Hollywood Cheer Team’s hard-fought season

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Chronicle Reporter

Jonathan Bernardino


Overall, Hollywood High Cheer has had a great season with their first competition being held at home and coming in at third place and their second competition held at Torres High School which they ranked at second, and then fighting to bring it home this past Saturday.

This past Sat. May 12, the Hollywood High School Cheerleaders had their most important competition of the season. It was the CIF League Championship and they worked very hard for weeks prior to this upcoming event. The competition was hosted at Birmingham High School for the Division 2 City League which included Crenshaw, Taft, Bell, Venice, Vaughn, Carson, Grant, and Garfield High School alongside Hollywood in order to compete and take home the first place title. At the end of the hard-fought competition, once the judges accumulated the scoresheets, it was decided who the winners were. The first place was given to Taft High School, Hollywood High School received the second place and Garfield High School ended up in third place. It was a very difficult matchup and even though the Hollywood Cheer Team came in second, they are ready for the upcoming season in hopes of claiming that first place title.

The Hollywood Cheerleaders are determined to work harder next season in order to bring home a first-place trophy as said by one of the Hollywood Cheer Captains Melanie Aguilar, “This competition season taught us that even though we thought we worked hard already, we have a long way to go. We made it all the way to CIF League Championships this year which I’m proud of but unfortunately, we couldn’t bring back a first place trophy. This just makes us want to work even harder and get more things done for next year. I think this season was an important milestone for us because we learned and realized what we need to do” Hollywood’s Cheer Team is looking forward to improving and further bettering their coordination and routines in order to compete again next year and earn the title which they’ve worked really hard for.

International Women’s Day and the significance of the color purple

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Jonathan Bernardino

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International Women’s Day, which is on Thursday, March 8, is intended to celebrate women’s achievements whether it be social, economic, or political. This day is also a very important day to demand for gender equality and for all women to have their voices be heard.

Women began to use the color of clothing as a powerful and meaningful symbol of protest. The #MeToo and #TimesUp protests are some of the many powerful hashtags that are currently being used in order to give courage to women, where the color black was used in protest for the #MeToo marches to stand up against the abusive behavior of men, which is why purple has become the official color of International Women’s Day. The combination of purple, green and white is used to symbolize women’s equality where purple means justice and dignity while green symbolizes hope and white represents purity.

It took many years and many sacrifices in order to be respected and women have earned everything they worked to achieve. Women have fought and worked so hard in order to get to where they are today which is why they continue to prove people who doubt them wrong and as time goes on they will only continue to strive.

Get ready for a possible Block Schedule

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Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter

As the second semester continues, we learn about the future plans our new principal, Edward Colacion, has in mind for Hollywood High School.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was his statement about changing the regular school schedule into a block schedule. Even though the block schedule may sound very unfamiliar, it could very well bring many benefits to both students and teachers. 

Teachers would be able to use different or more creative techniques to better teach the class when the class periods are longer. More content could be covered with fewer interruptions and because of this, students can receive more support from teachers on a one-on-one conversation. Having to see many students every day may be difficult for teachers and cause them to spend less time and give less attention towards each and every one of the students throughout the day. Teachers would also be able to give students more in-depth assignments that would not be able to be completed in the 50 minutes we normally have. Due to each period being so limited on a regular schedule, the relationship between a student and a teacher may not be as strong, and students who really need the help may not get the attention and support they need in order to pass the class and students are not willing to ask for help because they do not feel comfortable or confident enough to ask for help.

Teachers need to prepare for 6 periods each day with each class full of students. They also may be forced to rush with the grading of assignments, which causes them to provide less advice or feedback to each student’s work, or rush and not think thoroughly when planning and organizing lessons. Students also need to study for more classes, which can be very overwhelming. Taking in large amounts of information for 6 classes every day may be very stressful and impact the learning of students.



Ditch Your New Years Resolution Today

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Jonathan Bernardino

Chronicle Reporter


Resolutions are another way to say goals. Setting goals, planning and completing them are an important part of life in order to succeed.

It has only been 17 days and you’re already tired of being committed to your new resolution that you’re supposed to follow all year. Today on Wednesday, January 17 you are allowed to ditch that commitment!

The New Year is a great opportunity to perfect the work you’re doing whether you’re struggling or not, refocus your attention from distractions, and set out on a new path to follow. However, any change from your daily lifestyle takes time and effort to reach and achieve.

Only 9% of people actually go through with the goal they set for themselves and 91% just give up either in the beginning of the year or eventually as the year goes on. People set long-term goals and if you’re tired of it already but still want to continue in order to accomplish that goal then today is the day to take a break from it and use it as an excuse. Instead of choosing on a huge goal or result, simply look for ways to be one percent better every single day.

Ditch those resolutions, relax and stop feeling guilty about wanting to break them. Whatever your reason to break them is, you can do it without feeling guilty on Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.


The N.F.L was one big family

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After President Trump’s remark about how players should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem, the league has unfortunately been separated into two sides; the side that supports the peaceful way that the players are protesting and the side who feels it is wrong and disrespectful to kneel during such a symbolic moment of the U.S. Team owners who had previously supported this movement have now started to side with the President to bench players who kneel during the anthem. Even though these owners have stated consequences, they hope to move past this controversy and avoid further conflicts with their own players.

The issues being protested are social injustice and police brutality towards African-Americans. Colin Kaepernick, the ex starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, started this protest last season and received mixed opinions on this situation. Since then, the peaceful protest has now continued with even more players beginning to kneel and will continue to be this way. The N.F.L is currently divided due to the players’ right to free expression because there is no rule or law that says they must stand during the national anthem.


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