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Photo provided by Alessandro Morales

Photo provided by Alessandro Morales

Alessandro Morales

Chronicle Reporter

A wide range of activities happen after school here at Hollywood from credit recovery classes, sports, the L.A.C.E.R. after school program, which includes a list full of activities a student can participate in and receive free tutoring, and starting the first week of Feb. there will be college classes once again offered here at Hollywood to earn college credit.

PD40 is a class that raises personal awareness for college admissions, study skills, mentality, helps juniors with college applications, as well as getting familiar with them, help with personal statements, working with deadlines, and learning the college culture, according to Heather Brown, college counselor.

“This class can earn you a better knowledge for college, 10 high school elective credits, and three UC/CAL state transferable credits. “If you want to know what this means, take the college class,” Brown said.

The next class offered is Cinema with Linda Beal. Classes are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday. At the beginning of the week they begin with lectures addressing many subjects such as key figures, major components, and the study of major genres. Towards the ending of the week they show films where they outline the previous studied material.

The final class  is Child Development, which revolves around the study of the development of every human being. This course really opens your eyes about how and why things work they way they do in our extraordinary lives.

It’s also an early opportunity to get ahead in a career for being able to become a teacher for younger children, by taking four semesters of this course, including an English class, you will be able to earn a certificate for completing early childhood development. Students can use this to work in day care centers once one graduates from high school, not to mention the many prizes given out to the students.

All courses are offered by L.A.C.C. (Los Angeles Community College); each class needs approximately 40 students to register in order to have class offered here at Hollywood.

2 Responses to “College classes after school on campus”

  1. Greg 16 March 2016 at 11:49 am #

    Is this program still ongoing?

    • Alessandro Morales 16 March 2016 at 12:30 pm #

      All of these are still happening, until the end of the second semester.

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