No rushing last minute on hour log!

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Alex Glebov
Chronicle Reporter

A reminder to all seniors to make sure that you complete your hours for your senior project. With one month already into 2019, you can not start getting lazy with your hour log. The senior project is very important for you graduation and should not be neglected until the last minute. For those who do not know what the senior project is, the senior project is something that seniors have to do that includes a research paper, a presentation and 20 hours of independent work. Those hours have to be written down an hour log that then has to singed by a mentor teacher that you choose.

It’s best to put an hour or 2 aside to work on your senior project each day and your our log will be completed in no time without you even noticing that you fulfilled the hour requirement. Best of luck to all seniors working on your project!

Sounds of the Season Holiday Show

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Alex Glebov

Chronicle Reporter

Tomorrow the choir is putting on a holiday show. The choir has been working tirelessly since the beginning of the year to perfect their songs for all of us to hear. Roughly 50 students will be signing in perfect harmony in the show, so come on down to support choir on their big day.

The show will take place Thursday  in the auditorium at 6pm and will last until 7:30pm. Tickets can be bought at the student store for $3 with a student ID, and $5 without an ID.

A trip down to UCLA

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Alex Glebov

Chronicle Reporter

During this week i had the chance of going to UCLA for my TCA senior project.  Me and 3 other students were taken to the university by a teacher after school to help us find an expert in our topics to interview. Luckily the day we went had almost no traffic and we got there in about 20 minutes. Once we got to the University we ended up going to many departments that might have a lead for our project subjects there, and going door by door in those departments to introduce ourselves to the professors and see if they happen to study the subjects we need or know a professor that does.

After all of us had all gotten contact information for professors that studied subjects we need, so that later on we could schedule an interview with them. We all took a look around the university, stopping by the gift shop and then getting something to eat at the dining center. We decided to call it a day and all went back home after a fun field trip to UCLA.

Fire drill happening first thing in the morning!

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Alex Glebov

Chronicle Reporter

Tomorrow at 9:30 am a fire and earthquake drill will happen. The first drill will be the earthquake drill where audio of an earthquake will be played over the loudspeaker, and students will be required to take up the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” positions in the classrooms. This drill will last only 5 minutes and will then be followed by the fire drill.

The fire drill will start at 9:35 am and will last for almost 40 minutes. During that time classes will take roll and leave for the field where everyone will have to wait until the drill is over. Tomorrow will be quite hot so make sure not to wear anything too warm as you will be standing in the sun for quite some time.

Will Fridays football game be an easy win?

Posted on October 4, 2018 by in Sports


Alex Glebov

Chronicle Reporter

The Sheiks have another Football game this Friday, in which they will be playing against the Contreras Cobras. After our win against the Marquez Gladiators, members of the team feel really confident against Contreras on the game coming up. Saying that we are almost certain to win. Which would make this our 4th win this season.

Although we had a tough time after our first game we can change things around now. So everyone should make sure to come out on Friday Oct. 5 to the football game to support our team. The game starts at 7pm, so get your tickets and make sure not to miss the game.

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