February 21, 2019

Boys Soccer Walk out Champions at Heart

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Boys Soccer Walk out Champions at Heart

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

After having one of the best seasons yet, unfortunately, the boys soccer period has come to a close. With a outstanding overall record of 11-5, the sheiks soccer team made it all the way to the semi finals game where they would match up against the Chavez Eagles.

The boys soccer team first began their winning streak against the Belmont Sentinels till finally they ran into a stop against the Eagles. With every player working at their highest potential, the sheiks were able to get very far in the game. Coming close to a championship game resembles the team’s dedication to be on top. Their hard work throughout the entire duration of the season, never went unnoticed. Hugo Garcia, varsity soccer captain said, “It was a great season, we did well and we trained hard”. Hugo expressed his gratitude and appreciation for his team and all their hard work. His senior year of high school he was able to “take league” once again.

Despite not receiving the title they expected,the boys soccer team take home a memorable experience. The sheiks had a great season, ending with a loss does not define their ability to play the game. With the support of their coach, who stood by their side at every game and their peers, the boys soccer team leave a lasting impact. The sheiks walk out champions at heart.

Celebrating the seniors

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

With the ending of basketball season and soccer season, Senior Night is upon us. Senior Night is the one game where all the seniors are recognized for their hard work all season. Friends and family have the opportunity to come out and bring their senior flowers, posters and balloons.

This past Monday, Jan. 28, was Hollywood High’s boys soccer team last home game which was against Belmont High School, and it was also their Senior Night. Today, Jan. 30, is the girls soccer team’s last home game and they will also be celebrating their Senior Night. Unlike the boys team, the girls are sharing their Senior Night with the boys basketball team. These teams should feel grateful that they are able to experience a Senior Night being that the football team and spirit squad lost their chance to experience this event because of a lightning storm.

After long and tiring practices to be the best out on the court and field, the seniors will say a last farewell to a sport that they have dedicated their all too.

Strike Could Come to an End

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Strike Could Come to an End

Melanie Aguilar

After six days of striking, Superintendent Austin Beutner and United Teachers Los Angeles came to an agreement that could end the strike. If union members vote to approve it, school could be in session on Wednesday.

On their journey to improve public education, more than 60,000 teachers, students, and other supporters participated in the first Los Angeles teachers strike in 30 years.

In support of UTLA, thousands of parents refused to send their children to school costing the district $97 million. Despite the rain, teachers remained loyal to the strike and were persistent in executing change for their students. The walkout received much support from thousands of people who stood with LA teachers.

Educators were demanding smaller class sizes, more school staff, like nurses and counselors, and higher salaries for teachers. Hollywood High teachers had a very strong picket line every day of the week and afterwards made their way to City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. For six days straight, teachers made their voices heard and called for negotiation.

Going on strike meant not getting paid for the duration of the protest; however, teachers were willing to sacrifice pay for better conditions in the classroom.

On day 6 of striking, UTLANOW on Instagram, presented a tentative agreement that would impact class size. “All secondary English and math classes will go from 46 to 39. This is effective immediately” and “All TK-3 classes will finally be capped at 24-27 students. No more 28+ Elem. classes. Other agreements are pending, but these current changes will greatly impact educational affairs.

The real superhero passes

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

Stan Lee is a name many, if not all, are familiar with. Sadly, Monday, Nov. 12, Lee passed at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Stan Lee is the infamous creator of all Marvel comics, characters and the mind behind the movies. He was well known and very respected in the industry. Stan Lee was able to bring action, joy, and inspiration with words and a few pictures to all comic enthusiasts.

Lee was well rounded, he was well respected not only in the creative world, but in the ‘real’ world as well. He was a veteran, he served his military time fighting in World War 2. Needless to say he was a selfless person at heart. This is exemplified in his founding of the Stan Lee Foundation, which mains purpose was education, literacy, and the arts. This foundation supported programs that wanted to improve access to literacy resources. He’s giving personality, popular comics and even more popular films will be missed. Stan Lee is a man whose legacy will not be forgotten.

Honoring those who fought

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter



Attention, attention all Hollywood High students, first semester is coming to an end and we are all exhausted. However this upcoming weekend we have a treat in store, a three day weekend all thanks to our Veterans.

Monday, Nov. 12 is an observed holiday, meaning we luckily have the day off. Not only are we getting treated to a three day weekend but that same week is a shortened week as well. These small breaks off of school are the only things that are getting us students through these last weeks before finals and then ending of the semester.

Veterans day is a holiday that has been observed for many many years. It is a day to remember those who have fallen fighting for our country and those who have made it back home safely. All in all these next upcoming two weeks are going to be well appreciated

DIY spookfest

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

Its spooky season, which means pumpkin patches, horror nights, and any other spooky activity. Now for those who are more laid back, for those who don’t want pay for horror nights or who don’t like pumpkin patches, here’s a list of the top 3 spooktacular movies.

1. Hocus Pocus

This movie is a classic, every year ABC Family does their 13 nights of Halloween, and every year Hocus Pocus is always featured.

2. Halloweentown

This movie will put anyone in their childhood feels. Personally, this is one of my favorite Disney Halloween movie, it definitely puts me in a very spooky mood.

3. Halloween (the series)

This is for all the people who love scary movies. The ones who prefer actually getting scared, this series is definitley binge worthy.

4. Jigsaw (the series)

This movie series is definitely binge worthy. It is more of a gruesome type of movie, it is based around a game of torture.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another Halloween classic. This movie can put you in both a spooky mood and Christmas mood, it’s for those who are all about Halloween but also can not wait till Christmas.

Seniors say farewell to Friday night lights

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

For many athletes at Hollywood High this Friday is a night that most if not all look forward too. Friday, Oct. 19 is Senior Night, where the school recognizes all seniors in football, cheer, band and dance guard, or what we call Spirit Squad. The school invites the seniors family and loved ones to walk their senior down the field, take photos and even bring their senior flowers or a gift. Senior Night is a tradition that we have participated in for years and it’s one that shouldn’t go unappreciated.

This year football will be playing Mendez High school, which some football players seem to be very confident about getting us this win. Majority of the defense line are seniors, so making this last year as memorable as possible is significant. Our schools leadership staff has made it their responsibility to ensure that this Senior Night runs as smooth as possible. Leadership has even made bows out of big red posters that seniors on the cheer team can take as a keep safe.  All in all this Senior Night should be one for the books. 


Sheiks spike out all of the Competition

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Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

The girls volleyball team has been on a role since the Maywood tournament where they have won all the matchups since. The girls volleyball team is undefeated in league with a winning record of 11-0. This means elven  straight wins and absolutely no losses.

We caught up with Maryjane Vielma, varsity volleyball captain, and she said “honestly I knew we were going to be a good team”. There winning record proves this. Evidently enough, it is no secret that these ladies have been working very hard to keep this record. With consistent practices and dealing with schoolwork, these ladies have proven that volleyball is really a passion. The varsity captain mentioned that this year their team “is more connected”. They have bonded this season, and have allowed this bond to win them eleven straight games.

Maryjane mentioned that she feels “honored to be a the captain of an undefeated team”. Seniors on the girls volleyball team will leave satisfied knowing that they were undefeated. By knocking out all the competition this puts the team at advantage because they will go into playoffs with confidence and high spirits. Next years team will have big shoes to fill.


Junior year and all its chaos

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter


The school year is coming to an end, and with this ending comes stress and testing. Hollywood High’s juniors have been enduring SBAC testing, first for English, then this week math. Now when we were all sophomores all of the juniors would complain and warn us about all the chaos and stress that junior year brings, who would have knew that all of those warnings were the truth. The ending of the school year has been block schedules and two hour classes, SBAC testing and soon enough finals.

Junior year is not all bad, this year has prepared us for next year, which we are all excited for senior year. Senior year is definitely worth all the work that we had to get through for junior year, in a way senior year is our reward for all the work and testing we did this year.

Juniors don’t be discouraged, the year is almost here, two more weeks and we’re home free.

Sheiks fight on home turf

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High’s cheer team placed third in their first league competition last Friday, April 6. This was a huge step forward for the cheer team as this year is the first time it is considered a sport. Not only was it big that cheer now had their own league season and was now certified by CIF, but the league competition was held at Hollywood High School.

Plenty of students came to support the cheerleaders, as well as students and family from the other schools that they competed against. Some of the schools that they competed against were Wilson High, Franklin High, Bernstein High, Belmont High and Marshall High. Marshall placed second and Belmont placed first.

This placing came as a shocker to the Sheiks, “Honestly we didn’t expect to get third place, we thought we deserved better. We were really proud,” said cheer co-captain Melanie Aguilar.

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