apart of the school spirit and follow the themes that lead up to our massive school gathering. Fall spirit week is three days in, but it is not to late to join. It lift ups the spirit of the school and that is what Hollywood High as all about. Here are the themes of  the remaining days of spirit week.

Wednesday 10/17: Wear Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday 10/18: Wear your favorite sports team jersey for Sports Day

Friday 10/19: ROLL CALL

Reminder: Freshman wear gray, Sophomores wear black, Juniors wear white and Seniors wear red

Join and be apart of the school spirit. You can take pictures with your friends and create fond memories for the fall 2019 spirit week. There are a few days left, do not hesitate. If you decided not to take part or think it is to late, there is always the spring spirit week.


Fire drill happening first thing in the morning!

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Alex Glebov

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Tomorrow at 9:30 am a fire and earthquake drill will happen. The first drill will be the earthquake drill where audio of an earthquake will be played over the loudspeaker, and students will be required to take up the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” positions in the classrooms. This drill will last only 5 minutes and will then be followed by the fire drill.

The fire drill will start at 9:35 am and will last for almost 40 minutes. During that time classes will take roll and leave for the field where everyone will have to wait until the drill is over. Tomorrow will be quite hot so make sure not to wear anything too warm as you will be standing in the sun for quite some time.

Phora shuts down Hollywood Boulevard

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Phora shuts down Hollywood Boulevard

Kahliyah Williams

Chronicle Reporter

A rapper who goes by the name “Phora” held a meet and greet with fans at the Hollywood and Highland center on Oct. 8 that had fans lining up early in the morning outside of Shoe Palace . At the meet and greet he bought hundreds of shoes for his supporters.

Many people showed up for this event, so many that at one point there was a stampede and a few injuries. Phora even brought his own private security, but it wasn’t enough to handle a crowd that big. Hollywood blvd and Yucca street were shut down because there were a lot of people in the streets stopping traffic. This was a really big outcome for Phora, because this was the first stampede event that has happened in Hollywood.

Space X rocket launch takes Los Angeles by storm

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Picture Credits- Fstoppers

Frida Larios

Chronicle Reporter

Photo Credit- Fstoppers

The Space X Falcon 9 rocket launched Sunday night which caused a strange looking light into the nights sky. This may come as a shock to some people but these lights were not from any aliens or UFOs. According to the staff at Space X, The atmospheric conditions were the reason that this visual and stunning display lit up our sky. The two staged rocket blasted right on time at 7:21 pm PT from California’s Vandenberg Air Force base. Minutes after the launch, the rockets second stage separated from the first stage which is why you might have seen two bright white lights in the eye catching ”cloud”.


Social media immediately responded to this launch with pictures, videos, and conspiracy theories. For many people, this launch was unexpected and surprising. ”I was on the freeway when I first saw the launch,” said Cristian Huante, a senior in TCA. ”At first i thought we were going to get nuked.”

Why 98% of UTLA members are in favor of going on strike

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Kenyon Dawson

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United Teachers Los Angeles says its members have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike against the Los Angeles School District should one become necessary. Why you may ask? Well, UTLA have made several demands and LAUSD has rejected any proposals the Union is offering. UTLA has requested an increase in staff wages, class size reduction, counselor-to-student ratio increase, and more funding in community schools and have been turned down every time. UTLA believes these are reasonable demands considering LAUSD has over $1.7 billion in unrestricted reserves.

These demands have been addressed by LAUSD, but are yet to be met. Instead, LAUSD is denying the beliefs of them having over $1.7 billion and say they actually have less than $700 million. LAUSD claims with these estimates, they would go bankrupt if they accepted the proposals made by UTLA. LAUSD hopes to avoid a strike at all cost. They express, “…let’s remember our schools are about teaching and learning. We want to keep the labor discussions out of our schools so the focus can remain on our students.”

SRLA begins season at Dodgers Stadium

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SRLA begins season at Dodgers Stadium

Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood’s SRLA runners head down to Dodgers Stadium on Sept.30 , which introduces them to the location the runners will come back to in March 2019 to face the LA Marathon. The 11,000 students loop around Dodgers Stadium backlot for 3.1 miles, which will exponentially increase at the time of the marathon, 26.2 miles. The change in location this year for this event’s location prepares runners for more elevated trails, in comparison to last year’s location at Dockweiler Beach.

“Last year’s race was on a beach, but the whole route went downhill, which explains why I got a faster time last year. This year kinda had more uphills, which reminds me of the marathon trail. Especially the hill on Hill Ave,” said Randy Suarez, a runner on the team. It included Kind and Good Humor, which respectively provided free protein bars and ice cream.

“It was a memorable experience for the first time running it.There were so many amenities, but I had to wait until the end to enjoy them all,” said Jocelyn Mendez refers to the sponsor booths. The veterans of the team enjoyed the change in atmosphere and the effort put into the theme of the event: baseball. “They went all-out this year; it was aesthetically pleasing,” Suarez added. Bibs and medals were baseball themed. Former Dodger players introduced the event, and top 10 American Idol finalist Dennis Lorenzo makes a rendition to the national anthem. An eventful start for the Hollywood SRLA team’s season.

Introducing Students To New Books

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Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

     Hollywood High School had their first Book Tasting at the library on Sept. 28.  According to the graphic organizer, “A book tasting is a chance to sample different books to see if you might like to read them.” The books that were used touched on one of the STEM subjects. In this exercise, Ms. Whitham told the students that they would, “read informational texts that give them background information and a foundation of knowledge.” 

     Book Tasting can be done with any subject, but on this occasion it was done with science, more specifically chemistry and physics. Students were to read five books, each for seven minutes and complete a graphic organizer for each book they read. In the graphic organizer, they would write their impression of the book and rate it. After reading the first book, they would rotate and repeat the same process until they reached the fifth book.

     The librarian, Ms. Whitham, had thought about doing this and when she shared her idea, the principal, Mr. Colacion, helped make it happen. They decided to do it with books touching on one of the subjects of STEM to expose students to this knowledge. The number of students interested in STEM is low and they want to increase it. The point of this exercise was for students to think about joining STEM.

Iggy Azalea visits Hollywood

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Elvira Roman 

Chronicle Reporter 

     The Australian rapper and songwriter Iggy Azalea caused a commotion on Sept. 13 at Hollywood High School. Iggy Azalea is known for her top hits from her album ‘The New Classic’ such as “Fancy”, “Problem”, “Black Widow”. On Thursday, Iggy came to Hollywood High with a check of $5,000 and a few gift cards. A few days before she donated the money, Iggy tweeted, “Im visiting Hollywood high and Crenshaw high this thursday to give everyone some $$$$ to spend at fashion nova.”

     According to administration Iggy Azalea was supposed to appear to give a inspirational talk. She would mention her struggles,her poor background, and how she managed to succeed those obstacles in her life.

     Instead, during passing period right before 3rd, Iggy was seen walking around with a huge check and was rushed to one of the rooms. A few students got to take pictures with her before she was gone.

     The $5,000 was used for attendance and according to Principal Edward Colacion, a few students with perfect attendance will be given gift cards.

     Her act of kindness does not go unnoticed. A senior, Andrea Avila, said “She was generous enough to give us $5,000.”

AP Furioso : The new guy on the block

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Ethan Murga 

Isaak Ramirez

Chronicle Reporters


When one door closes, another opens. For Pacino Furioso, a desk for him has opened up at Hollywood High School as the newest assistant principal.

Furioso graduated from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and majored in English. Furioso has much and various experience with working with students of all ages, specifically sixth through 12th grade.

Furioso is no stranger to working in a classroom in different schools. “I’ve also been working with Alliance Charter Schools,” Furioso said. “I wanted to come back because oftentimes charter schools don’t have the comprehensive programs as something like Hollywood High…”

One specific factor for Hollywood would be the transition in the sports program. Furioso went from sharing athletics with other schools at his previous workplace to having a full stadium and basketball gym at Hollywood.

As every administrator is assigned to a Small Learning Community (SLC), Principal Colacion has SAS; Samuel Dovlatian has TCA; Lori Gambero has PAM; this leaves Furioso as the new NMA administrator.

Furioso said, “I really liked teaching 9th grade students English and 12th grade, because like 12th they’re getting ready to go on that journey to college… but I also like teaching the ninth graders because sometimes the ninth graders came into high school like not knowing what high school was about so I wanted to use English to get them excited about literature.”

Furioso said he is grateful for a variety of programs and diversity of cultures in the high school. One important idea he feels is that the whole core of the school is the arts.

One of the biggest hobbies and interests for Furioso is traveling. Having taken interest in exploring new places and sights, he seeks to explore more of the Hollywood area. Furioso said, ” San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth” as well as his fascination for Iceland being another beautiful location on Earth.

Being the new kid on the block, Furioso is adjusting to the school. “Learning about the campus I’ve been walking around trying to meet kids and trying to find out where things are.”

Although Furioso is new to the school, it isn’t hard to tell he’ll adapt to the Hollywood culture fairly quickly.


‘Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice’ Comes to Hollywood

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'Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice' Comes to Hollywood

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Grab your gear and put on your game faces, Powderpuff 2k18 is underway. Popping off on June 1st, the juniors and seniors that are participating have started to practice after school on the field.

The practices are held on every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3:15 pm to 5 pm. It is never too late to join, so if you’re a girl, in the 11th or 12th grade, and are interested in playing Powderpuff football, come join the team on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday on our very own Hollywood High School field. “Going into Powderpuff I didn’t think much of it, but now it has taught me more about football and I have created bonds with the players there.” said Linnssy Munoz, SAS Junior.

Also are you interested in Powderpuff, but are a boy? Boys are able to apply to be cheerleaders for the half time show. For more information, meet at the field afterschool on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday before June 1st.

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