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Safer Streets are Arriving

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Joshua Alejano

Chronicle Reporter

Councilman O’Farrell and The Los Angeles Department of Transportation have been working together to make the route to Selma Elementary school and Hollywood High school safer for students and allow families to walk around with ease.

The project will be occurring some time this summer and is planned to be finished before school starts. The street lights will be placed in the cross street of Highland and Hawthorn. They will have another meeting this summer to discuss their progression of the project.

They are going to remove the homeless in the streets of highland and clean the street up. The main problem of the project is the traffic in highland.

” They have to coordinate the time with the Hollywood events with the time they will build the street lights,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez.

This meeting was made to inform the public who will be impacted by this changed drastically.

Small Crimes have a Big Effects

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Chronicle Reporter

Joshua Alejano

Netflix came out with a new movie called “Small Crimes”. The movie follow a disgraced cop, who was released six years later after being arrested for attempted murder. The story involves Joe Denton the main character, who is struggling with his past that finally caught up with him.

The story illustrates people after getting out of prison, and dealing with the old problems that should have been gone. It is a psychological problem and a story of finding yourself.

Though this movie has a deep meaning about a lot of people’s lives, many people give the movie an okay rating. With a 63% in Rotten Tomatoes.

Teen Titans comes back with a Movie

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Joshua Alejano

Chronicle Reporter

The New Teen Titans movie is a action filled adventure movie. It followed the storyline of the 2016 DC comics movie, “Justice League vs Teen Titans”. The movie had a Cartoon Network feel. Due to the 2016 Teen Titans movie, this was expected to be a disaster. It proved otherwise. It had a 15% increase in audience score, based on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie was based on the new group of titans. They are on the search of a secret cult and evil organization that wants to manipulate humans to make meta-humans. The new titans included Terra, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, Nightwing, and Blue Beetle. The titans are struggling to find H.I.V.E., not knowing that one of them was a traitor. The story had a trust issue between the group. However instincts kicked in and they began a group when they needed it the most.

Take the Train to Busan

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bogali bogali

Chronicle Reporter

Joshua Alejano

Train to Busan was a spectacle to behold. The movie follows a single father living with her daughter and mother. The movie illustrates the relationship of families in the busy life of any ordinary person. The zombie apocalypse represents the everyday obstacles of everyday life.

The plot of the movie is that a deadly virus was purposely released in Korea. Now the protagonist and his daughter are stuck in a train that contains the undead. Not knowing if they can survive they risk everything to get to Busan, where it is declared a safe zone.

Though it is a zombie thriller movie. It isn’t typical walking dead film. The zombies are more alive than most people usually expect. The movie has more of drama than horror. The film is an idiom of the hardships of life and what parents and love once do for the once they care for.


March with Impulse this Summer

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Joshua Alejano Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Impulse Drum and Bugle Corp is inviting students from ages 13-21 to join their 2017 season. Impulse is a non-profit organization that offers students a change of a lifetime to compete in national marching band competition.

Students who get in, will tour the east coast over the summer for 2 weeks. The tour will be late June to early July. Practice has already started and music has been distributed. Practice is every Sunday from 8:30 a.m. To sign up, you can contact their executive director, Michael Lopez, or visit their web site. It is available to everyone, no matter what level of experience you have. Auditions have already ended, however you can contact the conductors for the color guard and brass section, for information to get in.

If you are new to marching band competition, they will give you classes on marching, reading music, and learning to play the instrument, you don’t already know how to play.

Find Dory in Netflix

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Crimson Reporter

Joshua Alejano

Where you too busy on June to miss out on Disney’s fishy friends back on action. There is no need to panic, because around the end of January and early February it was release on Netflix.

People speculate that Disney allowed Finding Dory to be release in Netflix because it was a basic copy of the original. It was proven that it had similar concept. Both Movies had a missing family member, they had a near death experience with birds, and they have a group animals that say a repetitive word.

Finding Dory is about a forgetful fish accompanied by Disney’s other beloved fish Nemo and Marlin. She goes on a journey across the ocean remembering her past and trying to find her beloved parents. She meets her old friends and was reunited with her parents.

The overall moral of the story is that family is important and we should never lose contact with them.

Don’t Forget Your Slip

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Chronicle Reporter Joshua Alejano

Seniors who are going to the Senior Breakfast on Feb. 24, need to get a field trip slip in order to go. They can get it in the Hash-House, during nutrition or lunch and must get the slip from Ms. Payne. They need their parents signature and their first and second period teachers.
The due date for the field trip slip is this Friday at Ms. Paynes office. If you don’t turn in the feild trip slip you won’t be able to go to the Senior Breakfast, even if it is listed in  your senior package. Time is running you need go as soon as possible.

Library wants Artist

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Joshua Alejano Chronicle Reporter

Let your inner child out inside the library. Since this first semester, the library now has its own coloring stations for artist and young-lings who was to relax and color. It is accessible for all students.  The coloring station is located on top of a shelf near the manga and comic books. It contains a wild variety of coloring pages from dogs, to dragons, to flowers. You can also print your own picture if you don’t favor the ones printed, just ask the librarian. The crayons and color pencils and limited and short, bring your own if you want to have a variation of colors. Sometimes the coloring station has some puzzles that are fun to solve.

If you need some supplies for a project or assignment you can come to the library and ask to borrow some art supplies they have.

This month only the coloring station has a theme of Valentine’s. You can color a Valentine’s day themed coloring page or make your own Valentine’s day card. There are pre-printed cards that you can decorate if you are in a hurry. It contains a cute pictures and clever slogans. It is printed on vibrant colored paper. It could be a cute Valentine’s card for your special someone.

Senior-write-this more like Senioritis

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Justin Wright Chronicle Reporter                                                                                                                  
Many teens slack off during their last year of high school. Once they get their college acceptance letters, they take fewer classes, drop out of extracurricular activities and let their grades slide. Those who aren’t going on to college feel free to “zone out” in class. After all, they believe they’ll never use facts about Shakespeare or the Civil War once they graduate.

In the meantime, senior year often remains a waste of time in other people’s eyes and many adults don’t care. They may view senior year as a transition year between childhood and adulthood. It is the last chance to be free before taking on the responsibility of a job and rent or the challenges of a full load of college courses.


Just being a Hollywood High School senior at itself can be very stressful and make you wanna just let up but don’t. The walk at the bowl is sure to be worth it so keep going and finish strong.

Moana a Taste Of Classic Disney

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Justin Wrightflex_moana_header_ddaba7de

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Moana has been currently playing since November 23 and it’s a must see for Disney fans and cartoon enthusiast.

Moana realizes that there’s more than being what her father expects her to be and also be resilient and take a chance out in the tide where legends had it where everyone from her island were terrified to go pass the tide. Not even knowing that in order to save their island someone has too and that would be Moana. She was an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people and the island.

During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui (The Rock), who guides her in her quest to become a master wayfinder, because she didn’t know how exactly to sail so throughout he had helped her the whole way. Together they sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought which was her own identity.

The review would be 5 stars and Critics strongly recommend, with a 8/10 ratings. It is a must see for all ages.

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