Are you in yet?

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

It has been four months and 15 days since seniors have turned in their application and in that time,  and your final review of your application to your dream university decides to accept you or not has yet to come.

Seniors turned in their UC and Cal State applications by the end of Nov. 30. This may be considered one of your happiest days of your life yet to come or you just might be dreading about not getting in the university you wanted.

“It can be stressful because who wouldn’t be stressed. Its their future and their dream college. I’m just very anxious to see the results,” said Nicole Vasquez.

Although many colleges have already decided your admission, many others are still under consideration until the very last day which may be stressful because you’re not sure if you even want to know anymore. However, it may just make your day if you got in. Check your portal or mail if you aren’t sure whether they have made a decision on your admission. UC has their deadline by March 30 and its halfway through the month already.

When accepted into a college, don’t forget that by May 1, you must submit an a Statement of Intent to Register. There are only 15 days left and counting and once you made a decision, make sure to to apply to Cal grant to get your money for school.

Students nationwide walkout for gun control

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Michelle Munera

Chronicle Reporter

In memory of the victims from the Parkland shooting in Florida, a nationwide school walkout was organized to take place on Wednesday March 14, 2018.

Hollywood High took part in the walkout as teachers and administrators supported the cause and did not get in the way of students standing up for what they thought was right. The walkout was scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. and last exactly 17 minutes in recognition of the 17 lives that were lost.

Students participating were also told to meet at the front of the school and stand in silence wearing all black. Many posters were held up facing Sunset Boulevard and as cars passed by. They honked, yelled and gave thumbs up in support of the peaceful demonstration. ABC News was also there to view the protest.

The walkout was intended to be a peaceful protest regarding gun control. It was a student led walkout meant to attribute and recognize the 17 victims of the school shooting in Florida. Students felt the need to speak out for school safety because it is not fair to have to attend school knowing something bad like that could easily happen at any moment.

The demonstration was also meant to get the attention of the president and the rest of the administration that they need to make a change to prevent these things from happening. Lives should not be at risk or lost for them to realize.

Many posters being held up expressed the students’ opinions. One poster read, “We stand together in silence. We stand for something! While you sit and count your money doing nothing.” Another poster also said “18th Century Laws Cannot Regulate 21st Century Weapons.”

There was an estimate of 200 or more students who participated at Hollywood, but there were many more nationwide from other schools. Some even went to stand outside City Hall in Downtown LA to voice their opinions.

“I liked that the kids were modeling after great leaders like Cesar Chavez and Gandhi… I was very proud in the professional nature in which the students organized a peaceful protest. I appreciate their advocacy to promote safe schools,” said Principal Edward Colacion. The staff at Hollywood made sure to supervise but were supportive of the students.

WASC visit keeps school in check

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Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

As we all know the WASC team has been lurking around campus this week. It all began on Sunday March 12 when faculty and staff gave a warm welcome to the WASC committee. Students and parents were also present as they met with the committee while having a late brunch.

Yesterday, March 12 it started with an early meeting between WASC and ICC members. Students also had a privilege to meet the team as they would get asked questions about the school and hopes of answering truthfully.  Throughout the day any given WASC member was able to walk into any ones class just to take a brief look at what was going on. At times questions would be asked to students and teachers but it is just part of what they are here to do.

WASC also known as, Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The purpose of WASC is to briefly observe what is going around campus. Also to assure and evaluate the quality of education that the students are receiving.

Tuesday Mar. 13 will be much of the same  as they will continue their evaluation across campus. It will all end with a faculty meeting in where the WASC visit will be debriefed. We hope that the WASC observation goes well for the school and remember do not slack off or panic when a WASC member enters the room.


Train based on your body type

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Many people build their workouts (and their meals) around the what is popular, what has been believed to work, and what people generally suggest. However, there is a faster, better way to get stronger: train based on your body type.

Disclaimer: What you eat (your diet) makes up for 70% of your body training. Only 30% is the physical activity.

There are three body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. They are genetically defined, and they each require special modifications to the traditional or “trendy” healthy diet.


Think Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne. An ectomorph can eat and eat and eat… and remain slim. But while an ectomorph has a hard time gaining weight, (s)he also has a hard time gaining muscle.

To train, an ectomorph should eat protein and carbs, lift weights regularly, and keep cardio and aerobics on the downlow. Because it is harder to get “bulky” as this body type, it’s unlikely you will overdo yourself.


Think Sylvester Stallone and Selena Gomez. A mesomorph has the middle: a tendancy to gain weight as fast as losing it, prone to quick muscle-building, and weight maintenance is middle-low.

To train, a mesomorph should eat a lot of protein and little carbs and sugars (sugars as a general rule for all body types). Lift weights in moderation and cardio to the finish line. Consistency is key.


Think Kim Kardashian and Matt LeBlanc. Endomorphs gain weight fast and lose weight with difficulty. With a bigger frame, that may also mean a bigger rib cage and more muscles surrounding key bones, but it also often means a higher body fat storage.

To train, an endomorph needs to eat foods high in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbs. A Paleo-like diet is optimal. The workout pace should also be high, with lots of cardio and moderate weight-lifting.

Though these are the three man body types, there are many bodies that may come in the middle of the three. Either way, with these tips, maintaining your body strength and weight to where you need and want it will be much easier.

Take the test to find your body type here:

Last Day to Sign Up for your AP Exam

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Jennifer Carrasco

Chronicle Reporter

If you haven’t signed up for your AP Exam, make sure to sign up on Tuesday considering it is the final day to take your exam. There will be no exceptions, if you do not sign up, you will not be able to take the AP Exam this upcoming May.

Make sure you have turned in your meal application to receive a fee waiver making you pay $5 for a test instead of $94. However, if you have not turned in your meal application you can go to the College Center and ask Ms. Pinedo for a fee waiver. If you still cannot afford the test fee, you can talk to Ms. Pinedo about the issue as well, just make sure to take your test. You will need a form provided by your AP teachers in order to purchase the exam, make sure to receive it. Do not lose it.

If you are an AP student, make sure to take the test. Even if you are not confident in passing, it looks better for college that you attempted the test. There is no point in taking an AP class if you are not willing to take the test.

Good luck on your AP Exams and make sure to study to get the best possible score.

International Women’s Day and the significance of the color purple

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Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter

International Women’s Day, which is on Thursday, March 8, is intended to celebrate women’s achievements whether it be social, economic, or political. This day is also a very important day to demand for gender equality and for all women to have their voices be heard.

Women began to use the color of clothing as a powerful and meaningful symbol of protest. The #MeToo and #TimesUp protests are some of the many powerful hashtags that are currently being used in order to give courage to women, where the color black was used in protest for the #MeToo marches to stand up against the abusive behavior of men, which is why purple has become the official color of International Women’s Day. The combination of purple, green and white is used to symbolize women’s equality where purple means justice and dignity while green symbolizes hope and white represents purity.

It took many years and many sacrifices in order to be respected and women have earned everything they worked to achieve. Women have fought and worked so hard in order to get to where they are today which is why they continue to prove people who doubt them wrong and as time goes on they will only continue to strive.

Prepare for AP Exams

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

Those who are taking an Advanced Placement (AP) class have to take a test in May for that subject and to take that test, a payment must be done at the student store. It is crucial for students to sign up for their AP Test in May and comes at a cost of $94, but reduced to $5 for those with free, or reduced, lunch with the school’s lunch program.

To be able to make the payment at the student store, an Exam Registration form must be signed off by a parent and the student, while also circling all the AP classes taken by the student, so that way they will know which test dates to remember when May comes around. Forms were handed out earlier this week and if you have not received a form, check in with one of your teachers or go to Schoology and find the link under the Hollywood High College Center group.

A flyer was given to teachers when given the forms and includes the assistance of Ms.Pinedo to offer her support if finances are an issue and that an AP class does not need to be taken to take the exam in May. She also added the dates for AP Tutoring and AP Saturday Enrichment. All this information and more can be found on Schoology.

The schedule and dates for the AP Exams are already out and also in the College Center group on Schoology. Apply before the deadline, March 13. A link to the exam dates will also be included here. 

New Addition to Walk of Fame

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Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporter

    Mark your calendars because March 8, 2018 is the day Mark Hamill receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mark Hamill is an actor whose big screen debut was in Star Wars (1977), in which he played Luke Skywalker. Hamill was also in The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983).

    Most recently, he was cast in the Star Wars sequels The Force Awakens (2015) and The Last Jedi (2017). However he is also praised and known for his voice role as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Hamill’s star will be placed in front of the El Capitan Theater and the ceremony will take place this upcoming Thursday.

Wishing seniors good luck

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter



The time has come for seniors to get up in front of judges and important community people to present their semester long project. Seniors have put time and so much effort into this project, they have to write a 12+ page research paper, create a slide presentation, volunteer at least 20 hours, they also have to make sure that their presentation lasts a total of eight minutes.

Tomorrow, March 1 the seniors will have to stay after school, while all the other kids get to go home at 12:39. They have had plenty of time to prepare and now it is time to show their judges all that they have learned. Now if an underclassmen wanted to take part in seniors presentation, some students were asked to stay and time seniors presentation. If you don’t want to have that responsibility on your head but still want to stay and watch, you can ask a teacher if you can stay and observe.

Get your free pancakes at IHOP today

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Jacob Hu

Chronicle Reporter

Today is national pancake day which means that IHOP is giving away a short stack of buttermilk pancakes to anyone who donates one dollar or more which will go to children’s charities. This offer will only last for today by 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. pacific time zone. For every stack of buttermilk pancakes IHOP serves, they get closer to reaching their goal of raising $5 million for local children’s hospitals and health organizations. IHOP started National Pancake Day on 2006 and their franchisees have raised almost $30 million for children’s hospitals, health and educational organizations.

This is a great way of fundraising for people in need of education and health because everyone gets satisfied by the end. For example, the customers from IHOP get a short stack of buttermilk pancakes for donating a dollar or more to children’s charities and the children in need of education and health get a better percent of recieving that help from those organizations.