Enjoy a night of music being sung by Hollywood Students

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Katherine Quezada

 Chronicle Reporter

First choir show after a long time is set to showcase tonight April 27 at 7 pm for 1$ admission.

The Performing Arts Magnet has four different departments that students who enroll can be apart of. Dance, acting, stage tech and singing. The most popular ones being acting and dancing because it allows students to be apart of the school plays which involves all four aspects of what the PAM magnet is about.  Dance shows are also very much talked about but the one that ever really gets any recognition is choir or also known as singing.

Many students have always questioned why choir does not get their own time to shine like the other two more popular performing arts. Reasons why choir has not really done anything over the past year and a half is because Mr.Sexton who was the singing teacher had to leave for personal reasons very suddenly.

Leaving choir without an instructor and having substitutes coming in and out of the small choir room had students not knowing what to do. Many students were upset knowing that they joined the class to do a hobby that they enjoyed and actually showcase it, but was quickly taken away due to miscommunication with school staff.

After a year students finally welcomed their new choir teacher and have been preparing for their small showcase in dedication of 100 years of Broadway music.

If you don’t have anything to do tonight and have finished studying for your upcoming tests and finished all your homework, go out and support choir and enjoy the 100 years of Broadway Music Celebration.

Come watch The Promise

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Anayareli Huerta

Crimson Reporter

Watch The Promise this weekend.

The Promise illustrates a powerful story about the Armenian Genocide while following the journey of a love triangle between the three main characters Michael, Ana, and Chris.

The movie starts off as Michael promises to his mother and future wife, Marta, that he will come back from his trip to Constantinople. Michael is passionate about becoming a doctor and wishes to continue studying to pursue his dream. Seeing as he comes from a poor family, Michael is forced to use the money from the dowry (the one that Marta’s family has given to him) to pay for his studies.

Upon arriving in constantinople with his uncle, Michael is soon introduced to Ana. Their similar Armenian cultures spur their friendship and later they start to fall for one another. This soon leads to a rivalry between Michael and Ana’s partner, Chris.

The Promise shows the horrifying treatments the Armenians received from the Turks. This movie was created in dedication to the Armenian Genocide and to spread awareness of the event. It follows the love triangle throughout the whole movie but also follows the tragic events happening in the movie; the massive killings, the unexpected attacks, and the many other forms of attacks the Armenians received.




Come Enjoy The Museum of Ice Cream

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

A new museum has opened up in the art districts in downtown LA. It has a whole new perspective as to what a museum should look like.

“Remember those crazy ideas you dreamed up as a kid? The museum of ice cream is the place where ideas are transformed into real life experiences. A place where flavors are mysteries, toppings are toys and sprinkles make the world a better place. Our mission is to design environments that bring people together and provoke imagination,” quoted from their website.

A similar explanation related to is the Willy Wonka Factory and all of its unique places. Currently it is located 2018 E 7th Place Los Angeles CA 90021. It’s opened Wednesdays thru Mondays from 11 am to 10 pm but it is closed on Tuesdays.

Their admission tickets are 13+ for $29. Ages 3-12 for $18. Ages 60+ for $18. Children younger than 3 years old don’t need a ticket. All tickets must be purchased in advance, tickets are not available for purchase onsite. However, all April tickets are sold out. Tickets for June will be on sale April 27th 9 am.

Several stores helped contribute to the museum such as The Daily Dose, Alchemy Works, Beastia, A+D Museum, Everson Royce Bar, The Last Bookstore, The Factory Kitchen, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, Zinc Cafe & Market and Bar Mateo, The Springs and Urban Radish.

One can enjoy from scratch and sniff banana wallpapers to swimming in their pool full of sprinkles. It has a lot of secret rooms to explore all in one day.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Julio Mazariegos

Chronicle Reporter

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is being released in about two weeks on Fri, May 5. The soundtrack in the first movie was great I can’t wait to see what they bring with volume 2. Some people bring a lot of hype to the movie and I think it’s going to be great. I would definitely recommend you to watch the first movie, it has an amazing soundtrack, great plot, and great actors. The main character is Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt.

     This movie is an Action/ Science Fiction movie and the first movie was rated at 8.1/10 on IMDb and given 91% rotten tomatoes and loved by many. I am hyped for this movie and i recommend everyone to go watch this movie and like most movies it is released on a Friday so go to the Arclight, or El Capitan after school or any movie theater near you.

Teen Titans comes back with a Movie

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Joshua Alejano

Chronicle Reporter

The New Teen Titans movie is a action filled adventure movie. It followed the storyline of the 2016 DC comics movie, “Justice League vs Teen Titans”. The movie had a Cartoon Network feel. Due to the 2016 Teen Titans movie, this was expected to be a disaster. It proved otherwise. It had a 15% increase in audience score, based on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie was based on the new group of titans. They are on the search of a secret cult and evil organization that wants to manipulate humans to make meta-humans. The new titans included Terra, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, Nightwing, and Blue Beetle. The titans are struggling to find H.I.V.E., not knowing that one of them was a traitor. The story had a trust issue between the group. However instincts kicked in and they began a group when they needed it the most.

Start Dancing at This Year’s Festival

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Gabriel Garduno
Crimson Chronicle Reporter

16th Annual Dance Media Film Festival Is finally dancing it’s way to us. Committed to promoting the vibrant art of dance and dance on film from around the world. Dance Camera West presents the Annual Dance Media Festival, a public event incorporating dance explored through film and live performance. This year’s Festival marks Dance Camera West’s continued love for bringing together diverse communities to experience dance media film festival promises to offer something for everyone and showcases many forms of dance including modern, post modern, world, tap, dance theater, ballet, hip-hop and practically all dance that has been captured on film through the intimate medium of film taking place at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, Glorya Kaufman Hall UCLA, and Royce Hall from April 20-23, 2017.

Sing Along in the City of Stars

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Allison Oliva

Chronicle Reporter 


Didn’t get enough of La La Land  last year? You’re in luck. The film that would be best picture (before not being best picture) is taking its show on the road, and soon citizens of the City of Stars will be able to listen to “City of Stars” while sitting under a sky full of stars.


The Hollywood Bowl will be hosting a live performance of the movie on May 26 and May 27, Memorial Day weekend.  It’ll take “City of Stars” in the Hollywood Hills as a close second. The event is set to have a complete fireworks finale. Composer Justin Hurwitz will conduct the Oscar-winning score backed by a 100-piece orchestra, choir and jazz ensemble. The concert will premiere over the two nights here in L.A. before embarking on a tour.

See the stars at the planetarium

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle reporter

Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory will be held a show of spectacular Zeiss star projector Tuesday through Sunday. The cost will be three dollars from seven dollars for ages three and up.It’s also right in our backyard. And also every day Wednesday to Friday, you can take advantage of the less crowded weekdays to take the little kids to watch the show.And kids under 5 are only allowed in the first show daily (weekdays, that’s at 12:45 p.m.). There are other three other more shows to choose from.

Centered in the Universe – Our re-opening show takes visitors on a journey of cosmic exploration and discovery.

Water Is Life – Our second program leads viewers on a search for water – and possibly life – beyond Earth.

Light of the Valkyries – Our 75th-anniversary show reveals the wonders of the northern lights.

Spring Break is Coming !

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Karina Olivera

Chronicle Reporter

Do you ever get bored and don’t know what to do over a long break? Well here are some ideas for you to have some fun.

1 )Santa Monica Pier

What is L.A spring break adventure without the beach?  Santa Monica pier is one of the L.A best beach towns and will provide you with lots of fun with cool rides and a beachfront that is famed around the world.

2 ) Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort is the original fun park created by Walt Disney, revamped California Adventure, and the Downtown Disney complex, Disney’s original theme park will provide an entire day filled with memories, for both kids and adults go and enjoy a beautiful day at Disney.

3 ) Sky zone

Going to a trampoline park is really fun.Adults, children playing It’s beneficial to mind and body.

4 ) Universal Studios

Universal is a place to walk around with family or friends and have fun.We have had an option of watching a movie or going to eat.

Get your game on!

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Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

Top 10 trending games in the App Store

1. Hitman Go; Action, Puzzle
2. Super Mario Rub; Puzzle, Adventure
3. Drop 7; Puzzle
4. Device 6; Mystery, Adventure
5. 80 days; Geography, Adventure
6. Threes; Puzzle
7. Final Fantasy IX; Fantasy, Role-Play
8. Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft; Fantasy, Adventure
9. A Dark Room; Mystery
10. Ridiculous Fishing; Adventure

Many of these games are well know but some aren’t. Most of these games are for iPhone but some can be found for android. Being bored is not the way to go, download one of these now and get your addiction on.