November 16, 2018

F.I.G.H.T. to the finish for Third World Countries

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter


Go and support the Feminism, Internationalist, Gender-Neutral,Helpful and Together club, also known as F.I.G.H.T. Club on Wednesday Nov. 14 during lunch at the quad. Anyone who desires to take on the challenge of arm wrestling against Mr. Milton can do so with a donation of only $1. All money will be donated to the Plan International Organization. 

This charity helps women from Third World countries in many different ways. There are options from which packages or kits to donate to. Some donate towards women’s education, building water fountains, girls stuck in human trafficking, and more. Overall, women will benefit from any of these options.

There will be ongoing events throughout the year to raise enough money  to donate towards this charity. The goal is to create a better environment and future for them. The package or kit chosen will depend on the amount of money that the club receives from these events. Anyone is welcomed to join and participate in any of these event that will fund money for this cause. Help make a difference.  For further information feel free to look at the organizations website

Join F.I.G.H.T. Club every Monday in room 424 during lunch.

Honoring those who fought

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter



Attention, attention all Hollywood High students, first semester is coming to an end and we are all exhausted. However this upcoming weekend we have a treat in store, a three day weekend all thanks to our Veterans.

Monday, Nov. 12 is an observed holiday, meaning we luckily have the day off. Not only are we getting treated to a three day weekend but that same week is a shortened week as well. These small breaks off of school are the only things that are getting us students through these last weeks before finals and then ending of the semester.

Veterans day is a holiday that has been observed for many many years. It is a day to remember those who have fallen fighting for our country and those who have made it back home safely. All in all these next upcoming two weeks are going to be well appreciated

Beware of the night

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Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

Halloween is exciting. It’s fun to dress up, be with friends, stock up on candy, and see unique costume ideas. But it’s important to make sure that the night goes as smoothly as possible. To avoid any possible altercations or unfortunate events from occurring on this thrilling night, I  have provided a list of steps that will help Trick or Treaters enjoy their night to the fullest extent.


  1. Go as a group: It is much safer to go Trick or Treating in a group as opposed to alone. To ensure that you are comfortable or have a good time filling up your candy bag, going with friends will present a familiar atmosphere.
  2. Be alert for expiration dates: Often times when receiving candy we forget to check for expiration dates or sealed treats. To prevent getting sick from expired candy, it is important to check for consumable dates
  3. Stay on the steps: it is never advised to enter a strangers house even if they are friendly or offer you something to step into their house. Stay on the outside and do not let anyone talk you into entering their home.
  4. Try to avoid wearing dark colors: it’s always advised to wear lighter or brighter colors as dark costumes are harder to see at night time.
  5. Stay on the sidewalks: when walking around unknown neighborhoods, it’s important to stay on the sidewalks so that incoming vehicles are not interrupted. it is much safer to stay on the sidewalk and use crosswalks to change the directions
  6. Avoiding any illegal activity: we all dislike, those neighborhoods that avoid giving out treats on this spooky night, but that does not mean we should vandalize their homes.
  7. Trick or treat in familiar areas; trick or treating in familiar areas will ensure the safety of your overall halloween experience. Around common areas you can enjoy the presence of familiar faces and friendly neighbors
  8. Eat only wrapped treats: As we have seen in the past, lots of halloween candy has been contaminated and often times we can tell if the wrapper has been slightly open. Stay away from candy that may appear old or opened and by the end of the night, when checking candy, throw them out.

Falling into Pep Rally with Spirit Week

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


As pep rally approaches this Friday, that means spirit week is here. Be apart of the school spirit and follow the themes that lead up to our massive school gathering. Fall spirit week is three days in, but it is not to late to join. It lift ups the spirit of the school and that is what Hollywood High as all about. Here are the themes of  the remaining days of spirit week.

Wednesday 10/17: Wear Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday 10/18: Wear your favorite sports team jersey for Sports Day

Friday 10/19: ROLL CALL

Reminder: Freshman wear gray, Sophomores wear black, Juniors wear white and Seniors wear red

Join and be apart of the school spirit. You can take pictures with your friends and create fond memories for the fall 2019 spirit week. There are a few days left, do not hesitate. If you decided not to take part or think it is to late, there is always the spring spirit week.


Support the class of 2018

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Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporter

Graduation, the day everyone looks forward to. Seniors count down the days until they can finally graduate high school. This year the seniors of Hollywood High are graduating on June 6, this upcoming Wednesday. Come join the celebration of these soon to be graduates. The ceremony will begin at 5 p.m at the Hollywood Bowl.

Everyone is welcomed to come, there are no tickets needed. There is a parking fee though, which you can get a reduced rate for at the student store the week of the graduation. Come support the graduating class of 2018.


Memorial Day in L.A.

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Reported by Tais Borges

Another Memorial Day weekend has arrived. This means the beginning of summer, hot weather, spending time with family, and dedicating this specific day to those brave soldiers who died in military service. The first celebration in 1868 was known as Decoration Day, because the graves of the lost soldiers would be decorated with flowers. As of 1967, the date has become known as Memorial Day. The importance remains of this date’s celebration, especially in such a large city. Los Angeles’ citizens can find several events to attend, including parades and ceremonies on this Monday.

In Hollywood, a retired U.S. Army Captain will speak at an event at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills starting at 10 a.m.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was built in 1923 to honor the 23,000 soldiers who served in World War I. They will hold a ceremony as they do almost every year, at noon. This will consist of patriotic music, an honor guard presentation, and the lighting of the stadium torch.

In Inglewood, the population will gather for speeches, a colors presentation, and a flag ceremony. It will be held at Memorial Obelisk Monument starting at 11 a.m.

Long Beach has the name of roughly 7,000 members of armed services who have died since Sept. 11, 2001 inscribed on Honoring Our Fallen Memorial Wall at Rosie the Riveter Park. Starting at 5:45 a.m., people will gather to read the names of those brave lives that have been sacrificed.

Prepare for the Upcoming SAT

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Not satisfied with your SAT score and want to improve? To get the help needed, come to the workshop held every Monday and Thursday in room 227. This Khan Academy SAT Prep workshop starts at 3:15 p.m. and ends at 5:15 p.m. By practicing for just two hours twice a day, you will be able to improve your score and perhaps be closer to the goal you desired to reach.

The flyer lists the dates for the workshop and the class access codes. file:///C:/Users/lausd_user/Downloads/Flyer_Spring_2018%20(1).pdf

Also, don’t forget to get your fee waiver at the College Center with Ms. Pinedo if you are eligible. Today is the last day to register for the SAT on May 5. The next SAT registration deadline for the SAT on June 2 is May 3.

To find out more about upcoming SATs or any questions regarding the SATs, check out the collegeboard website.!4330!3!197590690242!b!!g!!sat%20registration%20deadlines&ef_id=WsaMAQAAAGx2wGB3:20180406215518:s


Students show off their talent

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter



Hollywood High is once again holding their Spring pep rally tomorrow March 22, and holding their annual Hollywood Idol, thanks to creator James B. Carmicle, on March 23, which is also the last day of classes before we are off for Spring Break.  Now for the pep rally, students have to wear the proper color for roll call, Seniors wear red, Juniors wear white, Sophmores wear black and lastly Freshmen wear grey. Because of this event students will only be going to period one through four, each class being 70 minutes long, then their fourth period teacher will escort them to the pep rally.

Now for Hollywood Idol, students will be seeing a handful of acts ranging from singers to dancers. There will also be a fashion show exhibiting prom dress and tuxes ideas since prom is just around the corner. Again because of this event,and the fact that students will be dismissed to go home at 12:39 p.m. students will only have periods five and six, each class running for about 80 minutes. These next two days before Spring break are surely ending on a very entertaining note.

King Tut Comes Back to Life

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King Tut Comes Back to Life

Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Reporter

Coming to the California Science Center March 24th King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibit is bringing the ancient pharaoh back from the dead. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb this exhibit is the most extensive exhibit yet.

Featuring over 150 authentic artifacts from the King’s tomb this is the last time this exhibit will be in LA. After it hits LA the exhibit will go to ten different cities before leaving to Europe and finally staying in its permanent place at the The Grand Egyptian Museum, located near the Pyramids of Giza.

Many of the artifacts the exhibit brings have never been seen before outside of Egypt and are now going to be on display. These artifacts may have been actually been used by King Tut himself such as rings found on the King’s fingers, golden jewelry, many sculptures he had, and the gold sandals he wore before being buried. Not only that but all of the artifacts in the exhibit are over 3,300 years old and give an inside look at how the King lived.

The exhibit will be here until January 6th and open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., tickets will be available soon and are available for pre-order online at the California Science Center website.

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Participate in this Eventful Week

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Participate in this Eventful Week

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Don’t forget that Spirit Week is lasting two weeks this year. Starting off with a bang, leading up to the successful Spring Dance, the first week had a series of different themed days. These days included Sports Day, Glamorous Day, Twin Day, Professional Day, and Black Out Day.

Now, in the week before Spring Break, there is another Spirit Week, with themes some of us have never seen before in the course of our high school years.

Keep up with the themes and show your school spirit by participating in this week leading up to Spring Break, Hollywood Idol, and Spring Pep Rally 2018

Monday 3/19: Pajama Day

Tuesday 3/20: Meme Day

Wednesday 3/21: Holiday Day

Thursday 3/22: Roll Call

The schedule is:








Friday 3/23: 90s




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