LA Marathon Coming Up !

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

The Los Angeles Marathon is coming up on March 19 and more than 25,000 runners are running the LA Marathon. The runners are expected to run 26.2 miles and kicking off at Dodgers Stadium and ending at Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. People on wheelchairs,  hand cycles will start earlier due to the fact there disabled, than the other runners. All runners have the maximum of six hours and thirty minutes for the whole marathon and must be 16 or older to run.While the marathon is happening hundreds of local middle and high school cheerleaders and band from Korea Town will root on the runners in different areas.

Is anyone running the LA marathon if you are comment below .

Come join the best

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Karina Olivera

Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School Cheer are holding their tryouts again on March 16 and 17, Open gym is March 8-10, meaning the other cheerleaders will teach the girls/guys that are trying out the cheers and what they need to know for the actual tryout.

Coach Miguel held a meeting for all the girls who wanted to try out to come and hear what being a Hollywood Cheerleader means and what is going to happen this season. Coach expressed his expectations for his team and explained that being a cheerleader is not all about just wearing a cute uniform, dancing around for football. It’s a lot more our cheer team trains just as hard as any other sports at our school so the expectations are set just as high.

The cheer team has a lot going on this season, from cheering for all sports to competing in four events this year. there will be a lot of fun things that the team will be participating in, but with all these fun events comes hard work. If you have any interest or just want to see how they practice, take a trip down to the small gym.

Senior Projects Done

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Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

Senior year projects. Something 12th graders don’t like to hear. Every year during second semester that’s all what seniors talk about and stress over until their day of the presentation. This year senior presentations were held after school on March 2.

Students were dressed professionally, ready to wow the judges with the research they worked hard on almost all year long. Topics ranged from Serial Killers to Medication should not be given to Children under a certain age. All very interesting topics.

“The senior project was very stressful but taught me how to be very organized and I know it will help me in the long run with college. After all the research it was worth it” said Annie Karaelian who based her project on Child abuse.

Some tips for upcoming seniors next year and the following year are to not stress the presentation so much. According to seniors the hardest part is the research and essay itself. Everything after that is a piece of cake.

Buy your Spring Dance ticket

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

The Spring Dance has been postponed to Saturday of April 1. No this is not a joke or a prank.
The Spring Dance was supposed to be held on Feb. 18, however leadership decided to postpone the dance due to unforeseen circumstances.
The dance is going to be held in the big gym from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. The tickets are going to be sold during lunch, at the student store, and even at the door for only $14.
There is going to be a DJ and leadership will be selling food.
It is the last school dance of the year and everyone is invited to have fun. Come out and enjoy the Spring Dance.

Let’s go to the Getty Villa

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Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

The SAS 10th grade students will attend a field trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Villa this Monday, February 27. Students will go to the Art of the Ancient World tour, they will see The Greeks, The Romans, and also The Etruscans. The students will get a deep understanding of the different cultures of the Ancient Mediterranean World.
In addition to the galleria, they will see the gardens, East Garden, and the Herb Garden.

“Students will see Greek and Roman antiquities. Since we do the Greek play Antigone and Roman play, Tragedy of Julius Caesar it is appropriate to go to the Villa. We will also see a garden of exotic plants and they will also see what a Roman house was thousands years ago. The amphitheater will be seen as well, there the students will be split up with their chaperones. Many statues and art from many thousands of years ago will be displayed for the students.” Said Mr. Carmicle.

Mr. Carmicle, Ms. Cusolito, Ms. Brown, and Chaperones will accompany them. Students will be asked to have BIC in their 1st period, then they will meet up in the cafeteria by 8:15. Students will return to school at 3:06.

Brag off or cry

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Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

It’s finally here, parent conferences are tonight. Hopefully you have been on track and started the semester with good grades. The parents will have the opportunity to see and discuss about their child’s academic grades.

When a parent is actively involved with their child’s education it benefits in so many ways. Knowing that a student’s hard work pays off is so important to them. Communication is key for a parent with their child. It teaches the student that having a good relationship with their parents is significant.

The conferences will beginning from 5:30-7:30pm

NMA and PAM will meet in the auditorium. TCA will be in the library. And SAS will be in the cafeteria.

Also, there will be a HHS lacrosse meeting in room 503 at 4:30 before the parent conference.

PAM & NMA Unite

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  1. Esteban Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Ms. Nezu, the magnet coordinator for both PAM and NMA, has united the students together showing the great skills that they have accomplished.

The school worried about the safety when students rode the bus, therefore they intoroduced their film about the bus safety rules that one must remember to follow when riding.

Ms. Nezu introduced the winners of the NMA films that had an outstanding remark on the film represented. The first group to present their films showed how the US Government wanted to defund the Planned Parenthood for various reasons, including the fact that the new president has been demanding it to be shut down. They have used real sources from  CNN to prove their point of how congress wants to defund the program.

The second film introduced the students that are in the program of Music Foward Foundation. “The Sound of Unity”,  the name of the film, showed how students are widely involved in such musical programs that famous artist have come and visited them to help them.

The PAM students introduced a sneak peek to their new show in a couple of months. It contained a new type of dance created by Mrs. Goldshein.

The new choir teacher had her students perform a sneak peek for their upcoming show that will be performed later on.


Valentine’s Day Sale For a Good Cause by the Former Sheiks

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Aniello Angrisano
Crimson Reporter
Having trouble getting something for your special someone for Valentine’s Day well do not worry because the Hollywood High School Alumnni Organization is having a sale. Valentine’s Day is obivously a special holiday and can be a hassle to deal with if you do not know what to get your partner, so this is the perfect opportunity to buy some nice Hollywood High gear while supporting a good cause.

The HHSAA was founded to support the close relationship between the Alumni of the school and the students. Their goal is to assist current seniors at Hollywood High who are qualified and designated to get scholarships and go to the college of their choice. They receive most of their donations by selling Hollywood High School apparel on their website So if you enter the promo code BEMINE on their website when you purchase clothing you will receive 20% off your total purchase. So here is a recap of what you do:

1) Go to

2) Enter promo code BEMINE for 20% off total amount

3) Purchase for a good cause


Women march for their rights

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Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter


This past Sat. Jan. 21, there was a worldwide march to protest against President Donald Trump and support women’s rights. Many people went to support, from women to men to children to dogs, young and old. Even a few celebrities , such as Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and much more, attended the march. The posters were very creative. Some of the posters contained song lyrics and movies quotes. One poster had a song lyric of a Justin Bieber song called “Love yourself”. It stated , “My momma don’t like TRUMP and she likes everyone”. These poster were very creative. Even a few of our own Hollywood High School staff and students attended the march.

Neil Fitzpatrick, AP European teacher, said, ” I thought it was a fabulous day for Los Angeles. Really, having half a million people peacefully assemble for a good cause. I think it was a great day.”



Apply for FAFSA

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

For all the seniors that are getting ready to go to college, the school will be offering FAFSA workshops for those who need help applying for the financial aid. The workshop will take place this coming Saturday, Jan. 21 at the school library from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon. The workshop will not only help you fill out your FAFSA application,  but also give you an opportunity to win Cash for College Scholarship.

For this day, you will need to bring your parent’s federal income tax returns from 2015 and W-2 forms, paycheck stubs or any records of income.

Filling out the FAFSA will be very important for seniors since it will help them get financial help from the government to pay for college.

The forms are due March 2, but it is always good to get things done ahead of time.