Prepare for the Upcoming SAT

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Not satisfied with your SAT score and want to improve? To get the help needed, come to the workshop held every Monday and Thursday in room 227. This Khan Academy SAT Prep workshop starts at 3:15 p.m. and ends at 5:15 p.m. By practicing for just two hours twice a day, you will be able to improve your score and perhaps be closer to the goal you desired to reach.

The flyer lists the dates for the workshop and the class access codes. file:///C:/Users/lausd_user/Downloads/Flyer_Spring_2018%20(1).pdf

Also, don’t forget to get your fee waiver at the College Center with Ms. Pinedo if you are eligible. Today is the last day to register for the SAT on May 5. The next SAT registration deadline for the SAT on June 2 is May 3.

To find out more about upcoming SATs or any questions regarding the SATs, check out the collegeboard website.!4330!3!197590690242!b!!g!!sat%20registration%20deadlines&ef_id=WsaMAQAAAGx2wGB3:20180406215518:s


Participate in this Eventful Week

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Don’t forget that Spirit Week is lasting two weeks this year. Starting off with a bang, leading up to the successful Spring Dance, the first week had a series of different themed days. These days included Sports Day, Glamorous Day, Twin Day, Professional Day, and Black Out Day.

Now, in the week before Spring Break, there is another Spirit Week, with themes some of us have never seen before in the course of our high school years.

Keep up with the themes and show your school spirit by participating in this week leading up to Spring Break, Hollywood Idol, and Spring Pep Rally 2018

Monday 3/19: Pajama Day

Tuesday 3/20: Meme Day

Wednesday 3/21: Holiday Day

Thursday 3/22: Roll Call

The schedule is:








Friday 3/23: 90s




Get your tickets to the Spring Dance!

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

The Spring Dance is here! Save the date for March 17. Get your groove on this year’s spring dance for only $10 this week and next week or $20 at the door.

This year’s spring dance theme is Hollywood in Hollywood, so you don’t want to miss it. There will be live performances by JP the Goat, Audrey Crobano, Tyler Ransom, Ad Cinco, and the Rock Band. The dance will last from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Make sure to buy your tickets now for only ten dollars. You will be able to purchase them during lunch at the quad, or at the student store when there isn’t a table set up. To purchase a ticket for someone who doesn’t attend our school, you can ask for a guest pass at the student store and fill out the information.

Are you money smart?

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Want to be included in the school newspaper? All you have to do is click the link at the end of this article.

This issue is very important and could possibly influence your entire life! That´s why student body participation is important to the Crimson Chronicle. The link leads to a fun 2-minute survey that might just make rethink how you spend your money.

Your participation is needed !! :))) h

Prepare for your AP English Test Months Before

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Make sure you take advantage of AP Enrichment at Hollywood High School. Available for ELA Advance Placement classes, these are opportunities to further your knowledge in AP English Language and Literature. This is very helpful if you cannot make it to UCLA for AP Readiness and if you learn better with teachers that you are familiar with.

Only for a few days, students in AP English Language and AP English Literature can come to Hollywood High at 9 am to engross themselves in more education and stay on a steady path to a 5 on the AP tests in May. This can give you a little boost in class and learn more things that you may not get to before the school year is over.

From Mr. Carmicle, to Ms.Cusolito, Ms.Tobenkin and more, all Hollywood High students are welcome to join the AP teachers from 9am to 12 pm on Saturday, March 17, and Saturday, April 14. These are the only two days that this event is taking place, so make sure you use this limited opportunity to possibly raise your AP score one number before it even comes out.


Check out HBCUs at the Black College Expo

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

The 19th Annual Black College Expo will be held at the Convention Center on February 10. According to, this event “highlights over 50 of the 104 historically black colleges and universities, along with other higher learning institutions and educational services”. The reason as to why this event was created was to help minorities get admitted into colleges. It’s goal is to help positively influence students into getting a higher education level.

Anyone is welcomed to come. In this event, students can get accepted on the spot, as well as get scholorships. They will also be able to familiarize themselves with HBCUs and other colleges. Remember to bring your transcrips and SAT/ACT scores with you in hand to be able to present them to the colleges.

This event will be held from 9am to 3pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center. You can also stay for the After Show from 3pm to 5pm. Tickets are available at


Why do girls sports not get as much recognition as boys’ sports?

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Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Early in the morning, congratulations of the boys teams for achieving the bare minimum can be heard, while whispers of the girls’ success are only passed around.

Why is this?

This is the third year in a row that girls soccer has made it to playoffs, yet you’ll find more posts about the boys being league champs for the first time in 10 years. This is the first time in a while that girls volleyball has made it to playoffs (they made it far; semifinals), but around that time, the Hollywood High School Instagram kept posting about football, 2 weeks after they lost in the first round and their season was ended. Boys basketball is successful, yes, but why are the seats empty when the girls have home games.

The underlying sexism in public schools is obvious, ranging from rules to dress codes. It is wildly apparent in the vast difference in how girls teams are treated compared to boys teams. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed because it only encourages the athletic success of men, but not women, which further contributes to the wage gap in mens and womens sports.

The showing for girls basketball is sad. If you walk in the Hollywood High School gym when there is a home game the stands are nearly empty. Girls basketball gets even less advertisement than girls soccer. They are forgotten in the morning announcements and are rarely heard of when they win. This is sad.

Girls and Boys sports should be celebrated and shown off equally. Although league champs for 3 years in a row, Girls soccer has never gotten a banner while I have been in high school. During my freshman year, we were told that there was not enough money for it. A banner. Yet football got a banner for their 2017-18 season for no apparent reason.

It is 2018. People are still searching for a reason why women are getting treated the way they are as adults, and I think to eliminate the subtle sexism early on, like in grade schools, would be a good start to demolish the inequality between the sexes.

How to Study for the SAT/ACT

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

  • If you don’t know how to prepare for the SAT or ACT, Santa Monica College is offering free SAT/ACT prep to help strengthen your score. It will be held at the Santa Monica Library on Saturday, January 20th from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. To reserve a spot or for more information contact by calling (310)575-1847 or emailing
  • Khan Academy also offers free help for the SAT. By connecting it with CollegeBoard, they get access to your previous scores, whether it’s your past SAT or PSAT scores. When getting access to your information, you will receive help in areas you need to improve on. Also, you can personalize it by working it around your schedule. You can begin practicing at
  • You can also take free online lectures for the SAT at . This website offers six courses in which you can choose from to gain help from. The courses include courses such as helping you improve your essay, critical thinking, and the math portion as well.
  • Self-studying is another option you can choose from. Looking at online videos or purchasing books to help you focus on your goal is a great way to go. This way to go will benefit you because you’ll be able to work around your schedule and be able to focus on what needs most improvement.


Give back this Christmas

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Nick Macadaan

Chronicle Reporter

While the holidays are usually full of parties, fun, and gifts, it is also a time to give to others. Here are three things to do over the holiday break to get on Santa’s nice list:


1. Donate gifts to Toys for Tots


Toys for Tots is run by the U.S. marine corps and every year they collect new unwrapped    gifts to hand out to needy kids. There are many drop off locations throughout the city. If you do not have an extra gift, you can also make a donation online at


2. Volunteer at food on foot


Food on Foot is an organization in Hollywood that serves the homeless. For a donation of 25 dollars, people can go serve food to a group of homeless people who have cleaned up Hollywood under the supervision of the organization leaders. After the service, they tell their personal stories about their background and progress towards finding work and housing.


3. Visit LA Works Website


You can visit and view their list of community service that you can volunteer for. There is a variety of ways to help out listed on the website.

Keep active during Winter Break with these amusement parks

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Jack Cortez

Chronicle Reporter

Looking for something to do over winter break? Here are three places you can go to kill your boredom and get festive over break:


CHILL at Queen Mary, with a 38,000-square foot Ice Adventure Park featuring a two story 140 foot long ice tubing slide, Amsterdam bumper cars, zip line, ice shuffleboard, Ice Skating, Ice Track, and much more


CHILL  is open daily at the Queen Mary from Dec. 13-Jan. 7

4:30pm 11:00pm








Universal has all kinds of fun family wintery/Christmas activities to do, See Martha May Whovier and the Who Dolls, Grinchmas, Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, regular snowfall at the CityWalk mall and more


Open Hours




Gate Prices


Adult   –  $110.00

Child   –  (3-12) $104.00


It’s the most magical time of the year this holiday at the Disneyland Resort with lots of activities to do with the whole family; World of Color- Season Lights, Santa’s Holiday Visit at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Sounds and Flavors of Delight, and much more

Open Hours



Prices vary on purchased Tickets