Bringing Down The House

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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

The House Of Blues: Music Forward Foundation is hosting Bringing Down The House this April 13th. The program helps young artists build confidence, skill, and knowledge involving the music industry. This showcase gives opportunities to many to showcase their talents.

TCA 9th grader, Robert Thompson, will be performing as the drummer in the band The Left Side. “I’m excited mainly because it’s our time to go up on stage in front of a large audience and express ourselves with our music.”

The show is located at The Wiltern and it starts at 7 pm. The show is for all ages and it’s free. However, in order to enter, one does need a ticket. Tickets are available online at the House Of Blues website or locate Robert to receive one.

Come and support these young musicians at The Wiltern this April 13th.

Join the last few classes of Kick Buds

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Lizeth Carranza

Chronicle Reporter

Smoking is done by most in an everyday basis. Whether it’s vape, marijuana, hookah, or plain cigarettes. Children and teenagers are easily influenced to smoke and the one’s who begin don’t know anything about the substance. Such as, the chemicals put in or the fatal diseases that it can cause.

Fortunately, L.A.C.E.R. is hosting meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday for the whole month of March speaking about the causes of smoking and how one can stop.

The program also teaches one how to distress, help solve everyday situations, and much more.

Anyone is invited, smoker or nonsmoker, to the program which is highly recommended to learn more about smoking. Snacks are usually provided and classes are after school in room 506 for an hour.

Music begins blooming in Spring

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In Spring, good vibes are around and colors are bursting. With this saying, everyone needs to choose or create a playlist that is appropriate for a walk under the sunny, breezy day or a drive wherever it takes them. Whether its pop, rock, classical, etc., each distributes good feelings to one and some may even consider their own playlist being perfect for Spring.

Comment down below telling us which music genre is perfect for you this Spring and why.

Buy your Spring Dance ticket

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

The Spring Dance has been postponed to Saturday of April 1. No this is not a joke or a prank.
The Spring Dance was supposed to be held on Feb. 18, however leadership decided to postpone the dance due to unforeseen circumstances.
The dance is going to be held in the big gym from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. The tickets are going to be sold during lunch, at the student store, and even at the door for only $14.
There is going to be a DJ and leadership will be selling food.
It is the last school dance of the year and everyone is invited to have fun. Come out and enjoy the Spring Dance.

Netflix creates A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Lizeth Carranza

Crimson Chronicle

“A Series of Unfortunate Events,” created by Mark Hudis and Barry Sonnenfeld is the top series on Netflix at the moment. It is based on the 13 book series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. The first season consists of eight episodes, two episodes per book, “The Bad Beginning,” “The Reptile Room,”  “The Wide Window,” and “The Miserable Mill.”

The pitiful, yet intriguing show is about three young, Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, who lose their parents in a terrible fire. They are taken to a guardian, Count Olaf, who is only after the Baudelaire’s fortune. Their lives consist of being taken to a new guardian and battling the wretchedness of Count Olaf repeatedly. Sam Wollaston, from The Guardian states, “If you love the novels, you’ll almost certainly love this.” This is the perfect show for anyone.

The dialogue of the show is edgy and mysterious. The show begins with Lemony Snicket warning the audience to step away from this televised program in order to not witness the unfortunate events that are about to begin. Count Olaf, with his tone, keeps everyone on edge. Surprisingly, sarcasm and comedy aspects are involved throughout the show. The atmosphere and graphics of the show are very well detailed. The background in each scene is filled with melancholy artwork.

The actors Neil Patrick Harris, Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, Presley Smith, and Patrick Warburton who play Count Olaf, Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Lemony Snicket respectively, create the show’s storyline perfectly. Each and everyone of them put a piece into the story. The three child actors have the perfect chemistry, it’s almost shocking that they are not real siblings. In addition, Patrick Warburton makes the secretness in Lemony Snicket come to life. Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris makes the perfect villain, who can be very funny and sarcastic.

There’s no news whether a season two will make an appearance. However, there is hope due to the nine books left in the series that haven’t been made into episodes. It is said that the writer is working on season two at the moment. Overall, this series is a must watch for everyone of all ages. It sticks to the book’s origins almost perfectly. There are few changes, but it doesn’t make the show less enjoyable.

Ditch the Date and Watch a Movie

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Catherine Lee

Chronicle Reporter

Well today is Valentine’s Day, but I’m pretty sure not every one of you really care. If you are like me, single and have a lot of time to spare, I recommend you guys to go watch a movie. Every Tuesdays, movie tickets are only $8 at Regal LA Live. You only have to take the Red line and get off at 7th and Metro street.

For those of you that are under the age of 17, listen up what movies you guys should watch if you guys actually go today. Remember the Lego movie from three years ago? Well the sequel, ‘Lego Batman Movie’ is out and it’s top on the box office. The movie is based on DC comics with a twist of humor. If you’re looking for some romance, the theater also shows ‘Space Between Us’ a sci-fi movie about a boy from Mars in search for his father in Earth.

Another movie that might be worth watching today would be ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’. It is said that the sequel is better than the first one. The movie is basically about Keanu Reeves showing off his awesome action moves out for revenge. The movie is rated R, so unless you’re seventeen or older, you will have to visit the theater with a parent. However, don’t ever go with your parents if you are planning to watch ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. The new sequel is said to have more of suspense but it won’t be a good idea to watch with your parents on your side.

With these movies ahead of you, why won’t you and your friends ditch the generic Valentine’s Day dates and watch a $8 movies that’ll hopefully make you feel less lonely this Valentine’s Day.

Get ready for Valentines day

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Julio Mazariegos

Chronicle Reporter

Valentines day is only a week away so it’s time to get ready with something special. There are many things you can do for your significant other. Here are some things you can do for Valentines day.

  • Dinner to your restaurant of choice
  • Date to an art gallery or a museum
  • Movie night
  • Ice Cream Parlor like Milk
  • The beach
  • Stay home and watch movies, order pizza and spend the night with your other half

For you single pringles

  • Go out with your friends and enjoy yourself
  • Invite some friends over and order pizza
  • Sleep
  • Play video games

Have a wonderful Valentines day everyone. Enjoy yourselves.

Vote for your Favorite

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

Everyone knows that breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Healthy meals in the morning gives you energy and nutrients that helps you going throughout the day. At Hollywood High, breakfast is provided to every student in their first periods. However, not every students choose to eat breakfast because they have their favorite menus and least favorite menus. And let’s be honest, not every breakfast seems desirable. But some are everyone’s favorites, like the coffee cake and the waffles. Take the survey and tell us what your favorites and least favorites are.

Library wants Artist

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Joshua Alejano Chronicle Reporter

Let your inner child out inside the library. Since this first semester, the library now has its own coloring stations for artist and young-lings who was to relax and color. It is accessible for all students.  The coloring station is located on top of a shelf near the manga and comic books. It contains a wild variety of coloring pages from dogs, to dragons, to flowers. You can also print your own picture if you don’t favor the ones printed, just ask the librarian. The crayons and color pencils and limited and short, bring your own if you want to have a variation of colors. Sometimes the coloring station has some puzzles that are fun to solve.

If you need some supplies for a project or assignment you can come to the library and ask to borrow some art supplies they have.

This month only the coloring station has a theme of Valentine’s. You can color a Valentine’s day themed coloring page or make your own Valentine’s day card. There are pre-printed cards that you can decorate if you are in a hurry. It contains a cute pictures and clever slogans. It is printed on vibrant colored paper. It could be a cute Valentine’s card for your special someone.

Senior-write-this more like Senioritis

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Justin Wright Chronicle Reporter                                                                                                                  
Many teens slack off during their last year of high school. Once they get their college acceptance letters, they take fewer classes, drop out of extracurricular activities and let their grades slide. Those who aren’t going on to college feel free to “zone out” in class. After all, they believe they’ll never use facts about Shakespeare or the Civil War once they graduate.

In the meantime, senior year often remains a waste of time in other people’s eyes and many adults don’t care. They may view senior year as a transition year between childhood and adulthood. It is the last chance to be free before taking on the responsibility of a job and rent or the challenges of a full load of college courses.


Just being a Hollywood High School senior at itself can be very stressful and make you wanna just let up but don’t. The walk at the bowl is sure to be worth it so keep going and finish strong.