Living it up at 2019 Luncheon

Posted on June 4, 2019 by in Features

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

Today, seniors ran through their first graduation rehearsal; however, that was not what seniors were looking forward to. Today was also the senior class’s last activity, the Luau Luncheon.

Students were expected to either choose a packet that included this activity, or pay $30 to be allowed entrance. There seemed to be a very clear consensus both during and after the luncheon, it definitely topped prom. The food may not have been the best, but the energy seniors had when interacting with one another and the music that was played, there was no competition.

“The Luau Luncheon was the best activity because it brought the whole class together” said SAS senior Jadine Ramirez.

The luncheon was just the right way for seniors to celebrate graduating June 6 at the Hollywood Bowl, the only school allowed to do so.

Seniors have one last activity before the big day, today June 5 is Achieve the Honorable.  This event is where the school celebrates those who will graduate with gold and silver chords and announce those who won scholarships. It is encouraged that all seniors attend because you never know if you will receive an award or not.

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