Getting Ready for the Fire Drill

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Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

On Friday, April 28th the school has scheduled a fire drill exercise from 9:59AM – 10:41AM. Teachers will guide the students throughout the whole process, so be alarm. Students will be taken to the football field from their 2nd period class with their 2nd period teacher. Students will have to stay with their teachers and not wander off. Students then will be dismissed to nutrition after the drill has taken place.

Make sure to wear tons of sunscreen and/ or maybe a hat. Remember the weather is to be around 80 degrees so do not overheat. Be prepared and do not forget.

Cleaning Our Enviroment

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

On April 29th there will be a great Los Angeles river clean up where everyone is invited.The places that they will be cleaning are Compton Creek, Artesia Metro Station, Compton Creek, Del Amo Metro StationGolden Shore Marine Reserve and Willow Street Estuary and starts at 9:00 am.People who attend this clean up will be able to attend live music performances, receiving gift giveaways, family activities and refreshments.

Students hike Sheik-A-Thon

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Ruben Salazar

Chronicle Reporter


Sheik-A-Thon was a great success yet again this year with over 70 students who attended.

The event was held on April 22 on Saturday. All students had to report to the Orange gate in order to be taken by a school bus in order to be taken to hike all the way up to the Hollywood sign.


“It was really fun although I’m very tired because I was out of shape” said Senior Pedro Perez.


Overall the hike is to get students to get up and active and they have been doing this for 5 years now so the Sheik-A-Thon is starting to become a trending thing here at Hollywood.



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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood is known for having spirit and pride. Dance guard, Cheer, and Marching Band bring the routines, pep, and music to each and every performance. Without one of them, it wouldn’t be complete.

Due to budget cuts, Marching Band hasn’t had the privilege to have uniforms and upgraded equipment.

A gofundme has been created to raise money for this very situation. They currently need around $3,000 more by the end of this school year. Visit to make a donation. Every donation helps.

This will not only make the Marching band sound and look even better, but make the entire Spirit Squad complete.

JROTC is Officially Over

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Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Reporter

After a century running and years of speculation JROTC, or the junior reserved officer training corps, is coming to an end beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. In an official letter send out today by Principal Alejandra Sanchez it was announced that the program would come to an end.

“It is with great sadness that I am informing you that the JROTC program at Hollywood High School will not continue starting in the 2017-18 school year due to lack of funding. After three years of discussing the school funding issues with the JROTC Leadership, including Col. McDonald and providing them with with an official and timely notice last school year, we are now proceeding with this heartbreak decision” Ms. Sanchez said. “As stated above, I am extremely saddened by this decision and will immensely miss our wonderful cadets and instructors who have contributed so much to our school life and activities” Ms. Sanchez stated.

Obviously the move was an outrage to many and they supported JROTC at lunch on Wednesday April 7. It was at this meeting that Ms. Sanchez broke out the news to cadets that they were canceling the program, it was these cadets that they broke the news out to their supporters at the meeting that inform them the program ended. “I feel depressed. The program has been in Hollywood High School for a 100 years. It creates family, relationships, and friendships. It also teaches leadership skills which are great later in life,” said Jason Kim, 11th grader whose been in the program all three years and is a former officer, “I personally don’t want JROTC to shut down, JROTC has influenced so much in not only in my life but also the students of Hollywood High.”

As JROTC ends Ms. Sanchez will implement a new competitve A-G course but not will have to be seen. As for the heartbreaking news Ms. Sanchez said there was no possible way to fund the JROTC program in the coming years. Only time will tell towards Ms. Sanchez controversial decision.

Student elections now open

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Katherine Quezada
Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Leadership committee are the underdogs when it comes to having fun during school hours when students are not in class. The ones who organize school events such as dances, have snacks for sale during football games and play fun games almost every Friday in the quad, playing loud music ranging from today’s pop to rap hits.

Some look at it as a club and others look at it as a fun elective class where an individual student can show their leadership skills. Leadership is also the class where the school officers spend their time and find ideas to contribute to the school and make it better.

Today voting has opened for the entire student body so students can make choice on who will be the school’s President, Vice President and Secretary the next following school year.

The process this year on voting will take place electronically. Students can either go to the school’s library or pull out their phone from their back pocket or backpack wherever it may be placed and sign into their LAUSD email. The polls will close at 3 pm on Friday April 7, 2017.

ASB President: Aurora Massari who won by default

Candidates for ASB VP: Julianne Cueto, and Allison Oliva

ASB Secretary: Angela Friedman who won by default.

Go out and vote for who you want to represent ! Your voice matters.

Bringing Down The House

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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

The House Of Blues: Music Forward Foundation is hosting Bringing Down The House this April 13th. The program helps young artists build confidence, skill, and knowledge involving the music industry. This showcase gives opportunities to many to showcase their talents.

TCA 9th grader, Robert Thompson, will be performing as the drummer in the band The Left Side. “I’m excited mainly because it’s our time to go up on stage in front of a large audience and express ourselves with our music.”

The show is located at The Wiltern and it starts at 7 pm. The show is for all ages and it’s free. However, in order to enter, one does need a ticket. Tickets are available online at the House Of Blues website or locate Robert to receive one.

Come and support these young musicians at The Wiltern this April 13th.

Check out the Wellness Fair next week

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Aniello Angrisano
Crimson Chronicle

Coming to Hollywood next Thursday March 30 The Wellness Fair is going to be transpiring after school. Happening in the quad from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm The Wellness Fair is going to be hosted by numerous after school clubs. The clubs hosting include the FAME Health Club, Environmental Club, Key Club, Peer Advocates, Bike Club, Dance Club, and LACER after school programs. Promoting health and fitness they will have workshops about nutrition, water safety, health policies, sugar consumption, dairy consumption, diet, and exercise all offered by organizations like LACER, Sugar Watch, Dairy Council of California, Gold Star Foods, Heal the Bay, LCHC, and The L.A. Trust fund. The fair is completely free and will include free food, there will also be a raffle.

Who: Fame Health Club, Environmental Club, Key Club, Peer Advocates, Bike Club, Dance Club, and LACER

What: The Wellness Fair

Where: The Quad

When: May 30 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Why: Promoting good nutrition, environmentalism, and exercise

Come Enjoy the Soul

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

This weekend parents and family can come enjoy a performance, “Here Comes the Soul”, that the PAM magnet is putting on. The plays that are performed by the magnet are always enjoyable and very well put together, so their dance shows should be nothing less than that. Students should come and support their fellow students and enjoy all the creative routines and the music that goes along with it.

This is a performance for parents, students and friends and family. It is for everyone to enjoy and be pleased and shocked by the amount of talent that our school holds. Parents are $7, seniors are $5 and students that have their ID will be charged $2. Everyone should come and support our magnet program and all the talented students that will be performing.

LA Marathon Coming Up !

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

The Los Angeles Marathon is coming up on March 19 and more than 25,000 runners are running the LA Marathon. The runners are expected to run 26.2 miles and kicking off at Dodgers Stadium and ending at Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. People on wheelchairs,  hand cycles will start earlier due to the fact there disabled, than the other runners. All runners have the maximum of six hours and thirty minutes for the whole marathon and must be 16 or older to run.While the marathon is happening hundreds of local middle and high school cheerleaders and band from Korea Town will root on the runners in different areas.

Is anyone running the LA marathon if you are comment below .