Meet Hollywood’s Politically Involved

Posted on November 6, 2015 by in Features, Politics


Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Staff Reporter

If you asked the average kid what his stance on gun control was, you’d probably elicit a response that sounded similar to Call of Duty controls.

Which isn’t the least surprising. A horde of ailing men debating on a stage for hours isn’t the most entertaining thing on prime time television. Yet, at a time when presidential candidates hurl insults at just about every subgroup in the continental U.S., and federally funded reproductive health programs are under attack, it is encouraging to know that young people are interested in politics.

Meet Daniel E., SAS Senior, a self-proclaimed conservative, who found his way into the political arena by way of research. Daniel said he noticed the starling fact that many companies were moving out of California in lieu of states with less strict gun control laws. Daniel, who sees himself leaning toward the right of the political spectrum, drew alarm at this notion. “That’s how I put my foot into it,” he said.

His view on gun control isn’t the only thing to ignite friction. His colorful words about government’s heavy-handedness also stirs up discord.

“I don’t support stringent gun control laws, I don’t support taxes and regulation by the big government, and I don’t support affirmative action. I support limited government,” he said.

With political opinions differing so greatly from those of his peers, Daniel’s outspoken beliefs are often the center of debate in Hollywood’s classrooms. “Usually when people hear [about me being a conservative] they get a negative impression. They associate conservatism with bigoted, almost always a [negative] connotation. “In a debate you have to present all the facts, all the evidence. Sometimes, in the face of all the facts, they’ll just run away from all of that. ” Daniel countered the presumptions of conservatism with, “My version of conservative is pro-business, following our Constitution, granting citizens their Constitutional rights, and a limited scope of government.”

Daniel said if he had a friend wavering between parties, he’d attempt to guide them to the right, “I’d try to break down their concerns: where do they meet on the scale–some people have more conservative views, and they don’t even realize it. They associate with one party because they jump on the bandwagon, but then when you ask them what they believe about this, or what does they believe about that, you’ll find that they have some views that a totally contradictory to the liberal philosophy.” Daniel concluded that it is important to educate students about where they actually place on the political spectrum, rather than apply oneself to what’s ‘trendy’.

In regard to youth political awareness, surprisingly, Daniel believes young people should steer clear of any political involvement, until they reach an age of maturity.

Regardless of how outlying a student’s views are, they are still an observation of a world we are certainly to inherit. Despite being a pariah here at Hollywood High, Daniel has succeeded in placing himself on a political scale, and all student should follow his lead by finding their own political passions.


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  1. Dominique Robinson 9 November 2015 at 3:34 pm #

    This article is great because students should be more involved in politics before they vote. And some do not even know who the candidates are currently. So being more involved and having your own voice about politics is important. Good job Daniel Exerescu!

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