Don’t Become Prom Stressed: Be Informed

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Jocelyn Solis

Chronicle Reporter

With prom just being around the corner, the stress of getting the perfect dress or outfit can be overwhelming. There’s a few things one must never do when going to shop for a dress.

Be Careful: Shopping online is already not the best option, you can be paying for $200+ dress without even knowing if it looks well on you, if its a scam, if the material is easily ripped and further more. Online shopping can be very tricky since you can’t see it physically and examine it well, so always be careful when doing your prom dress shopping online, make sure its a reliable source and if you don’t want to face these problems, just don’t do it. Play it safe.

Budgeting: Make sure to spend a reasonable price for the dress you are going to get because there is still other necessities you might want like doing your hair, make-up, nails, buying shoes and so on. If you plan to spend money on other necessities make sure to have a budget and stick to it, that way your prom look will go how you want it.

Make Appointments Not Walk-ins: Appointments are necessary you do not want to end up going late or behind schedule. Unless you’re okay with spending hours in one place, I suggest you make the appointment. Walk-ins are too time consuming.

Be Confident: If you like a dress and feel like its right for you get it. Don’t wear a dress because its on “trend” or because someone else told you to, get it because you love it. Even if you somehow end up having the same dress as someone else at least you know you owned the look.

Avoid Wearing The Same Dress: If you are terrified at the thought of wearing the same exact dress as someone follow @hwoodprom2018 to see which dresses you should avoid getting in order to not have prom nightmare. You can also anonymously submit your dress in order for other Hollywood Seniors to avoid getting the same one.

Overall wear what is best for you and make sure your prom goes as you want it. Have fun at prom and hope this helps lessen the stress that revolves around it.

Jump into spirit week

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


Get into the school spirit and participate in the Spring semesters spirit week. This semester, Leadership decided to form two weeks worth of spirit week, week one leading up to the Spring dance and week two leading to pep rally. Be a good sport and involve yourself in the school community. If you do not know what each day is themed, do not worry it will be listed down bellow.

Week One

Monday – Professional Day

Tuesday – Twin Day

Wednesday – Black out

Thursday – Sports Day

Friday – Glamour Day

Week Two

Monday – PJ Day

Tuesday – Meme Day

Wednesday – Holiday Day

Thursday – Roll Call

Friday – 90’s Day

Enjoy Different Kinds of Art Tonight

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Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

ArtNight Pasadena is happening tonight, March 9. ArtNight is a free event that includes art, music, and entertainment that goes on from 6 to 10 p.m. To begin your experience, find your way to the Armory Center for the Arts (145 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103) and a free shuttle that runs all evening will take you to the other locations.

Tonight would be a good opportunity to explore some of Pasadena’s best museums and galleries since it is all free. You will be able to participate in family-friendly activities, performances, and workshops. There will also be food trucks stationed throughout the city that are a part of the GiveBack Program. The food trucks will donate 10% of their ArtNight proceeds to help support future ArtNights.

These are the venues that are going to be open tonight:

  1.  Armory Center for the Arts
  2.  ArtCenter College of Design
  3.  artWORKS Teen Center
  4.  City of Pasadena – City Hall
  5.  Jackie Robinson Community Center
  6.  Kidspace Children’s Museum
  7.  Light Bringer Project @ Day One
  8.  Lineage Performing Arts Center
  9.  Muse/Ique
  10.  Norton Simon Museum
  11.  Parson’s Nose Theater
  12.  Pasadena Central Library
  13.  Pasadena City College
  14.  Pasadena Museum of California Art
  15.  Pasadena Museum of History
  16.  Pasadena Playhouse
  17.  Pasadena Unified School District
  18.  Shumei Arts Council
  19.  USC Pacific Asia Museum

More information about the event is on their website

A Solution to Water Pollution

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Tais Borges

Chronicle Reporter

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” That is a quote by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a French naval officer and ecologist, who closely studied the sea. Sadly, this is the human population’s fault, but may be also be answered by one of the human race’s creations: technology.


Santa Monica beach pollution is shown.

For millions of years, planet Earth’s water has been going through constant transformations, it is renewed and reutilized. One of the main transformations water has gone through the past few centuries is the growing problem of contamination, which is something that especially affects coastal areas and large cities, which we can call urban environments. Among the main factors that contribute to this problem, a few are: the launching of domestic sewage and industrial effluents into bodies of water, uncontrolled urbanization, agricultural and mining activities, pollutants present in the atmosphere carried by rain, climate change, among other factors that put the existence of water for consumption on Earth in a dangerous zone.


According to the United Nations (UN) report released on March 12, during the 6th World Water Forum, 80% of the wastewater is not collected or treated and is deposited with other bodies of water or infiltrated underground, resulting in in health problems to the population, as well as damage to the environment.Therefore, one assumes water must be manipulated with rationality and precaution, but the preservation of water resources on the planet is still compromised.


The main source of pollution of surface water bodies is untreated domestic sewage.As for aquifers, besides the waste applied to the soil, we have domestic sewage that is infiltrated and agricultural activity that can also contaminate groundwater by applying organic and inorganic products directly to the soil. Human actions generate several pollutants, which can be divided into large groups according to their composition and their impacts on water bodies. These large groups are:

– Biodegradable organic material: (domestic sewage) in its decomposition process leads to the fusion of dissolved oxygen from the water, which can cause fish mortalities;

– Nutrients: (phosphorus and nitrogen present in sewage and fertilizer), when in high concentrations can cause excessive proliferation of algae;

– Pathogenic organisms: (viruses and bacteria present in domestic sewage) cause waterborne diseases;

– Organic and inorganic chemicals: (pesticides and metals) cause a toxic effect on aquatic organisms and can accumulate in their tissues;

– Solids in suspension: (sediments generated by erosion) increase the turbidity of water affecting aquatic organisms and causing clogging of the body of water;

– Thermal pollution: (release of water used in cooling systems) causes the temperature of the river water to rise, which affects the solubility of oxygen, decreases its concentration and impacts aquatic organisms.


The changes in water quality have economic repercussions that translate into increased hospital costs with hospitalizations related to waterborne diseases, increased costs of treatment of water for domestic supply and industrial use, loss of water productivity in agriculture and livestock, reduction of fishing and biodiversity and loss of tourism, cultural and landscape values ​​related to water.

The solution to such a big dilemma may be technology. Currently the monitoring of water quality can be performed through high-tech equipment, capable of measuring the most diverse parameters of surface and groundwater. For this function, the company Aquaread offers multiphase probes, capable of identifying temperature, turbidity, atmospheric pressure, dissolved oxygen in mg/l, total dissolved solids, salinity, pH, latitude, longitude, altitude and depth, among others. Aquaread probes have the function of measuring water quality in real time, and the Ag Solve logger

allows data storage and pre-treatment, validation and transmission by cellular, radio or satellite to a database for real-time or future analysis. This may be the answer to our worries about future generations and the water they need to survive.

Tumblr blogs that’ll bright up your week

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

So you decide to join tumblr but don’t know where to start, in this case, of who to follow for genuine good content. Well look no further, the following recommendations pertain to different parts of the unique online community ranging from writers to that of photographers:

conceptish : this blog is among the freelance art and social trends that occur within the artsy community. Within her own art, she attempts to convey the obvious themes of insecurity alongside self reflecting issues, which is aimed at mostly teenagers who can relate to the depictions of ordinary things being the most significant to Everyday Life. Most of the anonymous artist work is done on pastel or dry erase canvases.

teamrocketing : seen as the “ruler, of the cinematic and debate category, this blog’s content is centered around said subjects that consists of recent films that have been released with a review alongside it. In this case of debate the other administrator in charge is famed with discussing important in issues that ranges from school life to working activities, in defense of the working class. Basically, anything that’s been reblogged about current events, has probably been posted from them.

bibliophile : beloved by most of the literacy living users, this blog has been a personal favorite for many reasons. They post weekly and monthly book recommendations based upon their ranks in the best sellers and have a daily poetry horoscope that comes from a certain book and leaves the user wondering from which book it’s from. And the best part of it all is that if they’re lucky, they might have the chance to obtain an insert from an upcoming novel awaiting release. Sometimes leading to occasional site crashings.

ascendingvenus : blending with photography and astrological values, these groups of photographers (also astrologists) have a heavy following throughout the site due to the certain signature angle that’s repeated constantly in their photos. While also posting horoscopes, they give a little spin to the exaggerated issue by assigning each sign with am aesthetic background that’s had followers being immediately attracted to their work. Overall, they also take their time in having Q and A’s addressing differences in casual and professional photo taking.

Review: The Museum of Illusions

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Lexa Sorto

Crimson Reporter

Being the adventure seeker than I am, I like to go out and see new places . I had been told by friends of this Museum called the Museum of Illusions. What intrigued me was the amount of art out inside this museum. It was open from Jan until next week so I figured, why not check this out?


When comes down to how much you have to pay to get in this museum, it’s a little on the pricey side. Tickets are around $25.  However when it comes down to saving money on a ticket, you can never go wrong with showing your school ID as you get $5 off your ticket. Not so bad as before. Instead of getting a ticket, you get a stamp on your hand.

Wait Time: I went on a Saturday at 5pm expecting to have around a 30- 70 minute wait time. However I didn’t get into the entrance up until 7:10pm. So if you’re trying to avoid a line, please come on a weekday as there isn’t a lot of tourism going on around the area.

Experience: When it came down to experiencing the museum, I must admit ,it looked so interesting.  So instead of writing it all down, I’d figure why not have the pictures of some of these interesting paintings each one with its own name.

1. We have the “oops . I sprayed ketchupp on you ” with a slice of humor on the side.


2.   Followed by the ” Hey, why do you look taller than me?”

with an inch of the galaxy.



3. Followed by “playing games while a boat is sinking”






4. Last but not least, what I like to call “Confronting Current President ”

I took around 159 pictures, showing that to come here you need some storage space to preserve these photos .  Another thing to add is that there aren’t people there to take your picture. What I ended up doing was having to ask other visitors to take my pictures as I offered to take theirs. I ended up being finished with the two rooms at around 8:07 pm.

Final Rating:👍🏽 👍🏽 👍🏽

This museum is great for photo shoots as they can spice up your Instagram feed along with being able to say that jack would’ve survived the titanic.  However I feel like the amount of time and money I paid into this museum wasn’t really equivalent to the amount of time I spent inside the actual museum. Personally, I believe that this museum is a good spot to create memories, but that there are other museums in LA that not only are permanent but can also  give you the same feel without even paying a dime.

If anyone is still interesting in going, the last day to go is on Monday, Mar 5, 2018.

5 Tips to Help You Present for Senior Project

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Jennifer Carrasco

Chronicle Reporter


With about a little over a week left, Seniors will have to present their highly anticipated project. With all their hard work they have put in since last semester; the project they have been working all year on will be over. Presenting your final outcome of all your research will be nerve wracking, so here are a few tips to help with your presentation.

  1. Take a breath and calm down: You have been working on your project and research for quite a while now. You know your topic very well, you’ll be fine.
  2. Make eye contact to at least three points: Select three points in the room to look at while you present. It makes it seem like your talking to the judges instead of just looking at one person.
  3. Time yourself: You have a time limit to present all your information, so time yourself to make sure you either have enough to say or do not run out of time.
  4. Practice presenting: This one is a no brainer, but practice whenever you can. Even if it is just talking to yourself in a mirror or presenting to your family, make sure to do it often.
  5. Record yourself presenting: Often we don’t notice when we stutter or say “um” or even use “like” way too much. It is better to be aware that you do that, than going into a presentation doing those mistakes.

Just remember you’ve presented before and got through it, believe that you can do it.

Get married at the marriage booth

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

`Celebrate Valentine’s day by heading over to the quad and getting married in the LGBT club marriage booth. Bring a friend or that special someone you have in your life.

To reciprocate the feeling of a real wedding, you can pay for a marriage packet for $5. The packet would include a polaroid picture, two ring pops, and a marriage certificate. If it seems like too much, then you can buy a polaroid picture for $2.

The marriage booth would be hard to miss because there’ll be a giant arc decorated for the polaroid picture being taken. The LGBT Club were the ones who invented the marriage booth and had been very successful the first time around.

Don’t miss out and get hitched this Valentine’s day in the quad because nothing says marriage like a ring pop.


The Home Ec class you never got

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Leslie Figueroa,

Chronicle Reporter

Not everybody can cook. That in of itself is a fact, but what happens when mom and dad are out for the night? Or if you just want to whip something up to impress your friends? Chances are, that, as the teenagers that we are, we won’t be able to come out of the kitchen with a 5-course meal all steamy and ready. But it isn’t unnecessarily impossible for us to cook something delicious. After all, it is always good to learn some new skills. Especially ones that are kind of standard for living by oneself. So think of this as the Home Economic class that you never got here at Hollywood High, and try one of these out for yourself!

(Make sure to click on the title to get a link working  on a new tab)

French Toast Kebabs

Delicious French Toast Kebabs for breakfast. Because everything tastes better on a stick! Won’t take up too much of your time, and if your running late to school you can bring them with you on your way there. Munch on it on the bus and throw away the sticks after in the trash!




Ham Eggs and Cheese bread Bowls


This is a delicious way to start your morning. The best part about it? It uses up none of your dishes, which means less work for you.  No need to in and clean your dishes. Of course, it is a bit tricker than the french toast Kebab but still yummy all the same.



Healthy roast chicken

Bet you never thought you could make roast chicken huh? It’s a great way to impress your parents. Pro tip! Stab the chicken with a fork on its leg to make sure if its cooked right. The liquid on the fork should be clear.




Prawn and chorizo risotto

Feeling a bit fancy tonight? Try to whip up some Italian food! The risotto adds a bit of spice to the mixture and it’s a great way to feed your hungry tummy after an especially long day at school.





Peanut butter banana cookies

Finally! It’s time for deserts! This is a perfect recipe to bake and then sit back and enjoy with a cup of coffee and study for that biology quiz that’s coming up. Good luck and don’t forget to eat well!

How to prepare for the SATs

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Chronicle Reporter
America Flores-Hernandez

From late night studying to mood swingers, its that time towards the end of this semester where most seniors results depend on their futures, and what it will bring forth. Also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT is a set of standardized college admission tests developed by the College Board, which considers the principal concepts of measuring mathematical and verbal reasoning, in specific subject areas. So sit back and consider these tips and recommendations on getting ready for the test:

🎓 Take Practice Tests
Become acquainted with as many prep tests you can take to get the feel of how the test goes thoroughly. Plus, it’s important to learn strategies dealing with test exhaustion and figuring out how to pace yourself. Pretty soon you can focus on your weakest areas, already knowing what to expect.

🎓 R E A D !
Besides the practice tests, you should also consider reading articles on unfamiliar subject matters before the test. As you read paragraphs, keep in mind that you should figure out the author’s argument. Not only will it be helpful to your reading comprehension, it’ll help you understand any words you don’t know as you read.

🎓 Memorize rules and formulas
Since the test itself contains some geometry problems, you should still memorize all formulas. Such as area, the Pythagorean Theorem, average formulas, special triangle rules, and exponent rules by heart. Plus it saves precious time.

🎓 Know when to guess on a question and when to skip it entirely.

🎓 Allow some time to relax and unwind before the test.