February 27, 2017

Hit the LA Art Book Fair

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Allison Oliva

Chronicle Reporter


Have nothing to do this weekend? Hit up the Los Angeles Art Book Fair at
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. The event is free for all. There will be showcases of artists’ books, catalogues, monographs, periodicals and zines. 250 international presses. Booksellers, and independent publishers from twenty one countries come together to admire each other’s art. There will be artists representing countries such as: Chile. France, Belgium, Australia, Greece etc.


This is a not-to-be-missed companion fair compared to New York’s Art Book Fair. Over the years, the book fair has gotten more and more popularity. Last year’s fair 2016 saw over 35,000 visitors over the course of three and a half days.


Each day of the fair has its own unique events. Artists will also have their own mini sessions where they will discuss their latest works and art over the years. The event will occur from Feb. 24-26. On Feb. 24, the fair will open at 1 pm and end at 7 pm. However, the following days, the fair will be open from 11 am and end at 7 pm.

New Burger Joint Opens Up in Hollywood

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Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Chronicle

Earlier this month a new fast food restaurant opened up in Hollywood but they have more to offer than just burgers. Located on the corner of Hollywood and Western and near the Petco and CVS pharmacy Farmer Boys is a fresher take to fast food.

Open from Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Farmer Boys prides themselves on their freshness boasting that nobody does it fresher than they do. Farmer Boys also has a variety of things on their menu to satisfy any customer who just doesn’t want a burger and fries.

First off on their menu is their award-winning burgers which has many delicious options. They have their classic, the Farmer’s Burger, which is like a typical burger but with double the patty, avocado, and bacon and they also have a couple of other options. There is the Big Cheese which is basically a typical cheeseburger and the Bacon Boy which has two patties with bacon and cheese. The Natural Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger which is exactly what it sounds like and the Natural which is a 1/3 pound burger with just cheese. Lastly they have the Bell Ringer, the Barn Burner which is for those spicy lovers which includes jalapenos and spicy farmer sauce, and finally the Market burger which is a veggie burger.

A customer could add many sides to their burger like harvest fries, crispy zucchini, or onion rings. If someone wanted a more health option they could order a salad, wrap, or sandwich instead.

Farmer Boys offers numerous salads to those people who do not want fast food. They have the farmer’s chopped Cobb salad, the Southwest Chicken Salad, Chicken BBQ Ranch Salad, and the char-boiled Chicken Salad.

They also have wraps of the same things if a person wanted one. If a customer wants a sandwich they have many options of that as well. Not also to mention that they have a full breakfast menu for those who go in for breakfast. Overall this is a great place to go to not just for a burger and fries.

The Colors that Spring Brings

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Gabriel Garduno
Crimson Chronicle Reporter
Winter is coming to an end, and spring is coming big on March 11, to the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area with the Festival of Colors. What better way to ring in spring than by covering L.A.’s skies with the color powders that you love , dancing your butts off and having fun with your friends.

L.A.’s Festival of Colors brings the traditional Indian customs during which crowd throw colorful powder on each others as a we all welcome spring and saying good-bye to the cold. There will also performances by world-music stars.

Expect to lose your mind along with thousands of people who happen to have protective eye gear and a knack for throwing powder in the air—although having for what will seem endless stains on your clothes, you can tell that it will be a blast to attend. Let your true colors show, let your party animal go nuts.

Ditch the Date and Watch a Movie

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Catherine Lee

Chronicle Reporter

Well today is Valentine’s Day, but I’m pretty sure not every one of you really care. If you are like me, single and have a lot of time to spare, I recommend you guys to go watch a movie. Every Tuesdays, movie tickets are only $8 at Regal LA Live. You only have to take the Red line and get off at 7th and Metro street.

For those of you that are under the age of 17, listen up what movies you guys should watch if you guys actually go today. Remember the Lego movie from three years ago? Well the sequel, ‘Lego Batman Movie’ is out and it’s top on the box office. The movie is based on DC comics with a twist of humor. If you’re looking for some romance, the theater also shows ‘Space Between Us’ a sci-fi movie about a boy from Mars in search for his father in Earth.

Another movie that might be worth watching today would be ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’. It is said that the sequel is better than the first one. The movie is basically about Keanu Reeves showing off his awesome action moves out for revenge. The movie is rated R, so unless you’re seventeen or older, you will have to visit the theater with a parent. However, don’t ever go with your parents if you are planning to watch ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. The new sequel is said to have more of suspense but it won’t be a good idea to watch with your parents on your side.

With these movies ahead of you, why won’t you and your friends ditch the generic Valentine’s Day dates and watch a $8 movies that’ll hopefully make you feel less lonely this Valentine’s Day.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Back

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Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

The last generation of the “90’s babies” graduate this year later in June. Many of them grew up watching cartoons and shows on different network channels such like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel.

Clearly old shows have left our tv screens and new ones have shown up replacing the old ones. Going from “The Rugrats” a cartoon show that reveals the world from a baby’s point of view and the adults are often being clueless. To “ICarly” a show where a teenage girl and her two best friends have their own internet webshow and become internet webstars.

The way people watch TV nowadays has also changed completely. In the 90’s they watched on a actual television with cable or if you didn’t have cable you would watch with a antenna and only had a couple of channels to watch. Nowadays people have a huge variety of things to watch and don’t even have to worry about switching shows because you can come back to where you left off later.

Many people now watch shows and movies with apps such like Netflix, Hulu and they’re watched on laptops, PCs, tablets and even smart phones.

If you were a fan of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and wish for it to come back than your wish has been granted. Netflix has announced that they will make a new show called “Bill Nye saves the world” premiering April 21 and will be very similar to “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

Throughout the show Nye will be educating and informing about different science topics.

The best part about this is that you can finally binge watch all you want, can learn some fun scientific facts and the last of the “90s babies” won’t have to give up at least that part of their childhood just yet.

Uneasy passes with the Lady Sheiks

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Beasts on the field and passionate at heart, the Lady Sheiks have almost come to a close to their 2016-17 soccer season. The varsity girls’ soccer team earned their reputation in the league by finishing their 2015-16 season undefeated, and even making it to the second round of playoffs. By raising other teams’ expectations with last season, the Lady Sheiks had to battle even harder to keep their number 1 spot. That spot was intact, until Monday, Feb 6.

The varsity girls suffered their very first loss during season and consequentially, they fell to second place, right under Miguel Contreras High School. They lost 1-0, to a single free kick. This was the fifth game the Sheiks have played since they had battled Belmont High School, who injured three of their players, including both main forwards. This loss didn’t affect the girls though, winning three and tying one out of the four games they played before MC.

It will be a tough battle for the Sheiks. They have one more game on Feb 9 against RFK, until they face the Lady Cobras again on Feb 13, the Sheiks’ senior night. It all depends on that last game whether the Lady Sheiks can take League Champs for the second time, or if they would have to give up the short lived title to the rising stars, Miguel Contreras. Come watch the Lady Sheiks battle against the Lady Cobras for the title on Feb 13 at 4:00 pm on the field.

Don’t Spend Your Weekend at Home

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Karina Olivera

Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

Your homework is done so why not reward yourself with a movie night? Watch a very interesting up coming movies, and stop watching your same shows over and over again .

1. Rings Feb.3 Right now in theaters
A young woman starts to worry about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding him to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed a mysterious video.

2.The space between us Feb.3 Right now in theaters
While helping colonize Mars an astronaut dies while giving birth to the first human on Mars. This is the beginning of the life of Gardner Elliot.

3 The Lego Batman Movie Feb. 10
Batman wants to save the city of Gotham from the joker. His superhero sidekick, Robin, and he are determined to make the city a better place.

4 John Wick: Chapter 2 Feb. 10
The legend John Wick is forced to come out of retirement to help a former associate seize control of an international assassins guild.

5.Fifty Shades Darker Feb.14
Christian Grey tries to entice a worrisome Ana Steele back into his life, she wants things to change between them before she will give him another chance.


Celebrating in the Chinese New Year

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Allison Oliva

Chronicle Reporter


This past weekend of Jan 28, the Chinese new year began. In celebration of the year of the rooster, there will be a festival and parade in Chinatown on Feb 4. This is one of the oldest Chinese traditions in Los Angeles. The 118th annual Chinese New Year parade and festival will be located in Downtown Chinatown. There will be several acts varying from kung fu demonstrations to traditional music acts. The East meets the West as old meets new with food trucks, ping pong for playing, and several other entertainments. There will be kid friendly activities such as face painting, storytelling, and origami.


The year may be of the rooster, but the main attraction will be the Golden Dragon Parade beginning at 1 pm and ending at 3 pm. The Golden Dragon Parade has expanded over the years to include almost two dozen flotes, multiple marching bands, government officials, entertainers etc. The festival and parade are also a time when ancestors are fondly remembered and families give thanks for their blessings. Overall, parade and festival attendees are guaranteed to have a ton of fun.

Catch the Redline to the Grammys

Posted on January 26, 2017 by in Entertainment

Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

Music is no surprise one of the worlds favorite ways of entertainment. After a long day at work, if you’re bored on a car ride, or if you’re working out, music is the way to entertain and keep your mind off of things.

Every year there is always great music that is released by great artists old and new and are recognized for their great work at award shows. The Grammys being the biggest music award show of the year has nominees such like Beyoncé, Adele, Justin Bieber, and Drake…just to name a few.

The Grammys are scheduled to occur Sun. Feb 12. If you plan on attending the quickest easiest way is taking the metro red line towards union station and getting off at 7th street and Metro center. From there you can get on the 910 via DTLA get off on Flower and Pico and walk for about four minutes reaching the biggest musical event !

If you cannot afford tickets to the actual award show, you can definitely show up to the red carpet to get a glimpse of your favorite music artists and producers. You can also maybe get lucky and get a selfie so you can later show off to your friends. Just remember to show up early so you’re not stuck all the way in the back.

The ‘Queen of Brooklyn’ Mary Tyler Moore passes at 80

Posted on January 25, 2017 by in Entertainment

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

The beloved Hollywood star, Mary Tyler Moore, sadly passed away early Jan 25. Those of you who have seen many of her appearances may know her as the vibrant wife on The Dick Van Dyke show, or as an actress who portrayed witty characters who changed television and the roles of women.

Her iconic acting has impacted the very ideals of the roles of women in her era and has left a dent in many subjects such as women’s rights. In her show that aired on CBS in the seventys, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, she addressed many subjects that might be considered controversial. The character she played was a very hardworking and passionate woman, much like herself, who happened to be single. That was a huge difference from the normal sitcoms that showed women as wives who tended to the children.

Mary Tyler Moore could be considered a feminist of her era who inadvertently stood up for women and changed their role and their rank in society. Mary Tyler Moore, an authour, an actress, an activist, will be dearly missed and her mark will forever be implanted in Hollywood history. You can find her star near Hollywood Blvd and Orange Street.