Amoeba leaving Sunset Boulevard

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Amoeba leaving Sunset Boulevard

Chronicle Reporter

Elvira Roman

Hollywood is a melting pot, it is very different and filled with people of all ages and races. But one thing that is known to bring people together is music. Amoeba is that place for Los Angeles. People from all around Los Angeles go to Hollywood just to get their favorite record or to buy items.

It was reported Amoeba would be redeveloped with an apartment tower featuring 200 residential units.The 265 feet building has met most requirements but as of now the project is halted. The only requirements not met is the affordable housing stated by the Hollywood Redevelopment Plan. But once that is approved it is unknown when the city will demolish Amoeba and start the new project. Amoeba has made it known that they do not plan on leaving completely but simply relocating. However, nothing is set yet officially.

Pay for your AP exam(s)

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ap test

Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

If you are interested in taking an AP exam, click here to register. Tomorrow, March 22nd, is the last day to register. There are no exceptions.

Once you have submitted your exam(s) order, visit the student store during nutrition or lunch to pay $5 per exam. To pay during the school day, ask for a pass from your teacher so you can pay during class time.

Note: You do not need to be in an AP class to be able to take an AP exam.

Becoming drought free

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Becoming drought free

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

California is officially drought free for the first time in a decade. Since 2011, the state has about just 7% dry areas. 

Over the last winter, rainstorms and snow has helped restore dry conditions. Southern California like San Diego and Riverside still contain dry areas but have improved. Rainstorms in California gave about 580 billion gallons of water across the state. 

The recovery has been slow. Meteorologists have predicted more rainstorms to come and help more soil moisture. 

Leadership host “Crazy” movie night

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Photo Credit: Kristina Jinanian

Kenyon Dawson

Chronicle Reporter

Don’t have any plans for your Friday afternoon? Well lucky for you Leadership will be hosting a movie night in the small gym after school on Friday, March 15 at 4pm. The movie they will be playing is “Crazy Rich Asians” by director Jon M. Chu. Entry to watch the movie will be free to all students, although concessions such as snacks and beverages will be sold.

Kristina Jinanian, PAM senior and leadership fundraising chairman says, “You cannot find this movie on any other streaming site…We hope people show up and have fun..”. With the grading window finally closed, what better way to relax and distress from all that work, than by sitting back and watching a free movie with friends.

Cheer stunts their way to first place

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Cheer team placed first in Central League on March 1.

After months of practicing and dedicating long hours, the Hollywood High cheer team took first place in the Central League last Friday night at Wilson High. After a “rough” showcase on Feb. 16, the cheer team made it their top priority to take the league title.

Cheerleaders said they were not satisfied with their February performance at Birmingham High in which they placed 14 out of 15 teams. After that, they said they made it their job to place in the top three for Central League.

The team practiced from 3:30-6:30 p.m. every single day, said Captain Heidi Paniagua. “Practicing was draining and some of us had to result to public transportation and our energy to even do homework lacked,” the SAS senior said.

The team did not expect to come out as the league champions; they would have been content with any placing in the top three.  “Our expectations were based of the hard work and that extra effort we had to give to satisfy our expectations,” said Paniagua.

A mishap with the bus transportation almost caused the team to miss the competition, but another bus was ordered and the athletes made it just in time. They went on to place first with a total of 75 points and zero deductions.

With championships around the corner, the team is continuing to work harder than before. “Going into championships I feel more confident and we know that we need to push harder than last time,” Heidi said. The cheer team will continue to work hard and put in every ounce of passion until they reach City, she said. Until then, they will take on the next competitions.

Heidi said she “personally was really nervous about competing because of their previous competition and how the practices throughout the week was going, it was hard on all of us physically and emotionally, but we knew we were capable of having the outcome we did.”

Free Speech Friday ends Scholastic Journalism Week

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Free Speech Friday ends Scholastic Journalism Week

Ethan Murga

News Editor

Many students participated in the Free Speech Friday event held in room 502 by voicing their opinions about democracy and politics.

The Crimson Chronicle culminated Scholastic Journalism Week by giving students a platform to express themselves, their ideas and opinions. The topic of Democracy quickly evoked a discussion due to several students difference of opinions about politics.

The topic of democracy was brought up when one student listened to the ideas and opinion of another student wearing a make America great again hat. The Students brought topics concerning Racism and homophobia in the Presidents administration. As well as the topics of love and hate that are common in the human nature. The idea of agreeing to disagree and living with understanding concluded the event.

Free Speech Friday is possibly in the works of being an event every other Friday.

Take part in #SavingDemocracy

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Take part in #SavingDemocracy

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

Scholastic Journalism Week is almost coming to an end. Today being #savingdemocracy, we are set to remember the true meaning of democracy. 

Students all around the U.S. are speaking up about democratic legitimacy. Yet good government is impossible without limiting democracy in some way.

“I believe Scholastic Journalism Week has brought up what democracy is to the government and it’s people to many students around the country,” said Lesley Lujan, 12th grade, SAS. 

Tomorrow will be #newvoices, #studentvoice. Make sure to come to room #502 during lunch to speak up towards something you believe in!

Welcome 2019 scholastic journalism week

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Welcome 2019 scholastic journalism week

Scholastic Journalism Week 2019 is here, running from Feb. 17-23 with different activities to follow everyday. Join along and support this dedication to our community. Here is a list of the daily engagement.

Tuesday, Feb. 19 – #RealNews. High school journalist do important world, not fluff. What #RealNews have you reported in the past year?

  • Our story on mental health has been one of great importance as many teenage students may be going through a tough time and it must be spoken about. Therefore, Katie and I took matters into our own hands and worked on an advice column for the first issue of the 2018-2019 school year.

Wednesday, Feb 20 – #EverydayJournalism. Wednesday’s focus is about the hard work that students journalist do every day. It’s #EverydayJournalism

Thursday, Feb 21 – #SavingDemocracy. Scholastic journalism often has to step up and report on public officials and public institutions because of the systematic gutting of professional newsroom around the U.S. How are you doing your part in #SavingDemocracy

  • As a high school journalist our duty is to speak in behalf of the other students and whether it be regarding a controversial issue we must remember that we have our rights just as real reporters do.

Friday, Feb. 22 – #NewVoices #studentvoice. Fourteen states have instituted anti-Hazelwood laws since that disastrous 1988 decision. But #NewVoices laws guaranteeing freedom of the press for students are being considered in Nebraska and Missouri. Help spread the word about the value of #StudentVoice.

  • The Crimson Chronicle staff will be holding a gathering where anyone will be allowed to share their concerns regarding the school community. It will be held on Friday during lunch and it will be a new beginning for all of the Hollywood High students to have a voice alongside the Chronicle staff.   

Hollywood’s Academic Decathlon team receive awards

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Sidney Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporter

The results are in for the Academic Decathlon and Hollywood High has some notable award winners including three gold medals.

The Academic Decathlon is as the name suggests an academic competition consisting of seven knowledge tests which were completed at Hollywood for our own students. These knowledge tests consist of  Art, Economics, Literature, Math, Music, Science and Social Science. After completing them, students later went to Edward R. Roybal Learning Center to complete the rest of the decathlon consisting of an essay, speech, interview. Students also competed in the fast-paced Super Quiz at this location, a challenge which is held live.

This year, the the topic focused on was the 1960s, which can be often referred to as a transformative time, with changes all around the United States from protests for civil rights and full women’s rights to the Vietnam war and rock and roll.

Stacey Kasai, a SAS senior is the team captain of the Academic Decathlon team at Hollywood. She won a medal for leadership/inspiration. For this portion, she had to read off flashcards which were used to challenge each other in vocabulary, as well as assign roles and act out Tom Stoppard’s play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”.

“It was really fun, we did a lot better than we thought we did. We placed 24th out of 57 which is a huge jump from last year,” she said.

This year has been the highest score that Hollywood has seen, before the highest was 26th place.

Jose Salazar, SAS senior, won a gold medal in the interview portion, with a perfect score alongside. The interview portion consisted of two interviews, one that had been prepared and another impromptu. He describes the process as consisting of a 20-30 second introduction followed by responding to questions for about five minutes.

“No, I didn’t think I was going to win,” he said. “I was really surprised because I wasn’t at the awards ceremony.”

He was notified of his win through a text from a friend who did attend the ceremony.

Another award recipient, Carmen Muñiz, an eleventh grade SAS student, won a gold medal in the essay and plaque for highest score on the team. She wrote her essay on Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States, and his plan against poverty, as well as society in America. The students received three prompts for the essay, and Muñiz prepared the night before by watching an interview on the 60s and going over booklets.

“Decathlon gets a rap and is assumed as a nerd competition, but when you actually do it, it’s very fun. It has its own difficulties because it is a competition, but it is manageable to do well in,” said Muñiz. “You and your friends should join because it’s fun to do, especially if you are on a team with people you know.”

Students Receive Free Chromebooks

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Senior Grace Lyde showing off her new Chromebook.

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

On Wednesday Feb 13, 92 students at Hollywood High received free Chromebooks. Students were encouraged last semester to sign up for free Chromebooks and many took the advantage to get one.

Seniors get to keep the Chromebook for up to three months and then must be returned by the end of the year. Juniors can keep the Chromebooks until they graduate, which is very beneficial.

This was a great opportunity for those who do not have access to computers at home. Doing work on a cellular device is quite frustrating, so Chromebooks are now helpful to students who do not own a laptop. Students can even use the Chromebooks at school.

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