October 21, 2017

For all student athletes, there’s now a club for you.

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Isaak Ramirez

Chronicle Reporter

Interested in going to college to play sports? Do you have the potential to be a  athlete?  Then join athletes in action,  starting every Tuesdays during lunch in room 306, Mr. Woods class.  This clubs  main goal is to get as many students into college with a mindset of achieving a scholarship or just having a professional job in the field of sports in general.

Hugo Ochoa Garcia and Ethan Murga started the club, both are student athletes and aspire to go to college.  This is part of the inspiration that made them want to do the club,  and thought about the massive amounts of college tuition would impede students to attend their dream college.  Although this club is starting out very new, it shows great promise to athletes in the school, and dedicated to the sport.   If you’re trying to join the club then do so now. These two copresidents are doing their best to get colleges, to see the students potential. They are also trying to get practices and college scouts to visit the school. Join students in action, and work hard for the change you want to see and the change you want to be in your life as a student.

Safer Streets are Arriving

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Joshua Alejano

Chronicle Reporter

Councilman O’Farrell and The Los Angeles Department of Transportation have been working together to make the route to Selma Elementary school and Hollywood High school safer for students and allow families to walk around with ease.

The project will be occurring some time this summer and is planned to be finished before school starts. The street lights will be placed in the cross street of Highland and Hawthorn. They will have another meeting this summer to discuss their progression of the project.

They are going to remove the homeless in the streets of highland and clean the street up. The main problem of the project is the traffic in highland.

” They have to coordinate the time with the Hollywood events with the time they will build the street lights,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez.

This meeting was made to inform the public who will be impacted by this changed drastically.

Join the Luncheon

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Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

The Class of 2017 will have their Senior Luncheon on Monday, June 5th at the school cafeteria. Seniors will be rehearsing for the graduation in the auditorium from eight in the morning to 12:30 pm. After the rehearsal, the seniors will have their luncheon from 12:30 pm till the end of the school day. The tickets will be sold in the student store for 25 dollars.

The luncheon will be the last senior activity taking place at school, before the graduation ceremony and the grad night at Disneyland. It will be a great opportunity for seniors to eat and socialize with their friends for the last time in Hollywood High School for they will be rehearsing the whole day on Tuesday till 12:30 and they will be at the Bowl on Wednesday.

The seniors are expected to come back to school on Thursday to pick up their diploma from 9am to 11am. 

Show your Sheik pride

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Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter

Take your mind off of finals for a bit and get your spirit on. This week we have spirit week.

Monday 5/29 there is no school due to Memorial day

Tuesday 5/30 is Senoritis day. Come to school bummy and show off your lazyness

Wednesday 5/31 is way back wednesday. Basically it’s like kindergarten all over again. Dress as if you were a younger version you.

Thursday 6/01 is twin day. Show off your squad by matching and show who has the better squad.

Friday 6/02 is sheik gear. This is when you can show your sheik pride and wear anything sheik related. It could be a jersey or a sweater or even a hat.

Don’t forget Friday 5/02 is the powderpuff game. Come out and support the girls play. Also don’t forget to cheer with the male cheerleaders.

Explore BODY WORLDS: Pulse at the California Science Center

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Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Opening up on this Saturday May 20 the unusual Body Works: Pulse exhibit is going to be at the California Science Center. This exhibit explores how the human body is negatively affected by different diseases and obesity and how a healthy and active lifestyle affects the human body positively.

The weirdest, most unique, and intriguing part of this exhibit is that it uses real human tissues, muscles, and organs using a process known as plastination. Plastination was created by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, who founded the exhibit, which is the process of extracting all bodily fluids and fats and replacing them with certain plastics that are able to preserve the body according to the California Science Center. Now before people are freaked out by this display it is supposed to showcase and promote a healthy lifestyle and provide a closer look into the human body.

This exhibit will feature over 200 plastinated artifacts including whole bodies, body structures, and whole organs and tissues. These are split up into different displays of human functions like the locomotive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and reproductive systems. Some of the items featured are an obese body slice, a smoker’s black lung, and hardened arteries that show the effects of bad health.

There is plenty of time to check out the exhibit as it will be there until February 20, 2018. Tickets to the exhibit cost  $19.95 for adults and $16.95 for students ages 13-17 with school I.D.

Body Worlds: Pulse

Free breakfast at Chick-fil-a

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Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle reporter

Welcome back students. It’s back to waking up early and surviving 8 hours a day. Why not start the day with some free breakfast?

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start off with some free breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. This whole week April 17-21 they are giving out free breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Monday is a chick-fil-a biscuit.

Tuesday is a sausage egg and cheese muffin.

Wednesday is 3 count chick-n-minis

Thursday is a egg white grill

Friday is a chick-fil-a biscuit.

JROTC is Officially Over

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Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Reporter

After a century running and years of speculation JROTC, or the junior reserved officer training corps, is coming to an end beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. In an official letter send out today by Principal Alejandra Sanchez it was announced that the program would come to an end.

“It is with great sadness that I am informing you that the JROTC program at Hollywood High School will not continue starting in the 2017-18 school year due to lack of funding. After three years of discussing the school funding issues with the JROTC Leadership, including Col. McDonald and providing them with with an official and timely notice last school year, we are now proceeding with this heartbreak decision” Ms. Sanchez said. “As stated above, I am extremely saddened by this decision and will immensely miss our wonderful cadets and instructors who have contributed so much to our school life and activities” Ms. Sanchez stated.

Obviously the move was an outrage to many and they supported JROTC at lunch on Wednesday April 7. It was at this meeting that Ms. Sanchez broke out the news to cadets that they were canceling the program, it was these cadets that they broke the news out to their supporters at the meeting that inform them the program ended. “I feel depressed. The program has been in Hollywood High School for a 100 years. It creates family, relationships, and friendships. It also teaches leadership skills which are great later in life,” said Jason Kim, 11th grader whose been in the program all three years and is a former officer, “I personally don’t want JROTC to shut down, JROTC has influenced so much in not only in my life but also the students of Hollywood High.”

As JROTC ends Ms. Sanchez will implement a new competitve A-G course but not will have to be seen. As for the heartbreaking news Ms. Sanchez said there was no possible way to fund the JROTC program in the coming years. Only time will tell towards Ms. Sanchez controversial decision.

Check out the Wellness Fair next week

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Aniello Angrisano
Crimson Chronicle

Coming to Hollywood next Thursday March 30 The Wellness Fair is going to be transpiring after school. Happening in the quad from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm The Wellness Fair is going to be hosted by numerous after school clubs. The clubs hosting include the FAME Health Club, Environmental Club, Key Club, Peer Advocates, Bike Club, Dance Club, and LACER after school programs. Promoting health and fitness they will have workshops about nutrition, water safety, health policies, sugar consumption, dairy consumption, diet, and exercise all offered by organizations like LACER, Sugar Watch, Dairy Council of California, Gold Star Foods, Heal the Bay, LCHC, and The L.A. Trust fund. The fair is completely free and will include free food, there will also be a raffle.

Who: Fame Health Club, Environmental Club, Key Club, Peer Advocates, Bike Club, Dance Club, and LACER

What: The Wellness Fair

Where: The Quad

When: May 30 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Why: Promoting good nutrition, environmentalism, and exercise

“Do Not Throw Away Your Shot”

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Gabriel Garduno

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The time has finally come for the immigrant who is young scrappy and hungry to make an appearance in LA. The award winning Broadway show Hamilton created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, uses several musical genres to craft a totally new and unexpected look at the Founding Fathers and the creation of America. The cast album won the Grammy and the off-Broadway production won eight Drama Desks (along with six other nominations), including Outstanding Musical, Music, Lyrics and Book .
Hamilton’s national tour will be in Los Angeles on August 11, 2017 and run through the rest of the year. Pantages Theatre announced when Hamilton tickets will go on sale, and it’s soon. We would be able to purchase tickets for the show starting Sunday, April 30 at 10 a.m.( Time is important because you know those tickets will sell out fast) Tickets will be on sale on Pantages’ website or Ticketmaster.Tickets will cost between $85-$225 which is worth it

March with Impulse this Summer

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Joshua Alejano Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Impulse Drum and Bugle Corp is inviting students from ages 13-21 to join their 2017 season. Impulse is a non-profit organization that offers students a change of a lifetime to compete in national marching band competition.

Students who get in, will tour the east coast over the summer for 2 weeks. The tour will be late June to early July. Practice has already started and music has been distributed. Practice is every Sunday from 8:30 a.m. To sign up, you can contact their executive director, Michael Lopez, or visit their web site. It is available to everyone, no matter what level of experience you have. Auditions have already ended, however you can contact the conductors for the color guard and brass section, for information to get in.

If you are new to marching band competition, they will give you classes on marching, reading music, and learning to play the instrument, you don’t already know how to play.