December 19, 2018

10 Tips for Finals Week

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10 Tips for Finals Week

Maria Alfaro

Crimson Chronicle

Winter break is right around the corner, which many students are looking forward to. However, before they can go on a break they must get through finals. Finals week can be stressful for students because it can either bring up their grade or lower it causing stress and anxiety. Here are 10 tips to make it through finals without being overly stressed.

#1 Study 

Study every day, but not all at once. Try to study in your free time and not procrastinate. Study in a quiet place to avoid getting distracted.

#2 Time Management 

Manage your time well by studying for the hardest things and then the easiest. Try to study in the order you have your finals each day that way the information is still fresh. Don’t cram everything in one day.

#3 Stay Focused 

Avoid distractions and focus on studying for what might be on the exam. Give it your full attention and take breaks to not overwhelm yourself.

#4 Quiz Yourself 

Quiz yourself on the topic with flashcards. You can also ask one of your friends to quiz you which would help remember things easily.

#5 Different study methods

Use different study methods to find out which one works best for you. This would help you memorize information better.

#6 Color Code 

Color code your notes by what’s most important.

#7 Have a good night sleep

Get a good night sleep by getting at least eight hours of sleep. Don’t stay up too late trying to remember everything because it won’t work.

#8 Have a good breakfast 

Have a good breakfast every morning because taking an exam with an empty stomach can be distracting.

#9 Motivation 

Motivate yourself by putting a goal. Don’t give up if you feel frustrated after studying for a long time, take a break and remember that this will benefit you in the end.

#10 Stay Positive 

Remember that exams do not define your level of smartness. Always try your best and stay positive.


Wildfires in California have caused great destruction

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Wildfires in California have caused great destruction

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Certain counties in Southern California have been under evacuation because of the fires that started on Thursday afternoon. The fire has threatened and destroyed many homes and businesses. Also being the cause events were canceled. 

The fires also caused many streets and highways to be closed down. The fires affected Students Run LA Lake Balboa 15k, which was going to take place on Nov. 11. It was canceled because of the air quality relating to the fires. 

Thousands of residents fled their home in Paradise, north of Sacramento, on Thursday, Nov. 8, escaping the blazing fire. According to NBC News the Camp Fire burned more than 20,000 acres and has destroyed the town. 

The largest fire is called Hill Fire, which started on Thursday afternoon in Ventura County. It started near the Santa Rosa Valley, about 10 miles northwest of Thousand Oaks. The fire kept growing and had reached 15 square miles by Friday morning. This caused the 101 Freeway to be closed down and have mandatory evacuations for California State University, Channel Islands campus. 

The other fire that started in Ventura County is called the Woolsey Fire near Malibu, which started at Woolsey Canyon and spread into the community of Oak Park early Friday, burning homes and forcing residents to evacuate. The strong winds and dry conditions caused the fire to burn about 12.5 square miles on Friday morning. The fire moved into Los Angeles County late Thursday, causing evacuation to take place in Westlake Village. Firefighters have done everything they can to stop the fires and continue to do so.

We Can Survive Concert helps raise awareness

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We Can Survive Concert helps raise awareness

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

97. 1 AMP Radio’s 6th Annual We Can Survive Concert was held at the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 20. The concert was held to support and help raise awareness for young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. At the concert, many artists attended such as Shawn Mendes, Marshmellow, Khalid, Charlie Puth, and much more.

All the artist that showed up teamed up to support the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), which is an organization that is dedicated to help support young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. They raised funds for this organization. Throughout the event, people were having fun and showed their support for breast cancer by wearing pink T-shirts, pink feather boas and dying pink streaks into their hairs. The event became a place for women and men to gather around to celebrate life, survival, and remember those lost in the fight.

The Hollywood Bowl along with LA City Officials had the streets closed from 5 pm to 10 pm since the concert began at 6:30 pm. Once the streets opened up, there was a traffic jam. The traffic began from around Sunset and Highland and continued until reaching the Hollywood Bowl. The concert was beneficial and helpful to many people in different ways.





Introducing Students To New Books

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Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

     Hollywood High School had their first Book Tasting at the library on Sept. 28.  According to the graphic organizer, “A book tasting is a chance to sample different books to see if you might like to read them.” The books that were used touched on one of the STEM subjects. In this exercise, Ms. Whitham told the students that they would, “read informational texts that give them background information and a foundation of knowledge.” 

     Book Tasting can be done with any subject, but on this occasion it was done with science, more specifically chemistry and physics. Students were to read five books, each for seven minutes and complete a graphic organizer for each book they read. In the graphic organizer, they would write their impression of the book and rate it. After reading the first book, they would rotate and repeat the same process until they reached the fifth book.

     The librarian, Ms. Whitham, had thought about doing this and when she shared her idea, the principal, Mr. Colacion, helped make it happen. They decided to do it with books touching on one of the subjects of STEM to expose students to this knowledge. The number of students interested in STEM is low and they want to increase it. The point of this exercise was for students to think about joining STEM.

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