August 24, 2017

Safer Streets are Arriving

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Joshua Alejano

Chronicle Reporter

Councilman O’Farrell and The Los Angeles Department of Transportation have been working together to make the route to Selma Elementary school and Hollywood High school safer for students and allow families to walk around with ease.

The project will be occurring some time this summer and is planned to be finished before school starts. The street lights will be placed in the cross street of Highland and Hawthorn. They will have another meeting this summer to discuss their progression of the project.

They are going to remove the homeless in the streets of highland and clean the street up. The main problem of the project is the traffic in highland.

” They have to coordinate the time with the Hollywood events with the time they will build the street lights,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez.

This meeting was made to inform the public who will be impacted by this changed drastically.

Win tickets to acclaimed artist Somo’s concert

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Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter


Win tickets to Somo’s Fri June 9 concert. A singer songwriter who began getting recognized majorly on the app “Vine” had his biggest hit ‘Ride’ playing all over with different edits fan made of their favorite artists or actors.

Somo has plenty of other original work that has similar beats and lyrics to this song, as well as some popular covers ranging from J.Cole to The Weeknd with a little of his taste input to the covers.

If you don’t have anything to do on the last day of school and enjoy live music as well as having a good time with a friend or family memeber The Crimson Chronicle has two tickets to give away to Somo’s concert on June 9 at the Fonda Theater at 7 pm. All you have to do is comment “I want the tickets” down below first and they’re yours.

Have a fun time after you’re finally done with finals and the school year !

L.A.C.E.R. hosts Health Careers Workshop

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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

L.A.C.E.R. has provided many workshops/classes such as music and anti smoking seminars. This has given students the opportunity to discover more about their interests and learn more information about them.

On May 31, L.A.C.E.R. hosted a health careers workshop at Fairfax High School. Students filled with interest or curiosity about the medical field were invited.

A panel of professionals who were involved in medical professions, such as pharmacists, therapists, and ER doctors, spoke to the students on different topics. They discussed about their experiences on the job, how they were inspired to follow a certain path, and the ups and down they have been through in order to arrive where they are at.

Students were able to ask questions after the panelists were finished and each of them were inspired by the many stories they heard. With workshops such as these, L.A.C.E.R. is providing the certain benefits and opportunities for students and their path to college.

Yoga Time

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

Pop in and out, dress comfortably and be ready for free yoga sessions offered till May 26, at 200 N Grand Ave., Los Angeles. This yoga program includes concerts and food trucks and other activites  for free. We all need to relax once in a while and rejuvenate and re-energize.Cristina Fernandez leads yoga sessions on the Performance Lawn. For more information go to the website

A Night To Remember

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Justin Wright
Chronicle Reporter

Aleksander Berg was crowned Prom King along with Leah Jones being crowned Prom Queen. Prom was held at the Annex in Hollywood, started at 7 p.m. and ended at midnight.  Everyone was dressed like celebrities with the tight suits and nails done looking all nice.  

Some students felt prom was going to be lame, but it was everything but that. It started off the night with pictures and a specially prepared three-course meal. The food started with delicious Caesar salad for the first course; for the second course it was a fine piece of chicken and a potato puree; and then for the third course it was a sweet chocolate cake with strawberry drizzle.

But the food was not the best part, the DJ was hitting the right songs and no one was sitting down. Even those who could not dance were dancing. Prom was literally a night to remember for the seniors and it is great way to go to graduation. May 13 was a night full of memories and no regrets.

The count down to graduate

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Ruben Salazar

Chronicle Reporter

As the 2017 school year comes to a finish, Senior fails also come into many minds. Senior fails are due the 26th of May. Seniors really only have two weeks left to get those D’s or F’s up because this date is whether they graduate or not.

Also if you’ve had many absences this will also affect the status of your graduation so if you know you’ve missed, ditched, or missed school for a valid excuse then you can go on and go clear those absences in the attendance office. One other thing to mention is if you have books you haven’t returned for whatever reason you must pay or return the books by the 30th of May.

Remember seniors Graduation is on the line.

Don’t miss out on Prom

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Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

Prom is right around the corner and no one can wait for the day to come. This Saturday, May 13, the class of 2017 will attend The Annex from 7pm to 12am.

Many girls have their dress, makeup, and hair ready to be done. While guys have rented their suit and are ready to go. A lot of preparation leading up to the dance.

Prom is the biggest event to all seniors. People (students, teachers, and parents) talk about it all year. To some extent, this is to purposefully build it up into a big, exciting thing. It’s communal advertising, so that everyone will have something to be excited about. Added to which, it’s a party, a huge celebration for students to enjoy that their high school is coming to a close. Prom is usually the last event before Graduation, so it’s bittersweet for the graduating class.

Prom isn’t just a dance. It is an amazing event no high school student will ever forget. It can be the worst experience of their life or the greatest. Good or bad it is meant to be special. Prom is the event that leads up to graduation. The last chance before seniors have to face graduation, college, and jobs. It is what makes the last months of school so memorable. High school all leads up to one night, Prom, so make the most out of it.

New Service Hours Available For PAM

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Esteban Garcia and Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter

As many of the students with the new history teacher, Mr. Barishman , has done a project that will help one finish their hours easily. Ms. Gambero helped set up the project that will be displayed with a booth as fair which will take place on May 12.

“It’s a win-win situation for the students. While the kids work for the project, it will count for their service hours,” said Ms. Gambero.

The group project is based on related topics to being successful in high school. This includes time management, study habits, and preparing for college. 11th graders will be shareing with the 10th graders of what one has learned since the 9th grade and what could’ve been done differently.

This would greatly help the new students to choose the right path to become what they want to be. They will also be able to see what is the future is holding for them.

The fair will also be filmed and documented by the NMA students during and after the fair.


Getting Ready for the Fire Drill

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Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

On Friday, April 28th the school has scheduled a fire drill exercise from 9:59AM – 10:41AM. Teachers will guide the students throughout the whole process, so be alarm. Students will be taken to the football field from their 2nd period class with their 2nd period teacher. Students will have to stay with their teachers and not wander off. Students then will be dismissed to nutrition after the drill has taken place.

Make sure to wear tons of sunscreen and/ or maybe a hat. Remember the weather is to be around 80 degrees so do not overheat. Be prepared and do not forget.

Cleaning Our Enviroment

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

On April 29th there will be a great Los Angeles river clean up where everyone is invited.The places that they will be cleaning are Compton Creek, Artesia Metro Station, Compton Creek, Del Amo Metro StationGolden Shore Marine Reserve and Willow Street Estuary and starts at 9:00 am.People who attend this clean up will be able to attend live music performances, receiving gift giveaways, family activities and refreshments.