December 19, 2018

Deadline extension saves the day

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Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

With college deadlines closely approaching, there’s seems to be more and more stress to get an application in on time. But if you’re currently in a time crunch, struggling to get things in on time and still do work for individual academic classes, here’s some news that will hopefully uplift you..

Cal State Universities have announced an extension to their deadline for the 2019 Fall academic school year. Instead of submitting your application on Nov 30 by 11:59 pm there is now a two week addition of time to continue submitting. With high demands to extend the deadlines and several website crashes, CSU’s have confirmed this delay as an accommodation for all students to apply to their desired Cal States. The new deadline to apply to all 23 cal state universities is Dec 15 at 11:59 pm.

With many students facing hardships as a result of the California wildfires, CSU has granted all students excessive time to submit an application. It is evident that this added time is a set of good news for all. SAS senior, Monica Sanchez let us know how relieved she was by this set of good news, “I’m so glad that the deadline was extended because now I have a bit more time to get it together”. In hopes that with this extension more students will be able to get their applications in at a less stressful rate, CSU’s have accommodated to our needs.

Light up your holiday spirit

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photo by: Yadira Romero

Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporter

Colorful lights are gleaming in different shapes and forms bringing holiday spirit to the many people attending the Los Angeles Zoo. The Los Angeles Zoo has done its annual light event which many have liked. This year the event will be featuring a new area to explore, which means more wonderful lights to see. Sadly, you won’t be able to see the animals but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your night. You’ll also be able to take photos with Santa if you want to. Remember to wear comfortable shoes since you are going to be walking for a while. 

This event will end on Jan.6, 2019 so be sure to attend before it ends. Ticket prices for adults (ages 13+) will cost $14.95 and for children (ages 2-12) will cost $11.95 on value nights. On premium nights, tickets for adults will cost $21.95 and for children it will cost $16.95.

Click the link below to purchase tickets and for more information:


Light up your night

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Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporter

Light up your life and enter the Moonlight Forest for a fantastic time. The lantern festival is taking place at the LA Arboretum County and Botanic Garden. Experience art of fascinating figures from Chinese legends, alluring flowers, and exotic animals. The lanterns display three themes: Nature, Children’s Garden, and Chinese culture. There will be a variety of food trucks, food stands, and bar on site if you get hungry. The last day of the Moonlight Forest will be on Jan.6, so take an opportunity to go before it ends.

Get your ticket before time runs out. Tickets vary on the day you choose to attend. On Wednesday-Thursday, tickets will be $25 for adults, $20 for children (ages 3-17), and $23 for seniors (63+). On Friday-Sunday ticket prices will be $28 for adults, $23 for children, and $25 for seniors. Members are able to get a discount of 15% on their tickets. If you do not have a membership you are able to join online. Though there is free parking, there is limited space and no parking availability on streets, so it is best to arrive early. Take the time to join this magnificent event and have fun.


To purchase a ticket click on the link:



Fall into the film festival

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Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporter

It’s October which means that watching horror films is a must. Lucky for you the TCL Chinese Theatre is premiering multiple films that range from student films to the big screen movies that we all grew up with. Different movies will be shown each day so be sure to check the schedule before purchasing a ticket. This event will last until Oct.18 so do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. Individual tickets will be sold for $11 online and at the ticket boot and a Bloody Sunday Pass will be sold for $42 to be able to see all the movies that will be shown on Sunday.

At the conclusion of the festival, a skull award will be given to winners of the film competition in the categories of best editing, visual effects, director, and much more. Be sure to attend and have a spectacular spooky night. For the list of the movies and the days they will be shown on, click on the link below.



Support the class of 2018

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Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporter

Graduation, the day everyone looks forward to. Seniors count down the days until they can finally graduate high school. This year the seniors of Hollywood High are graduating on June 6, this upcoming Wednesday. Come join the celebration of these soon to be graduates. The ceremony will begin at 5 p.m at the Hollywood Bowl.

Everyone is welcomed to come, there are no tickets needed. There is a parking fee though, which you can get a reduced rate for at the student store the week of the graduation. Come support the graduating class of 2018.


Hollywood High: after hours video

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Enjoy a night under the stars

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Yadira Romero

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Love watching movies outdoors? Well lucky for you the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre hosts movie nights on their rooftops. Each night will consist of different movies. Movies such as The Shape of Water will be played. There will be no need to bring your own chairs and blankets because they will be provided. Wireless earphones will also be provided so you won’t miss a single second of the movie.

Tickets will range from $19-$28, depending on whether you want bottomless popcorn or a love seat. This event will end on May 31, so don’t miss out amazing opportunity. The link below will show which movies will be shown on each day.

Interact with your favorite cast

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Yadira Romero

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Paleyfest, a great experience that you won’t forget. Here you would be able to see the cast of your favorite tv show and be able to ask them questions. Casts from shows like Riverdale, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and casts from other shows will attend.

The event will take place in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Paleyfest will occur from March 16 to March 25, a day for each show. Tickets will range from $40-$90. To see which shows are not sold out, click the link below.



Visit museums for free

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Yadira Romero

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Love museums and free things? Well you’ll be glad to know that on Jan.28, museums all over the city would be free to all visitors. Bring your family and friends since it’s a once in the year event. It’s a great experience because you get to learn about the history and culture of places since this event is not only about art museums but other museums as well.

To see which museums are participating in this event you can go click on the link here.

It is recommended that you take the metro there because though it is free to enter the museum, the parking isn’t. Some museums even have special perks if you show your tap card or metro ticket. For example, at the Natural History Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits you get a fast pass entry. At the Getty if you show your tap card or metro ticket you get 10% off at the Getty store. Don’t let this free opportunity pass!


Sheiks face off the Eagles

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Yadira Romero

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

In case you missed the last football game and want to attend another one then you will be glad to know that the football season is not over yet. The Sheiks are playing their first playoff game on Thursday Nov. 9 against the Eagle Rock Eagles at Eagle Rock High. The last time the Sheiks played Eagle Rock they lost to 35-0 and now hope to make a comeback after the way they ended their season.

Come out to support the football team and have a good time. If you come out, be sure to wear warm clothes since it’s going to be chilly. Eagle Rock is a friendly school, so there’s no need to worry about fights breaking out. Hope you can come out and show some love.

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