September 22, 2018

Prepare for Finals Week

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

With finals coming up soon, students tend to stress out and panic. Here are a few tips on how to stay organized and prepare for finals week:

  • Ask questions

Being uncertain on a certain chapter, lesson, or subject is not a good sign. Instead of being shy or embarrassed, ask for help on that specific part of the lesson to help improve the overall outcome of the final grade.

  • Create a study group

Studying with a group of friends or peers can help one study better. Make sure to choose wisely on who to study with because some people tend to get off topic, which makes it harder to grasp the information. However, that does not mean that studying can’t be fun or that breaks are not allowed. As long as the work gets done, that is all that matters.

  • Have a study schedule

Time is precious, so make sure to make time to study. Plan a schedule that works around your schedule and actually do it. Also, try methods that work with your own learning abilities. Some people are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners. Try studying in a setting that’s most comfortable. Most people prefer quieter places such as libraries or coffee shops, whereas others prefer a louder background.

  • Get enough rest

Studying is very important, but getting enough sleep is as well. Staying up all night doesn’t help anyone. It can really drain away their energy. Instead, split the study sessions per day to avoid pulling an all-nighter the day before.

  • Eat healthy

Nutrition is a necessity. Make sure to eat a healthy meal that will allow you to concentrate when studying. Also, do not forget to eat something nutritious the day of finals.

Stay busy this Summer Break

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Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporter

This school year is going to end soon and summer break is arriving. This means we’re either going out more often, hanging out with friends,or relaxing and having alone time. If you’re looking for plans this summer here’s what you can do.

Enjoy an outdoor movie screening with Rooftop Cinema Club in any of their three locations. Rooftop Cinema Club has two location in Hollywood and one in Downtown Los Angeles. This year, the movies vary from classics to recently released movies. The event lets you enjoy your movie while you sit in a lounge chair and enjoy the view of the city as you sit on a rooftop. Ticket prices vary but general admission tickets start at $17.

Junior year and all its chaos

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter


The school year is coming to an end, and with this ending comes stress and testing. Hollywood High’s juniors have been enduring SBAC testing, first for English, then this week math. Now when we were all sophomores all of the juniors would complain and warn us about all the chaos and stress that junior year brings, who would have knew that all of those warnings were the truth. The ending of the school year has been block schedules and two hour classes, SBAC testing and soon enough finals.

Junior year is not all bad, this year has prepared us for next year, which we are all excited for senior year. Senior year is definitely worth all the work that we had to get through for junior year, in a way senior year is our reward for all the work and testing we did this year.

Juniors don’t be discouraged, the year is almost here, two more weeks and we’re home free.

Teachers Give Seniors Advice for After Graduation

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Advice to Seniors

Look Bomb for Prom

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Elissa Martinez and Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporters

Prom is in four days and if you’re not prepared then here are some last minute things you should know. Are you wondering if anybody has bought the same dress or tux as you that you plan on wearing to prom? Well, an Instagram account by the name of @hwoodprom2018 shares pictures of other student’s outfits for prom to prevent a fashion disaster. The account has 43 posts and includes pictures of both girls and guys’ outfits. Students are able to share their post anonymously by sending a picture of their outfit through direct messages. If you see a picture of someone with the same dress as you, it is obviously too late to buy a different dress, so all you have to do is rock the one you have as best as you can and make it unique.

Attire is the main focus when preparing for prom which eventually leads to students buying their corsage last minute. If you still have not bought your corsage, Google your nearest florist shop and give them a call to ask if they sell corsages. There are two types of corsages you can get: an artificial corsage or a corsage with a real flower. Artificial flower corsage prices range from $10 to $15 and real flower corsage prices range from $20 to $45.

4 Prom Hacks that will leave you feeling flawless 💁🏽

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Lexa Sorto

Crimson Reporter

Ahh prom, one of the things I looked forward to since I was in 7th grade. The beautiful dress, the dazzling pictures, and overall a night that will last forever. However, sometimes things don’t really turn out as planned. Here are some prom hacks that will leave you looking more flawless than Beyonce



Hack #1 Floss Eyeliner 

Take an old flosser and add a little of your favorite eyeliner and take it under your eye

Photo Credit: Instagram









  #2  Fanny Pack Purse 

So lets just say your not in the mood to bring an actual purse to prom, all you need is a small fanny pack. When you have everything inside, you can wrap it around your leg and hide it under your dress.




Hack #3 Shoe Hairspray

If your shoes are keep falling off because there a size bigger, all you need is a bottle of hairspray. Spray it inside the shoe or on the back of your foot as it prevents the shoe from slipping off your feet.


Hack #4 DIY Photo Shoot 

This last hack is pretty self explanatory as all your going to need is a smartphone and a trip down to your local park. So instead of paying 100+ $$ for pictures, you can choose where you want your pictures, who takes your pictures, and where they go.








Fun Tip:  Download the Google photos app and back up all your prom photos so whenever you want to see those pictures, all you need to do is log into your gmail and boom!  your pictures will be there.






A Break in the Cycle

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 Chronicle Reporter

Leslie Figueroa

Credit: University of Arizona News

 Outer Space has long been a mystery to us, and it has only been recently that we have been able to unlock some of its mysteries. From mind-blowing discoveries such as heliocentricity to finding water on Mars. Thus it is only certain that we improve upon previously thought of misconceptions. Recently, however, we seem to have broken the cycle, or at least Mercury’s Cycle that is.

Mercury, like many planets, orbits the sun in an ellipse that gradually rotates over time. We know this because of the famous physicist Albert Einstein. He opened mankind’s eyes to the universe. More specifically he opened our eyes to the possibility of a connection between Einstein’s law of gravity to the orbits of our planets. Before Einstein, we thought of the universe as featureless and changeless, with time following its own pace as Newton once said. These words, however, would prove to be wrong centuries later as Gravity would prove to affect more than just an apple falling on the ground.

Newton was on the right track, as he connected to earth’s physics to the planets and stars, but he didn’t know how it was all connected. In fact, he famously would refuse to even try to figure it out and would take years later for an Einstein to piece it all together. Gravity, he proved, not only made things go up and down it also made planets go round.


  “Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels.”-Nola Taylor Redd


   This theory would come to explain an anomaly to Mercury’s orbit that Newton’s theory just couldn’t explain. A subtly in the orbit, as every couple of years its orbit would match up to calculations based upon Newton’s gravity. It was thus that a tweak was made upon Mercury’s orbit due to Einstein’s brilliance. Now however in recent times Mercury’s orbit is being tweaked for the second time. Now physicist Clifford Will has calculated another effect of Einstein’s general relativity on Mercury’s orbit. The effects, however, are too small of a thing to be noticed in observations so far.

  In short, planets move in elliptical orbits that shift and rotate as each planet in turn orbits around the sun. The rotations have been thought to have been altered by gravity from other planets. And while that is true, according to general relativity, gravity is caused by massive objects warping spacetime (yes, warping spacetime is an actual thing in science), thus Einstein had previously concluded that the sun would certainly big enough to cause a warping through spacetime and thus affect planets and their orbits. This would affect Mercury the most as it is the closest planet to the sun.

 Will hypothesis that this would not only affect how the sun pulls on Mercury, but how other planets pull on Mercury as well and vice versa. Will has stated that the difference is so small that it would take around 2 billion years to even add a degree to Mercury’s orbit. Nevertheless, it is in the nature of science to question what we know and test out our theories. Wills theory is no different, as soon a European and Japanese space mission to Mercury called the BepiColombo will test it out.

Keeping Cool in the Heat

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

It’s that time of the year again! Now that we’re moving on from the cold, spring has sprung and as you may have noticed it’s gotten warmer than usual. Consider that during this season, the average temperature here in California is around 50-60 degrees. As of this week its at 70 degrees, giving us an early look at summer. For now, try to stay hydrated and cool with the following tips:

🌞 In some cases, those who don’t have ACs should try not to sleep in satin, silk, or polyester bed sheets, as they are more likely to contain sweaty and body fluids left from previous rest. After all no one likes tossing and turning in bed, now do they? Instead use not so heavy bed linens, more preferably made of cotton which can increase a steady breath and provides airflow within a room.

🌞Take a cold shower to loosen up from sweat and dryness. Plus a cold shower can increase alertness, speed up your metabolism, and tightens your skin from ashiness.

🌞Avoid getting your lips chapped, dry, or flaky by keeping them moisturized. Water is usually the main solution and source, but try adding honey with sugar and almond oil, and gently rub it on your lips to knock off dead skin. Or instead use the traditional chapstick.

🌞A personal favorite is drinking watermelon juice as a treat during the evening since it can keep you hydrated throughout the night, which can lower stress levels.

What you can do to help the L.A. homelessness crisis

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Tais Borges

Chronicle Reporter


The reality is that the number of homeless people in our city affects all of Los Angeles’ citizens. As Hollywood students/residents – which has one of the biggest homeless populations in L.A. – we should be concerned.

Since 2010, the homelessness index has increased more than 75%, meaning that there are roughly 22,000 more people in the streets now. According to the L.A. Times, this number jumps to 25,000 if we include Glendale, Pasadena, and Long Beach.

It has become common to see unsheltered people looking for a place to sleep in the bus or metro, often being removed by the police. Citizens who otherwise live in respectable residential areas may find themselves running into homeless communities (sidewalks or streets lined with tents, mattresses, and cardboard) that smell like human feces and rotting food. Downtown is an excellent example of these unhygienic communities. This experience is never pleasant and one may come to the realization that humans should never be living in these conditions, even if they cannot afford to obtain a home.

The current growing homeless population can be very difficult to combat because of the limited number of government-provided support, which includes shelters, food-providing programs, and housing support. Sadly, charity-run organizations, although helpful, cannot solve this issue alone.

As concerned members of the community, our students should be willing to show their support of crowds escaping homelessness. A great opportunity to help is by donating clothes directly to homeless institutions or donating your time. At Blessed Sacrament Church (6615 W Sunset Blvd), located three blocks from Hollywood High School, they offer this donation service. Every Saturday morning the church’s staff and volunteers make food baskets and donate whatever they can to homeless crowds. It is rewarding to be able to help those in need, especially when their faces light up, realizing they are going to have a full meal that night. Students can even complete their volunteer hours, which are part of the graduation requirements. Help yourself by helping your community.

Seniors: Wise Words from Disney Movies to Light Your Way

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"Adventure is out there!"

Celine Gimpirea, Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Now that the school year is almost at a close, seniors, you have finished your high school career, experience, pardon period, and so on… It’s time to make your dent in the world. And though it’s scary and unclear and alone at times, it’s time to create the architecture of your own future. It’s all you. So here are some words to guide you in whatever direction you choose, as given to you by your favorite Disney characters. Who’s better to trust, right?

If it’s a tough dilemma, if you’re stuck, if you did something embarrassing or stupid or– you know– sleep on it. You always think more clearly in the morning.

Follow your dreams and all that good stuff, yes, but don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want all the same. Don’t settle for less. Otherwise, it’s not your dream anymore.

Image result for bambi where one thing falls quote

Change is good. For every sad story you’ve heard about– the person lived to tell it. And lived to see the change.

Image result for big hero 6 quote tadashi hamadaImage result for big hero 6 tadashi hamada

Here’s one from Big Hero 6. There are always at least two options in any situation. You have full control!

Image result for lion king the past can hurt quote

The classic. Explains itself!

Image result for ratatouille if you focus


And here’s one from Dr. Seuss I couldn’t pass up:

Also: here are 100 wise words a teacher left his high school seniors with.